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Walter Reed Army Medical Center

Walter Reed Army Medical Center


Now joint base with National Military Medical Center.


Named after Maj. Walter Reed in honor of his efforts battling typhoid and yellow fever, the Walter Reed Army Medical Center has been dedicated to the health of our nation’s servicemen and women for nearly 100 years. The Walter Reed General Hospital first opened its doors on May 1, 1909, and was founded on the basis of integrating patient care, teaching and research.


During its nearly 100 years of service, the Walter Reed Medical Center has added numerous tenant institutions in its efforts to continue providing world-class medical service to the military community. A few of the more notable on-site institutions are the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, and the Army Physical Disability Agency. Today, the Walter Reed Army Medical Center is the largest and best-known military medical center in the world.


When combined with Kimbrough Ambulatory Care Center at Ft. Meade, Md. and Dewitt Army Community Hospital at Ft. Belvoir, Va., Walter Reed Army Medical Center can provide a comprehensive range of services for patients under the partnership of the Walter Reed Health Care System. Everything from routine primary care to the most sophisticated, cutting-edge specialty care is provided in this patient-focused system.


Kimbrough Ambulatory Care Center focuses on providing routine and acute primary care as well as a number of specialty care services including vascular and gynecologic outpatient surgical procedures. DeWitt Army Community Hospital is the only military inpatient facility with a 24-hour emergency room in the area. The hospital focuses on providing select specialty care including OB/GYN, orthopedics and a behavioral health hospitalization program for troubled youths.


Walter Reed Army Medical Center provides some of the most sophisticated services available in the world with top-ranked academic professionals offering cardiovascular care, neurosurgery and organ transplants.

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