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Education and Training Section

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The Education and Training Section encompasses five Elements that provide a variety of services to Wright Patterson Air Force Base’s personnel. The following is a brief overview of those services.

The Workforce Development Element provides the administrative functions in support of the many WPAFB workforce development programs. These programs include Local Competitive Long Term Full Time Training, Local Competitive Civilian Academic Degree Payments Training, Civilian Tuition Assistance and other vendor supplied training. Working closely with the installation Management Training Committee and the Training Working Group they also ensure that available funding is authorized consistent with the goals and priorities detailed in the Annual Installation Training Plan. This Element also conducts quality assurance functions for the many no-cost, in-house courses of instruction offered by the Education and Training Section. Additionally, Human Resource Specialists are available to provide direct consultation support to managers and supervisors in the identification, acquisition, and development of educational and training courses that will enhance employee skills and improve organizational efficiencies in support of the Air Force Institutional Competencies.

The Education Services Element function provides over 180 advising sessions monthly, administers more than 5,000 education and military tests annually and supports 6 on-base educational institutions which offer 30 degree programs.

The Base Training and Formal Schools Element oversees more than 156 Air force specialty codes relating to formal schools and qualification training for skill level upgrade. This Element also manages an average of 500 personnel in upgrade training, provides training for Unit Training Managers, as well as additional duty Training Managers. Furthermore, the Element instructs the Air Force Training course monthly, average approximately 100 civilian and military attendees annually. We provide oversight, trend and analysis on training data, such as ancillary training and report to base leadership. The tracking of new employee orientation (NEO), and mandatory supervisor training for 21,000 military and civilian employees provides base leadership a continuous status of participation. Additionally, this Element is responsible for the Information Learning Center located in Area A, Kitty Hawk, delivering education and learning outreach to the Wright Patterson military and civilian community.

Training Operations Elements provide customer service to the WPAFB community which includes oversight of basic Education and Training Section operations, Education Training Management System (ETMS) Administration, Defense Connect Online (DCO) Productions, monitors academic grades and reimbursements, assist both civilian and military personnel with updating their education and training records and oversee classroom management and reservations of 18 classrooms

The Training Delivery Element facilitates training events, develops curriculum and instructs competency based training classes to the WPAFB population as well as subordinate units at remote locations. Delivery methods include in-house classes, distance learning applications such as Air Technology Network (ATN), DCO and Computer Based Training (CBT). The Element is responsible for facilitating NEO course, Leadership Symposium, Tactical Leadership Course (TLC) and the Operational Leadership Course (OLC). Instructors deliver a wide range of training classes based on the Air Force competency inventory which also includes computer application training. All classes are tuition free and available to appropriated fund civilians as well as military members.

Class schedules, course descriptions and a vast range of E&T information can be found on the Education and Training SharePoint website.

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