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Public Health population-based programs include WIC, Children with Medical Handicaps, Help Me Grow, Early Intervention, Mosquito Control, Food Protection, Plumbing Inspections, SafeTrade Syringe Exchange, HIV/AIDS & Sexually Transmitted Infections Prevention, Education and Testing, TB clinic, Birth/Death Certificates, Tobacco Cessation & Prevention, Safe Communities, Community Roots Coalition, Emergency Preparedness, Speakers Bureau, Cribs for Kids, Private Water/Sewage Systems, Rabies Control, Solid/Infectious Waste Program, Swimming Pool/Spa Inspections, School Inspections, Breastfeeding Peer Helper Program, and Communicable Disease/Epidemiology. The organization was created by Ohio Revised Code 3707 and 3709 in 1920. We are an accredited health department by the Public Health Accreditation Board in November 2018. A levy, typically on the ballot every 5 years, makes up 33.6% of the health district’s total revenue, which is about $24.50 per year/per $100,000 home value.

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