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You know when it’s time to transition out of the military and go home but you are unsure of what to do next. Your life up to now has evolved around following orders and performing your duty. You didn’t have to worry about what civilians worry about, paying bills, job fulfillment, or earning consistent income. Everything was taken care of.

But now, everything is about to change. It’s time to adjust to life as a civilian, but you have an advantage, you have skills that you have spent years perfecting. 

What are you going to do with them? It would be a waste of time and talent to go work a boring, mundane, low wage paying job, especially when you have career skills. 

What if there was a way to use your skills to create your dream business. You need to adapt, you need someone who will understand your vision and can see the details to make it a reality.

What if you I told you that you were only a couple of strategic steps away from creating your dream businesses? Would you take them?

Imagine what it would be like to experience the joy and fulfillment of seeing your dream come to life. The reward of being in the driver’s seat of your future, knowing that your financial well being will never be at the mercy of anyone else.

Well, I help people who are full of ideas but don’t know where to start, just like you, move from scattered exhaustion to energized focus so you can create your dream business

The good news is that it doesn’t take a long time to make the shift you need to be on the road to fulfilling your dream.

In just 4-weeks you can take strategic actions that will get your dream out of your head and on the road to reality.

I had to make the shift

As a Principal, I was known for turning struggling schools around by igniting people and processes. It was challenging but rewarding. I learned a lot of hard lessons about how to deal with people, politics of the job, how to grow other leaders, and about myself. Then one school year I was moved to the high school to support the Principal in turning around that school. I didn’t want to go to the high school, the school where that I was leading was doing good, there were some challenges with the staff, but that is a normal part of leading others. I was voluntold, so I went. 

Halfway through the school year I was told that I was doing great and could stay at the school next school year, but it would be my choice. Then, things took a shocking turn the next month. The budget had to be cut and I was notified I was one of the people who would be let go. Unfortunately, schools across the state had to make cuts so the chances of finding another job was very unlikely.

I made the decision to shift. I discovered a way to use my successes, growth lessons, skills, and talents to create a business where I could do what I always wanted to do. 

Now I am an Igniter. I ignite dreams, leaders, teams, and processes. I want to share what I learned with you and ignite the dream business that you can make your reality.

Not shifting is quickest way to disappointment, frustration, your dream becoming a nightmare, and a limited income. I want you to be free to focus on connecting with your clients, deeply, and growing your business. I want you birth your dream and have the business you love! 

I Want You To Make A Strategic Shift and Lead Your Business Like A Champion!

Now Is The Time To Act

I know you’re busy, there will always be things to do.  I believe in timing and know the danger that hesitation and waiting can cause. Don’t be the person that hesitated then found themselves trying to scramble because things shifted around them and they were not ready. 

I want you to be ready and ahead of the game. Get the help, support, and relief that you need so you can birth your dream with energized focus. 

Register for the Strategic Shift so you can get focused and on track to making money.

Dream Team Incubator 

You know when you work hard, train hard, study, and do everything you are supposed to do to get increase your rank. You show you can handle the position, demonstrate that you can think on your feet, and you can command the respect of your unit. 

Once you get the position, you realize it is more work than you thought. While people listen to you and follow orders, you need them to take on more responsibility, you need them to think and act like a leader.  

Well, I people in leadership positions, just like you, create their dream team so you can lead from a place of focus knowing your team is prepared to assume greater levels of responsibility. 

The good news is that it will not take a long time! In just 5 weeks your team will grow as leaders, learn how to build relationships with each other, overcome common challenges in leading, and create a specific plan with action steps to support you in an identified area.

Failing to create your dream team is one of the easiest ways to make leading harder than it has to be. Leading people is challenging enough, so why add to it. I want you to be free to focus.


Now Is The Time to Act

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