Privately Owned Weapons (POW)

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Personnel who live in dormitories/barracks or temporarily staying in lodging need to store their POWs at the armory located in Building 2301, on the McGuire side of JB MDL.

All residents must register their firearms in the POW program if temporarily or permanently stored on base, to include privatized military housing.

All weapons will be registered with the
87th SFS by filing AF Form 1314.

Base housing residents must store their POWs with SFS until they are properly registered. You must register weapons at the armory located in Building 2301, but are not required to store POWs. The 87th SFS stores dorm/barracks resident POWs for an unspecified amount of time.

The armory in Building 2301 is open 24/7 and someone will always be available to provide you with information on POW storage or register.

Residents are notified in newcomers’ briefings about the rules of personal firearms and where you can keep them.

Firearm owners must come to the armory in person with the appropriate paperwork from their commanders.

If transporting firearms, they must be unloaded, and contained in a closed and ­fastened case, gun box or locked in the trunk of a motor vehicle. Contact 87th SFS armory for more details at (609) 754-0717, 0716, 0715.



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