Who’s Hiring During the Coronavirus Pandemic? 8 Jobs for Veterans
Who's Hiring During the Coronavirus Pandemic? 8 Jobs for VeteransWho's Hiring During the Coronavirus Pandemic? 8 Jobs for Veterans

Who’s Hiring During the Coronavirus Pandemic? 8 Jobs for Veterans


There’s no denying the fact that these times are tough. About as tough as they can get financially, emotionally, and physically for millions of Americans. And with the unemployment rate soaring as a result of the novel coronavirus pandemic and its economic fallout, more people than ever are worried about their employment security, whether they have a job or not. However, even though the job market seems to be in flux it doesn’t mean that no one is hiring. It is quite the opposite. The pandemic may have shut down some traditional brick and mortar locations but through this employment shift, newly remote positions and new ones serving contactless buying experiences are coming into job portals everywhere. And now you may be asking yourself, who is hiring during the pandemic? So we’ve compiled 8 of the best jobs for our veterans who are looking for work and some fantastic employment services available during the COVID-19 crisis.

Veterans Service Organizations

Veterans Service Organizations

Before you even dive into your job hunt, there are some government programs and dedicated VSO’s working in various capacities to aid in veterans getting jobs, both during this international crisis and beyond, that we think you should check out. Here are a few you should definitely keep in mind, whether you’re mid job hunt or if you want a new position at a new place somewhere down the road.

1. Department of Veterans Affairs

Phone (VA Benefits Hotline): 1 (800) 827-1000

You already know that the VA is here to help with a whole host of medical needs, but did you know they also have a whole system built around getting veterans jobs? The VA Careers and Employment assistance programs are varied as they are helpful. Find out exactly how they can help you get a job.

2. US Department of Labor

Phone: 1 (866) 487-2365

You already worked for the government, so they have a good grasp of your skills and capabilities. And their goal is to help you find a great position to start your next career. From jobs for vets to help with starting your own business, the US Department of Labor’s site is a great place to begin your civilian career. Many individual state governments also have veteran hiring programs, so be sure to check to see if yours does.

3. American Corporate Partners

Phone: 1 (212) 752-0700

Sometimes the most important step in finding a new career isn’t jumping right into one, it’s figuring out what career you want to have. That’s where ACP comes in. Based on your experience and interests, they connect you with dedicated mentors at the top of their fields in every industry from manufacturing to entertainment. It’s a great way to find out what you want to do professionally and how to make it a reality.

4. RecruitMilitary

Phone: 1 (513) 683-5020

Run by the largest military-focused recruiting agency in America, the RecruitMilitary program is all about connecting veterans with jobs and companies that know how valuable their experience is. And with over 200,000 active job postings on their board across the country, there’s a very good chance they can steer you towards a great opening.

5. Hirepurpose

Phone: 1 (844) 311-3582

Founded by a Marine veteran, Hirepurpose wants to get veterans to work. So whether you’re recently transitioning from the service or between jobs, they’re here to help. Post a resume and search their job board by location or type, check out featured jobs, or just get some career advice. Whatever you need in your search for employment, they can lend a hand. They also help military spouses, too.

8 Jobs for Veterans

8 Jobs for Veterans

Organizations and assistance are a vital resource, but some of you probably just need a job ASAP. With that in mind, here are some places determined to hire veterans even in the midst of all this. Some of these jobs are currently only being offered short-term and/or part time, although there are plenty of full-time positions open. And many are looking to fill both in-person and remote positions. If any of them sound like something you’d be up for, go ahead and send in that resume.

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1. Walmart

It may come as no surprise that the world’s largest private employer addressed the pandemic by opening positions for 150,000 temporary employees as quickly as possible. While many of those positions have since expired, they’re still looking to hire both full and part time personnel at numerous locations across the country. From cashiers to warehouse workers to stockers and more, Walmart wants to staff up for a myriad of roles. And they have a great program for hiring members of the military community, veterans and spouses alike.

2. CVS

Big pharmacy chains are more important than ever to everyday Americans as the need for basic medical supplies (and snack food) skyrockets along with quarantine orders. So it’s no wonder that CVS Health is looking to hire plenty of people right now. The jobs include delivery personnel, customer service reps, distribution center workers, as well as pharmacists, nurses, and techs. There are part-time, full-time, temporary, and permanent positions available.

3. Dollar Tree

One of the largest chains of mega-discount stores across the country, Dollar Tree (which also owns Family Dollar) has a whole host of positions it needs to be filled. Both full-time and part-time jobs are available, all the way up to store manager positions, at thousands of locations. They’re also offering time-flexible gigs as cashiers and stockers. So this could be a great way to keep your schedule adjustable while working away.

4. Dollar General

Not to be outdone by their competitor, this other major discount goods chain is doing their part to hire folks in these dire days. Dollar General aims to bring on as many people as they can to work at their 16,300+ stores. And with locations and positions in every corner of 45 out of 50 states, it’s real easy to find a job close to you pretty much wherever you are.

5. Amazon

These days, with buyers turning to a contact-free online buying experience, is shipping more packages than ever. And they need people to staff the many, many jobs it takes to get hundreds of thousands of daily Amazon Prime orders where they need to go. Some of these positions, from warehouse workers to delivery drivers, are part-time. They also need nearly 30,000 full time positions filled, from warehouse personnel to software developers, and even some work-from-home jobs.

6. Instacart

The convenience and time-saving benefits of delivered groceries has led to a major growth in the industry’s popularity over the last few years. And with the vast majority of Americans doing their food shopping from the safety of their homes, it’s more popular than ever. Instacart, one of the leaders in online grocery order and delivery, is answering this need by increasing the number of job openings. From shoppers and deliverers to more traditional corporate gigs like product management and IT at their main and regional offices, they may have a great opening near you.

7. UnitedHealthcare

The value of healthcare coverage is one of the many, many things that this pandemic has made starkly clear. So why not start a career helping folks with theirs? Millions of people get their insurance through UnitedHealthcare, and the company always needs new people to be a part of that work. With clients across the globe, they have plenty of positions they need to fill. And with roughly a quarter of all their jobs available via telecommute, they might have a great work-from-home position perfect for you.

8. Shopify

If you’re looking for a dream job and like helping people, how about a job helping people fulfill their own search for dream jobs? Shopify is one of the leading ecommerce sites, letting people set up and build their own online businesses with ease. From customer support to engineering, they need people to put in work to help those who aim for self-employment. And as a fully digital company, all their positions are remote full time. So you can work from anywhere, even after the need for social distancing has fallen by the wayside.

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There’s more than enough to worry about these days without adding a lack of financial stability to the mix. There’s not really a good time to be unemployed, and now’s a worse time than ever to lose a paycheck and your health benefits. So whether you’re between jobs or just interested in what new ones might be out there, you’ll want to get that next gig as fast as possible. And the companies and programs we’ve listed here just may help you do just that.

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