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Bothwell Regional Health Center
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Accredited by The Joint Commission, Bothwell also offers a network of 23 outpatient clinics and facilities offering primary and specialty care for patients. Bothwell provides a full range of services including diagnostics, medical and surgical, cancer care, emergency services, orthopedics, cardiovascular care, obstetrics and gynecology, outpatient services including psychiatry, diagnostic imaging and community health and wellness education.


Families can start their children on a healthy journey from day one by seeing our team of pediatric providers at Bothwell TLC Pediatrics for all their needs. For general family care, Bothwell offers primary family medical care at six clinics including Bothwell Cole Camp, Bothwell Lincoln Family Medicine, Bothwell Eldenburg Family Practice, Bothwell Family Health, Bothwell Family Medicine Associates and Bothwell Health Center-Truman Lake. For those seeking guidance on adult care, Bothwell Azan Clinic treats cardiovascular disease and other health concerns and Bothwell Internal Medicine specializes in rheumatology, arthritis and other ailments.


For specialty care, Bothwell offers:

– Cancer care at Bothwell Susan O’Brien Fischer Cancer Center

– State-of-the-art diagnostic imaging at Bothwell Diagnostic Center

– Full-service obstetrics and gynecology women’s health care services at Bothwell OB/GYN Associates

– Care for allergies and other disorders affecting the head and neck as well as an on-site hearing aid specialist at Bothwell Ear, Nose & Throat

– Nephrology and ailments concerning the kidneys at Bothwell Internal Medicine Specialists

– Comprehensive orthopedic and sports medicine care at Bothwell Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

– Assessment and treatment of chronic pain at Bothwell Pain Clinic

– Physical and occupational therapy services at Bothwell PEAK Sport & Spine

– Pulmonology and ailments concerning the lungs at Bothwell Pulmonary Specialists

– Diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders at Bothwell Sleep Center

– Urology services at Bothwell Urology Services

– Chronic wound treatments at Bothwell Wound Healing Center


Bothwell also provides flexibility for those who have minor illnesses and need to be seen quickly at Bothwell Walk In Clinic, partners with local businesses to offer occupational health, safety and service coordination services through Bothwell Employee Wellness Clinic and offers medical supplies at Bothwell Medical Equipment.


For more information about Bothwell Regional Health Center and about how we can help you get well and stay well, visit www.brhc.org.

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