Jobs After the Military: 10 Companies That Hire Veterans
Jobs After the Military: 10 Companies That Hire VeteransJobs After the Military: 10 Companies That Hire Veterans

Jobs After the Military: 10 Companies That Hire Veterans


Looking for jobs after the military is a daunting task to consider, let alone go through with. Depending on what point of the transition you’re at, you may know exactly what you want to do and where you want to be employed. If you are like most job seekers in 2020, you may also be at an utter loss for what to do next, or somewhere in the wide gulf in between. Luckily for you, as a service member, there are some great programs out there aimed at either helping vets get hired or just plain hiring them. And wherever you are on your path to a civilian career, you may want to consider the following 6 organizations looking to help and 10 tip-top companies that really love to hire veterans.

Transition Assistance Program

We’d be doing you and the Department of Veterans Affairs a disservice if, before jumping into the options in the private sector, we didn’t draw your attention to their Transition Assistance Program. TAP, as it’s often called, provides all kinds of great information and resources at no cost to the roughly 200,000 service members who leave the military every year and their families. Get started with one of their one-day VA Benefits and Services courses to begin your transition to the civilian professional world on the right foot.

You can reach out with any questions or concerns via their online contact form.

Veterans Services Organizations - Jobs After the Military: 10 Companies That Hire Veterans

Veterans Services Organizations

The VA is a great place to go when you first leave the armed forces (both for TAP and to get your benefits and medical care processes started), but you’ll likely need a few extra stepping stones to take you from there to a civilian career. And there are some wonderful charities, organizations, and networks all over the country whose goals are to get veterans jobs. If you’re unsure what you need to do next to start your post-military job, or even unsure about what sort of job you want, you should definitely look into these.

1. American Corporate Partners

Phone: 1 (212) 752-0700

For those leaving the military without a career lined up, figuring out exactly what you want to do can seem even more daunting than actually applying for jobs. But ACP is here to help with that, connecting veterans with successful mentors based on your experience and interests. Their partnerships and programs are great ways to discover what kind of job(s) are right for you.

2. RecruitMilitary

Phone: 1 (513) 683-5020

Overseen by the largest military-focused recruiting agency in the United States, RecruitMilitary is a massive job board for connecting veterans with jobs and companies that know how valuable their experience is. And with over 200,000 active job postings and millions upon millions of profile views, chances are there’s an employer or opportunity out there just right for you.

Hirepurpose - helping veteran and their spouses find careers.

3. Hirepurpose

Phone: 1 (844) 311-3582

Founded by a Marine veteran, Hirepurpose wants to help veterans and their spouses find great careers. You can search their job board by location or type, check out featured jobs, get some career advice, or just post a resume and see what comes along. Whatever step you’re at or whatever you need in your hunt for a civilian career, they can help you move things along in the right direction.

4. Hire Heroes USA

Phone: 1 (844) 634-1520

With corporate partnerships in sectors from the financial to aerospace tech, Hire Heroes connects thousands of veterans with potential employers. They don’t want to simply start veterans in careers, but “meaningful and lasting careers.” They also cater to military spouses, helping thousands of them get jobs as well.

Combat Veterans to Careers - helping veterans find jobs

5. Combat Veterans to Careers

Phone: 1 (352) 775-4008

The aptly named Combat Veterans to Careers aims to do exactly what their name implies: help those who served in combat move on to rewarding and successful careers. They’ll help you plan and carry out the process of starting a civilian profession, including any education or degrees you’ll need to earn to start the job you want. You can apply for assistance easily through their online portal.

10 Companies That Hire Veterans

1. Google

The unquestioned leader in internet searches and a pioneering company in all things tech, Google is an amazing place for members of the military community and their families to work. They offer all kinds of roles, from sales to engineering, in locations all across the country.

Walgreen Hiring Program - Helping Veterans with Educational and Retail Opportunities

2. Walgreens

As the second largest pharmacy chain in the United States, Walgreens needs plenty of staff to work in their many stores across the country. And the more positions filled by veterans, the better. They even have a program, Helping Veterans with Educational and Retail Opportunities (or HERO for short) that employs veterans pursuing a full-time bachelors degree.

3. Home Depot

Home Depot already employs roughly 35,000 veterans, but they’re always looking to hire more. Their site even has a handy military skills translator to show you how the things you learned in the service could apply to an open position. They also donate large chunks of their profits to veteran charities and service organizations, so it’s a very military-positive place to work.


4. Amazon

A lot of companies pledged to hire X number of veterans in recent years, but Amazon included a pledge to hire military family members as well. So it could be a great place for you and your spouse to hunt for post-military jobs. From the tech side to the warehouse side, there are numerous positions they’d love to fill with a military veteran, spouse, or dependent. Amazon even has some jobs specifically listed for those getting a degree on the GI Bill.

Jobs After the Military: 10 Companies That Hire Veterans

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5. Boeing

With decades of ties to the military and aerospace industries, it’s no surprise that Boeing has over 20,000 veterans working for them. That’s roughly 15% of their entire workforce who are former military. And that’s in addition to the hundreds of millions of dollars they pay to veteran-owned subcontractors and companies every year. So it’s a great place for vets to work and a great resource for other pro-veteran companies.

6. PwC

One of the Big Four largest professional service organizations in the whole world PricewaterhouseCoopers has an award-winning hiring initiative specifically for veterans. With positions available from entry level on up in specialities from tech to taxes, there are opportunities for those with a whole host of interests. And as the fifth largest company in the United States, a career started here is sure to be a successful one.

7. Verizon

One of the leaders in every kind of communication in the modern world, Verizon goes out of their way to hire veterans. And they want to make it as easy as possible for veterans to get hired, with a military skills translator and a resume builder (for those unfamiliar with writing a civilian resume) available right on their employment site. They also maintain networks of interested veterans and spouses, so you can plan for the future even while you’re still in uniform.

8. UnitedHealthcare

You spent years in service to a greater cause, so why not start a career helping folks in a new way? Millions of people get their insurance through UnitedHealthcare, and the company always needs new people to be a part of that work. With clients across the globe, they have plenty of positions they need to fill and are always excited to fill them with vets. And with roughly a quarter of all their jobs available via telecommute, they have great work-from-home positions in addition to more traditional office jobs.

9. Walmart

From cashiers to warehouse workers to corporate jobs and more, Walmart has numerous open roles all over the country that they would love to fill with veterans. In fact, since 2013, they’ve hired over 250,000 veterans and have no plans to stop there. As the world’s largest employer, you’re sure to find a whole lot of interesting and diverse openings all across the country.

10. Lockheed Martin

Another worldwide leader in the world of aerospace tech and innovation, Lockheed Martin produces everything that flies from missiles to spacecraft components. They are also recognized and lauded as one of the top military employers in the world with roughly 20% of their workforce being veterans. They also have a military skills translator on their careers site to see just how you might fit in at the company.


Leaving the military behind is hard enough even if you know exactly what you’re going to do next. But for the countless veterans who have no idea what they want their profession to be, the transition to the civilian world can be infinitely more stressful. But with all these great companies offering jobs specifically for veterans, and the help of some of the organizations, finding a meaningful career is by no means impossible.

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