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Veterinary Treatment Facility

Veterinary Treatment Facility


Veterinary Treatment Facility
(360) 257-2001
Located in Building 13 of Seaplane Base, the veterinarian provides care for dogs and cats by appointment. Services offered include routine exams, micro-chipping, spaying/neutering, animal health certificates for travel, testing and vaccinations. They also treat minor illnesses and provide grooming products, flea treatments, heartworm preventatives and other items at reasonable prices. Some products require a visit, exam and/or prescription. Veterinary staff also provides complete medical care to military working dogs and works with Military Food Inspectors to provide food safety and quality assurance through the Commissary. They inspect food upon delivery and while in storage, inspect all operational rations and inspect commercial food plants.



Veterinary Services
Clinic Appts MWR/13 257-2001
 Fax 13 257-2009 

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