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WPAFB Weather: What To Expect When Moving Here
WPAFB Weather: What To Expect When Moving HereWPAFB Weather: What To Expect When Moving Here

WPAFB Weather: What To Expect When Moving Here


In Southwestern Ohio, just outside of Dayton, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB) experiences a broad spectrum of weather throughout the year. Summers are long, warm, and slightly humid, and winters are short, cold, windy, and tough. The weather is typically partly cloudy year-round. Here, you’ll experience four very distinct seasons and even a little snow!

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High temps: Mid 40s to mid 70s
Low temps: Mid 30s to Mid 50s

Spring is slightly more rainy here as April and May showers bring spring flowers. The humidity is low but slowly increases heading into summer and the winds slowly decrease but are still quite stiff, averaging around ten miles per hour daily. Expect mornings to be very cold but rising to comfortable levels by afternoon and always dress in layers to stay most comfortable.

WPAFB Weather in the Summer


High temps: Mid 80s
Low temps: Mid 60s

Summers bring more chance of rain and humid days though the skies are clear more frequently, allowing you to enjoy sunny days along the river. As the days lengthen, the temperature rises to a warm range in the 80s. The winds are far calmer with nice breezes averaging around six to seven miles per hour. You’ll want to pack for warm weather in the field and be sure to have rain gear handy just in case.


High temps: Mid 70s to upper 40s
Low temps: Mid 50s to mid 30s

Summer ends quickly and temperatures fall precipitously, bringing higher winds around nine miles per hour with clear skies and low chances of precipitation. Mornings can be very cold and by the end of the season, you’ll want to be very bundled up as you head to work. Expect a brisk, cool autumn with lots of fall foliage blowing about. You’ll want to pack and dress in layers and keep a windbreaker if you’re out on the flight line.

WPAFB Weather in the Winter


High temps: Low to mid 60s
Low temps: Low to mid 30s

Though this colder season is relatively short at just three months from December 1 to March 1, the temperatures can get terribly low and even into the single digits. There is a chance of snow with snowy days averaging around two to three inches in January and February. The days are also quite short at just over nine hours of daylight. This is also the windiest time making the low temperatures even harsher. You’ll want to be especially sure to pack GoreTex shells which repel wind and rain to keep dry and warm.

Field & Training Expectations Year-round

The flight line can be tough in a windy area with nothing to block it. Making sure you dress in warm layers with moisture wicking material underneath will keep you warm while a rain shell like GoreTex will keep your warmth from being blown out by the stiff winds. Ensure you use wools when able, which stay warm even if they get wet, as opposed to cotton, which will seep your body heat out. During the summer, hydration will be important due to the humidity and warm temperature which will cause you to lose water through sweat quickly. Loose fitting light layers in the cool mornings can be shed to stay comfortable.

Where to Find Gear at Wright-Patterson AFB

You should get everything you need during your supply issue, however, if you’re missing any important items or coming from a different climate and need to acquire new gear for snow or rain, check the exchange and military clothing stores for everything you need. Checking with supply at your unit may also provide what you need at no cost.

AAFES Bases Exchange Uniform Store

Military Clothing

The AAFES Bases Exchange Uniform Store will have all the authorized uniform and gear items you will need for field and garrison duty.

AAFES Bases Exchange Uniform Store
5400 Buckner Road, Area A, Bldg 209
Wright Patterson Air Force Base, OH 45433
Phone: 1 (937) 257-2800 or 1 (937) 257-6808

Leadership will issue announcements on which combat, service, and fitness uniforms are appropriate for each season.

Main Exchange

The Exchange is a department store type shop which will have all sorts of civilian clothes for all seasons. You can pick up camping and other field equipment as well in the outdoor sections to supplement your issued items.

Wright Patterson Air Force Base’ Exchange
Bldg 1250, Kittyhawk Area A
Wright Patterson Air Force Base, OH 45433
Phone: 1 (937) 879-5730

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Thrift Shop

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Thrift Shop

The Wright Patterson Air Force Base Thrift Shop, operated by the Wright Patterson Air Force Base Spouses Association, is a resource which directly benefits the community through fundraising and sales. Proceeds go to socials, activities and community outreach.

Mall at Fairfield Commons

The Mall at Fairfield Commons is the nearest major shopping center to base and features a Macys and a Dick’s Sporting Goods as it’s anchor stores, making it an ideal place to get anything you need for all seasons and field duty.

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Recreation Equipment Rentals

The Outdoor Recreation Center is a great place to get gear and equipment for any outdoor activity from camping to barbecues at low cost. The center offers campers, tools, party items like bounce houses, and recreation excursions, youth activities, and camps. Buying new equipment for every new base can be financially draining, so rentals can help you try out new hobbies at low cost.

WPAFB Weather: What To Expect When Moving Here


With a little preparation and the right resources, you can be comfortable and enjoy all the seasons in your new home. Use the information listed above and always check local updates with your command and base website for up to date info on how the weather may be affecting day to day operations.


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