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The U.S. Army Garrison provides White Sands Missile Range the capabilities and services that support expeditionary operations in a time of persistent conflict, provides the facilities and services to allow the tri-service testing and integration of our nation’s weapons and sensors, and provides a quality of life for our Soldiers and families commensurate with their service.

Key Tasks

  • Provide administrative services to acquire, support, educate and retain a quality workforce that meets the manpower needs of the Army.
  • Provide for the physical, behavioral and spiritual fitness of the WSMR community.
  • Provide a safe and secure work environment and high quality of life for WSMR residents.
  • Comply with all federal, state and local environmental, cultural, historical and hazardous materials laws and policies.
  • Provide the infrastructure and facilities to adequately house families and Soldiers, train Soldiers and test equipment.
  • Ensure the safety and health of the garrison and tenant workforce.
  • Prevent unlawful discrimination.
  • Set the conditions to maximize the contributions of every employee and Soldier.
  • Organize and support events for official visitors.
  • Provide a quality of life to Soldiers and their families that is commensurate with their service.


The Plans, Analysis and Integration Office conducts analytical reviews; monitors Army baseline standards; captures and enables implementation of best business practices; and identifies, tracks and orchestrates reporting of performance measures. This office is the garrison commander’s focal point for the Installation Strategic and Sustainability Plan and hosts the Installation Planning Board. For more information, call 575-678-1829.


The DPTMS is the principal garrison staff agency for all matters concerning installation plans, antiterrorism, emergency management, and garrison operations and security. The directorate manages two closely linked programs that protect the installation, its resources and its people from both man-made threats and natural disasters — the Installation Antiterrorism Program and the Installation Emergency Management Program.

The directorate also serves as the entry point for requirements levied against the garrison, maintains the long-range calendar and synchronizes our efforts to ensure we continuously work toward common goals.

The Security Office administers the garrison security programs to include security education and training, personnel security and information security. This office provides procedural guidance, advice and assistance for Army G2 security programs to all garrison activities. Additionally it supports processing of background investigations and administers security clearance actions, reporting adverse information under the continuous evaluation program.

The Plans and Operations Division prepares and coordinates operational, emergency, disaster and antiterrorism policies and directives for the installation. The antiterrorism officer manages the programs designed to protect our personnel, assets and capabilities from terrorist attacks, to include the insider threat. The emergency management officer ensures the integration of all crisis response planning on the installation, coordinates with civil agencies for military support to civil authorities and is responsible for the installation Emergency Operations Center (EOC). This office also coordinates and directs installation matters pertaining to exercises and the use of the small arms range complex.


The Directorate of Emergency Services (DES) provides law enforcement, physical security/access control, execution of force protection measures, fire/rescue emergency response and fire prevention/education support to the White Sands Missile Range community.

The White Sands Missile Range Fire and Emergency Services Division is committed to providing the highest level of broad-based fire, rescue and emergency medical services to those entrusted in our care. The fire department also provides fire facility inspections, plan reviews, fire prevention and education training. We will work to prevent harm to people, personnel, government property and the environment through education, training and prevention programs. Emergency phone: 575-678-1234. Non-emergency phone: 575-678-3585/4187. Email: usarmy.wsmr.imcom-central.list.fire-prevention-office@mail.mil.

The DES, Law Enforcement Division is responsible for coordinating the daily operations of law enforcement patrols, physical security and the DES police station. These functions include police patrols, specialized law enforcement training, criminal investigations, liaison with civilian law enforcement agencies, traffic accident investigations, animal control, funds escort and the game warden. DES police patrols are responsible for enforcing all laws, regulations and policies; deterring and detecting crime through motorized, walking and bicycle patrols; responding to calls for police assistance; assisting stranded motorists; speed enforcement and traffic accident investigations; investigations of law violations; access control; special events security; traffic control; and providing law enforcement duties during sanctioned hunts.

The DES dispatch serves as a consolidated fire and police 911 dispatch and alarm center, responsible for receiving, coordinating and dispatching all emergency responders to incidents on the White Sands Missile Range, and can assist in general information requirements. The DES Police Administration Section provides administrative support to the White Sands Police Station and to the installation. Activities include processing reports; conducting queries for statistical data documents; assisting in traffic tickets and assessment of traffic points; and transmitting and receiving reports from federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. The office coordinates the issuance of bars for access to the installation, coordinates the driving privilege revocation or suspension letters for operating a motor vehicle on WSMR, and provides police reports to law enforcement, legal section and customers. This section also provides crime and traffic accident statistics to the director of emergency services, the installation and its tenant units to provide commanders/directors with the necessary information to make security and safety decisions based on these statistics. For more information, contact 575-678-1234/7675.


The Directorate of Human Resources (DHR) provides individual, family and community support services and programs for Team White Sands. The directorate coordinates, recommends and provides authoritative analysis, advice and services, enabling commanders and directors to provide leadership in executing their military and garrison civilian personnel management responsibilities. In addition, the directorate helps maintain readiness of units, individuals, families and communities by developing, coordinating and delivering social service programs and education services that promote self-reliance, resiliency, professional development and stability.

The Military Personnel Division (MPD) is responsible for providing military personnel manning and support functions for the garrison and other resident organizations. The office provides information on military personnel requirements, authorizations, levels of fill and distribution of personnel resources, and readiness management. Soldiers, family members, DOD civilians/contractors and retirees are provided with a wide range of personnel services support that includes (where applicable) military personnel records support, sponsorship, military awards, identification cards, official passports, retirement services, personnel automation, consolidated in- and out-processing, mobilization processing and reassignment processing, as well as assistance with the Soldier for Life-Transition Assistance Program. The office is also a liaison in support of Army Casualty, Mortuary Operations and Memorial Affairs. Hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Wednesday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Thursday and 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday. For information, call 575-678-7645.

The Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) manager administers the Substance Abuse Prevention and Suicide Prevention programs. These include drug testing, prevention and awareness training to deter and reduce alcohol and other substance abuse. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) under ASAP is a comprehensive service designed to help employees with problems that affect their ability to do their jobs. The services may include screenings, short-term counseling, referrals and prevention services. Services are available for eligible DOD civilian employees and their families, as well as military family members. For information, call 575-678-1957/2112/4689.

The Fort Bliss Army Continuing Education System (ACES) serves the WSMR community and Soldiers with education services that include education counseling, college programs, financial aid and distance learning; personnel testing; and leader enhancement. For information, call 575-678-4716 (Mondays only) or 915-568-6792.

The Administrative Services Division (ASD) provides support and services including records management and training personnel under the Army Records Information Management System (ARIMS); stocking of DA, DOD and other forms and publications supporting WSMR organizations; review and processing of all local publications for signature; review and approval of all local forms; administering the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Privacy Act (PA); operation of the Mail & Distribution Center (OMDC), processing all incoming and outgoing official mail; and operation of the Installation Records Holding Area (RHA). For more information, call 575-678-8513.

The Workforce Development (WFD) Program provides information, support and assistance to the Garrison leadership and workforce in furthering personal and professional development; workforce planning and assistance in the development of Garrison employees; helps employees access and master the Army’s Centralized Education System (CES) for training and development; and supports the IMCOM framework for how the command supports, develops and manages training and leader/workforce development. For information, call 575-678-5347.


The Directorate of Public Works provides post support services to include public works services and environmental conservation and compliance programs to Team White Sands Missile Range elements and organizations with specialties as follows:

Housing Services (HS) provides relocation assistance and referral services for off-post housing to service members, families and DOD civilians. Housing assists community landlords, Realtors and apartment managers by inspecting their properties and listing them on Homes.mil as approved dwellings for the military community.

Unaccompanied Housing (UH) provides barrack rooms and furniture support and coordinates any service orders required for all single service members in the grade of SGT and below.

The Residential Communities Initiative (RCI) is a liaison between the government and Balfour Beatty. All personnel, active duty (including geographical bachelors), DOD civilians, contractors and general public are welcome to apply for housing on post at White Sands Missile Range. For more information, call 575-678-4691

The Environmental Division provides services in support of Team White Sands to ensure compliance with environmental laws and policies, the integration of environmental sustainability principles of all mission activities, and the conservation and enhancement of natural resources to maintain installation readiness and environmental stewardship to secure the environment for future generations. The support is accomplished through the Customer Support, Environmental Compliance and Conservation branches. For more information, call 575-678-2225.

The Master Planning Division is responsible for comprehensive installation management of government-owned or controlled buildings, structures and other assets. Accountable for the following activities. For more information, call 575-678-2368.

The Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Division maintains the entire infrastructure on WSMR. This includes operating Water/Waste Water treatment plants, maintaining roadways and grounds, and performing everyday maintenance and upkeep of facilities. This division supports contract management as it relates to facility/HVAC Augmentation Contractor, custodial and ground maintenance. This division provides all utility dig permits on WSMR and is responsible for snow and sand removal. For more information, call 575-678-4841.

The Engineering Services Division is responsible for design, contract and project management for new and existing facilities within White Sands Missile Range. The division provides architectural and engineering services, Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) and installations’ Sustainment Management System (SMS), i.e. BUILDER, PAVER and ROOFER upkeep. For more information, call 575-678-8744.

The Business Operations and Integration Division (BOID) is responsible for mission support. Support is given on a work order/service basis and can be submitted 24 hours a day through e-DPW. Facility representatives may be obtained by sending a completed DD 577 form to usarmy.wsmr.imcom-central.mbx.dpw-service-desk. BOID is comprised of two branches. For more information, call 575-678-7098.


Garrison Resource Management oversees resource allocations for all support activities, including budget formulation, control and execution; accounting policy; funding manpower resources; developing installation support agreements; providing customer service for payroll; monitoring the Government Travel Card Program; and providing accountability to the American public. Call 575-678-2204.

The Budget Division is responsible for programming, budgeting, controlling and administering the use of appropriated funds. It serves as the principal point of contact below the garrison command group for solving problems in the resource management arena. Call 575-678-1821 for more information.

People are the Army’s most important resource. The Manpower Division’s challenge is to ensure White Sands Missile Range organizations have the right number of people to do the job and an efficient organizational structure to best use its personnel. Call 575-678-2820 for more information.

The Management Analysis and Agreements Division manages a variety of programs in support of the garrison mission. It works with customers to coordinate management improvement programs, principles and practices to achieve efficient and effective operations. Call 575-678-1998 for more information.

Payroll Customer Services Division manages a variety of programs in support of the WSMR mission. It is responsible for applying a working knowledge of payroll procedures and requirements pertaining to pay, leave and benefit deductions. It receives and processes documents from employees to authorize changes that affect their payroll account to include address changes, allotment initiations and changes, and changes in tax status (W-4s). For information, call 575-678-3366.

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