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Services and Facilities: A

Services and Facilities: A

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The Aquatic Center in Building 462, adjacent to the Community Center, offers a 25-meter, eight-lane, indoor, year-round pool plus a 24-foot-diameter children’s pool. The main pool is 3.5 feet deep at the shallow end and 12 feet at the deep end. There is a water slide, inner tubes, water basketball and the AquaClimb climbing wall. The center features two sun decks with lounge chairs and tables in addition to a covered patio — a perfect place for birthday or private parties. The Aquatic Center offers water aerobics and swimming lessons in addition to recreational lap swimming and open recreational swim.

Winter hours (Labor Day through Memorial Day): 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, closed Monday and Tuesday. Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day and Easter.

Summer hours (Memorial Day through Labor Day): 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday and holidays.




The Army Community Service Center is in Building 250, just east of the post theater. ACS provides a multitude of community-based services that foster growth, development and readiness of families assigned to the installation. The support is for service members, civilian employees, contract employees, retirees and their family members.

Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday; closed Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

ACS programs and services include the following:

Newcomer orientation briefings are conducted at Army Community Service. All new service members, civilian employees, contract employees and their family members are highly encouraged to attend. Free child care for newcomer orientation briefings are available by making reservations at least 24 hours in advance with Child, Youth and School Services (CYSS) at 575-678-2059 for the Child Development Center or 575-678-4140 for School Age Services. If your child is not registered with CYSS, you will need to provide shot records before care begins. Please call 575-678-6767 for additional information.

The Information and Referral (I&R) program provides assistance to all persons inquiring by telephone, in person or by email that are coming to, residing at or planning a move away from White Sands. In addition, the following are available: White Sands telephone reference guide, contacts for human service resources in the area, and newcomers and permanent change of station (PCS) briefings. The I&R program is the primary resource and referral POC for White Sands residents, employees and visitors. Call 575-678-6767 for additional information.

The Army Emergency Relief (AER) program provides financial assistance to active-duty service members, retired service members and family members with power of attorney during times of valid emergencies. AER provides interest-free loans or grants to those who qualify for financial assistance. Food vouchers are also available for families in need. Active-duty service members are encouraged to seek AER assistance instead of going to payday loan companies. AER is administered through ACS. For information, visit the website www.aerhq.org or call 575-678-1337.

The Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) is a grassroots process that solicits input from the community to improve the quality of life not only on WSMR but throughout the Army. It allows military members, their families, civilian employees and retirees to let the Army leadership know what is working and what isn’t, as well as suggest alternatives that may work. It alerts commanders and Army leaders to areas of concern that need attention and gives them the opportunity to quickly put plans into place toward resolving the issues. It starts with an annual local conference. At the conference issues selected from the community are discussed and presented to the command. Local issues are resolved locally, and those requiring higher level attention are forwarded to the Department of the Army. Call 575-678-6767 for additional information.

Army Family Team Building (AFTB) is an educational program that provides training to prepare everyone in the U.S. Army (including active-duty personnel, civilians, contractors, retirees and their family members) to function at the highest level, given any situation. The training improves personal and family preparedness, which enhances overall Army readiness. AFTB is a series of classes for (and taught by) military spouses and military members designed to give you the tools to survive in the military lifestyle. Learn about community resources, military terms, benefits, leadership skills and more. Call 575-678-2889 for additional information.

The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) is a mandatory enrollment program based on public law and DOD mandates. It provides comprehensive community support, housing and personnel services to families with special needs. The EFMP ensures that medical and special education needs for exceptional family members are assessed, documented, coded and considered in the assignment process so that access to facilities and programs is available. Call 575-678-6767 for more information.

The Employment Readiness Program (ERP) was created to help with the needs of military spouses and teens. The military lifestyle presents unique challenges to military spouses and teens that are looking for employment due to frequent relocations. The Employment Readiness Program was created to specifically address the employment needs of today’s family members by providing the tools they need to successfully search for and obtain employment. ERP assists with career options, resumes, cover letters, job interviewing, federal employment, customer service training, office etiquette and entrepreneurship. Whether you are new to the job market, changing careers or a seasoned professional, the Employment Readiness Program will help you gain the tools needed to stay competitive in today’s job market. Small business counseling and assistance is also available. Call 575-678-6767 for additional information.

The Family Advocacy Program (FAP) promotes family wellness and readiness by reducing family stresses that affect morale and performance and preventing child and spouse abuse. Programs include awareness education, new parent support groups, youth violence prevention and special events. Classes are offered on stress management, parenting, conflict resolution, anger management, assertiveness training and other life skills training. Every week a parent-child group meets to network, create projects, practice skills and reduce stress. Call 575-678-6767 for additional information. The domestic violence 24/7 hotline number is 575-993-7413.

The Sexual Harassment and Assault Prevention and Response Program (SHARP) reinforces the Army’s commitment to eliminate incidents of sexual assault through a comprehensive policy that focuses on education, prevention, integrated victim support, rapid reporting, thorough investigation, appropriate action and follow-up. Call 575-678-6767 for additional information. The SHARP 24/7 hotline number is 575-993-0589.

The New Parent Support Program (NPSP) helps parents cope with stress, manage the demands of parenting, build a support network, provide a safe and nurturing environment for children and find services in the local community. The Mommy/Daddy and Me Group, Parent Child Activity and Time Out for Adults meet weekly for fun, games, education and networking. NPSP staff provide home visits to expecting and new parents. Call 575-678-6767 for more information.

The Financial Readiness Program (FRP) offers education, counseling and support services to assist service members and their families with their financial affairs, including living within their means and investing for the future. FRP focuses on improving the service member’s personal financial status to become an informed consumer. Services include training in basic money management skills, financial counseling, and assistance with debt liquidation and developing a repayment plan. FRP determines the type and level of assistance required and makes appropriate referrals to civilian agencies. Financial assistance may be available through AER loans. Call 575-678-1337 for additional information.

Family Readiness Group (FRG) leadership classes and guidance are offered at ACS. The FRG is your direct connection to command information for your unit. Army OneSource is the central website that maintains information that helps support individuals, families and communities by developing, coordinating and delivering services that promote resiliency and stability during war and peace. For more information, go to www.myarmyonesource.com or call 575-678-6767.

The Mobilization and Deployment Readiness Program is designed to guide and educate military members and families on managing the complex process of deployment and reunion. We envision an adaptable Army community in which military families understand and are ready for deployment, supported through its course, and prepared for homecoming and reunion. Family readiness is the preparedness and resilience of Army families to successfully adapt to the transitions required by the military lifestyle. Family member readiness is also an important part of Soldier readiness for mission. The Mobilization and Deployment Readiness Program has a large variety of educational materials, in several media formats, to help families understand and cope with the military lifestyle. Military members’ readiness is essential to execute the military mission. It involves training and proper planning for personal and family affairs. Key items important for military member readiness are:

  • If married, does their spouse have an ID card and copy of the military member’s orders?
  • If the military member has children, is there a viable child care plan for the duration of the deployment?
  • Have arrangements been made for taking care of bills, residence, car, etc.?
  • Has the military member obtained a power of attorney and will?
  • Do family members know who the rear-detachment commander (RDC) is and how to contact the RDC?

Classes are offered in Family Readiness Group (FRG) leadership, FRG Fund Management, FRG Key Caller training, Family Readiness Support Assistant (FRSA) training and Care Team training. Call 575-678-6767 for additional information.

The Relocation Assistance Program (RAP) assists military members and their family members in dealing with stresses and problems they may encounter throughout their mobile military careers. The RAP provides relocation counseling and assistance to inbound and outbound individuals. These services include outreach to identify target populations, pre-move and newcomers’ orientations, the lending closet, supportive services to waiting and multicultural families, support of the military sponsorship program and use of the Military Installations and Plan My Move website. For information on relocating, visit Military Installations (MI) and Plan My Move (PMM) at www.militaryonesource.mil or call 575-678-6767.

The Army Volunteer Corps (AVC) is a new way of thinking about volunteers and volunteering within the Army. It is an umbrella that encompasses all volunteers and organizations using volunteers. No matter where individuals volunteer within the Army community, they have the same goal. People volunteer to contribute to the Army, to military members and to their family members. The intent of the AVC is to recognize commonality of purpose among all Army volunteers and to instill the same pride in being an Army volunteer as they now have for the organization where they provide their service. The establishment of the Army Volunteer Corps connects volunteers and demonstrates the Army’s commitment to its volunteers. AVC organizes the efforts of all WSMR volunteers. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, call 575-678-6767.



A well-equipped Arts and Crafts Center is in Building 426 on Dyer Street. The facility has woodworking, ceramics, stained glass, silversmithing, pottery, wood-burned portraits and a frame shop. Framing is usually completed within one week. Classes are periodically offered in these and other crafts. The facility includes a sales area that carries a wide array of supplies. A trained staff is on duty to help with projects and teach new techniques. The Arts and Crafts Center is the go-to place for all your awards with engraving services for awards and plaques on wood, metal, glass or acrylic. Stop by and see what they can do for you. They have a wide assortment of handmade items from pens to cutting boards to coin racks — perfect for that last-minute gift. Custom orders are welcome. The Arts and Crafts Center is also your headquarters for custom plaques. Limited only by your imagination, they can design a unique product you’re looking for.

Hours: 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Friday; 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday; closed Sunday, Monday and holidays.



The Auto Skills Center provides a well-equipped facility for patrons to perform self-help, minor maintenance and repairs on their vehicles. The center provides tools, equipment and technical assistance as needed. It also offers services with fees to anyone without the talent or time to perform automotive maintenance and repair. The Auto Skills Center provides a variety of services for the White Sands workforce and invites the community to stop by the facility and see what is available. The cash-only car wash and vacuum area is open 24/7 so residents and employees can maintain their vehicles at their convenience.

Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday; closed Saturday, Sunday, Monday and holidays.

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