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Wright Patterson AFB
National Air and Space Intelligence Center

National Air and Space Intelligence Center

Phone……………………………… (937) 522-6600

Website www.afisr.af.mil/units/nasic/index.asp

The National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC), headquartered at Wright-Patterson AFB, is the Department of Defense’s primary source for foreign air and space threats. NASIC creates integrated, predictive intelligence in the air, space and cyberspace domains enabling full-spectrum military operations, force modernization and policymaking.

NASIC analysts create predictive intelligence to ensure the nation is at the cutting edge of understanding foreign threats to U.S. air and space operations. NASIC all-source analysts are national experts on threats that span air, space and cyberspace domains and NASIC is a recognized innovator in information and data exploitation. The Center’s world-class connectivity ensures analysts have physical access to key mission data and partnerships throughout the intelligence community.

Because of this innovation and expertise, NASIC intelligence products are relevant to key customers daily. The President, members of Congress and senior U.S. military leaders rely on NASIC all-source analysis to form U.S. defense policy decisions. NASIC products are used by Airmen, soldiers, sailors and Marines to make their operations safer and more effective and are used to develop the next generation of Air Force systems, preparing the nation to combat future air and space threats.

The Center’s broad intelligence analysis products are founded on a unique ability to exploit every major single intelligence source and leverage communications connectivity enabling IC wide collaboration, to create fused all-source analysis. In the end, connectivity, world-class expertise, and leading intelligence community innovation work together to make NASIC products relevant to key operational, policy, and acquisition decision makers.

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