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Karen Whittle is a compelling home décor and designing professional and the Founder and Owner of LaJoie Designs. She has an extensive background and passion for her career and has made it her sole mission to leverage her creative talents and kindhearted nature to not only meet customer expectations but exceed them every time.

Would you like to have a space in which to read and get your mind off of the day you’ve had or be in a space where you and your family can truly connect to one another without distractions?

Are you exhausted from trip after trip to the home goods store only to find piles of items that require return?

Do you struggle with clutter or organization?

Bringing in holistic practices of interior décor considers how you want to feel and to express yourself in harmony when you are in a room.

Being Reiki certified we can work together to align your goals, dreams, and spiritual thoughts if so desired and create a grounded well-balanced environment.

As a passionate, soul-enriching decor specialist, Karen enjoys helping others succeed on their individual journeys in life and providing them with top-quality, elegant pieces that showcase authenticity.

Furthermore, she has committed herself to not only being a designing resource but also a mentor and friend along the way. Her underlying goal is to empower her customers with in-depth knowledge, designing insight, and positive energy so they can make the best decisions for themselves and their futures.

Between her natural-born ardency for design and holding a professional background involving leading up Global Real Estate and Facilities teams, Karen has cultivated the necessary skills to succeed within the competitive market. 

To date, her warm, optimistic, and welcoming personality, along with her opulent products, has resulted in her earning a loyal customer base and growing an unparalleled reputation that draws people in.

Sharing her ever-evolving experience in design trends paired with eco-friendly approaches through upcycling and recycling efforts you will enjoy the passionate embrace she will bring to you and your home.


On-Line/In Person Decor Business 9-5, On site – Pop Up Shop on announcement

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