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Burlington and Ocean Counties

Several highways easily link Burlington and Ocean counties to other parts of New Jersey and Pennsylvania with Delaware and New York just further afield. Most travelers in the area choose to drive, though light rail and bus service via state-owned NJ Transit is easily accessible.

For those flying, there are two major airports within 50 or so miles, with numerous air carriers. One airport is in New Jersey, the other is in Philadelphia.

Both counties have public transportation, and the area is also served by the larger Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.


Philadelphia International Airport

8000 Essington Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19153 215-937-6937 

Philadelphia International Airport is about 50 miles west of Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst and is Pennsylvania’s largest commercial airport, serving more than 30 million travelers each year. Major carriers include Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, JetBlue Airways, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines and Virgin America.

Ground transportation includes bus, taxi, shuttle, rental car service and a connection to Amtrak service. Rental car companies may be contacted through the Ground Transportation Information desks in Baggage Claims A-East, B/C and D/E. Find more information at

Newark Liberty International Airport

3 Brewster Road
Newark, NJ 07114 806-775-2044 

Newark Liberty International Airport is approximately 60 miles northeast of Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst. Operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the airport serves about 40 million passengers annually. Major carriers include Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, JetBlue Airways, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines and Virgin America. Ground transportation includes 11 rental car companies plus taxi and shuttle services.

Public Transportation

NJ Transit

1 Penn Plaza East
Newark, NJ 07105 973-275-5555 

NJ Transit is a state-owned public transportation system that serves New Jersey, along with portions of New York State and Pennsylvania. It operates bus, light rail and commuter rail services throughout the state, connecting to major commercial and employment centers both within New Jersey and in the adjacent major cities of New York and Philadelphia.

For more information — including schedules and fares, alerts and advisories, maps and accessibility tools — visit the agency’s website.


20 Irven St.
Trenton, NJ 08638 609-883-8891 

The BurLINK fixed route service is for the public and designed to connect to NJ Transit bus and rail service in the county. Operated by Stout’s Transportation, BurLINK buses connect with NJ Transit routes, including River Line stations. Transfers are available between NJ Transit bus routes and BurLINK routes.

For information on fees and scheduling, visit the website for the Cross County Connection at

Ocean Ride

1959 Route 9
P.O. Box 2191
Toms River, NJ 08754 732-736-8989< 

The Ocean Ride transportation system has 11 bus routes which operate throughout Ocean County. Routes are designed to connect key residential areas with local governmental facilities, healthcare, shopping, employment, social services and other transit connections.

For more information on fees, routes, and services for veterans and disabled patrons, visit the Ocean Ride website.

Driving and Commuting

Multiple interstates, state routes and highways cross Burlington and Ocean counties.

Within Burlington County, U.S. routes that traverse the county are U.S. Route 9 (only in Bass River Township), U.S. Route 130 and U.S. Route 206. State routes closest to Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst include Route 68, Route 70 and Route 537. Limited access roads include the Garden State Parkway stretch in Bass River Township, Interstate 295 and the New Jersey Turnpike (a portion of Interstate 95).

State routes that go through Ocean County include Route 13, Route 35, Route 37, Route 70, Route 72, Route 88 and Route 166. U.S. Route 9, the Garden State Parkway and Interstate 195 pass through Ocean County as well.

Commuters can also choose rail service in the two counties. NJ Transit’s North Jersey Coast Line railway line, which serves New York’s Penn Station, offers service at the Bay Head and Point Pleasant Beach stations, at the northernmost corner of Ocean County. The River Line is a diesel light-rail system between the Trenton Transit Center in Trenton and the Walter Rand Transportation Center and other stations in Camden, with 11 stations in Burlington County.

The New Jersey Department of Transportation offers commuter options at provides free, real-time traffic information. Registered users can also create a personalized profile to receive and obtain phone, text or email updates about incidents on their specified routes at  or by dialing 511.

The New Jersey Turnpike Authority also provides travel resources for commuters on the turnpike and the Garden State Parkway at

New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission

Fairgrounds Plaza
>500-555 High St.
Mount Holly, NJ 08060 609-292-6500

Sharp Run Plaza
175 Route 70, Suite 25
Medford, NJ 08055 609-292-6500

1861 Hooper Ave.
Village Square Plaza
Toms River, NJ 08753 609-292-6500

1195 Route 70
>Leisure Center, Store 9
Lakewood, NJ 08701 609-292-6500 

The New Jersey Motor Vehicles Commission issues driver’s licenses, identification cards and vehicle registration and provides other driving-related services. Find general information, visit the main website then find most forms at  and drivers’ manuals online at

Driver’s Licenses

Military personnel and their spouses who are stationed in New Jersey may be entitled to certain exemptions, but in general, all New Jersey residents who want to drive must apply for a driver’s license within 60 days of residency being established.

The state spells out what is required for licensing under various scenarios in its New Jersey Driver Manual, which can be downloaded at

Vehicle Registration

Applications associated with driving and vehicle registration are available online at,  including DMV forms, requests for driving records and more.

Military members and veterans may be entitled to certain DMV exemptions and allowances. For more information on military and veteran exceptions and requirements, visit

Distracted Driving

The state of New Jersey prohibits any use (texting or talking) of a hand-held mobile device while driving. Additionally, drivers with any version of a graduated driver’s license may not use a cellular device in any way (including hands-free interactions).

New Jersey Department of Transportation 

Visit the New Jersey Department of Transportation website where you can find information about highway safety, best routes to schools and more. The department’s website specifically aimed at commuting —  —
provides myriad information including interactive maps, information about road closures and travel advisories, buses and train schedules, live traffic cameras and even for bike maps. You can also visit  for more links to commuting within the state and into Delaware and beyond.

10 Steps To Responsible Driving

Since you can’t control the actions of other drivers, you must rely on your own skills and experience. Following these 10 rules will ensure a safe and courteous journey.

  • Be prepared: Know where you’re going before you start. Be well-informed about weather and road conditions or traffic activity on your route. For longer trips, include a rest stop every two hours, sooner if you are tired. Pack an emergency rations kit of water and nonperishable food items such as energy bars.


  • Always wear your seat belt: Seat belts keep you in control and ready to react to a hazardous situation. Everyone should wear a seatbelt while in the vehicle.



  • Put the phone down: A mobile phone is great for roadside emergencies, but using a phone while you drive drastically reduces your reaction time to all situations. Minimize distractions by concentrating on the road, not objects, people or events inside your vehicle.



  • Know your surroundings: Scan the roadway continually for hazards. Keep your eyes moving, looking from one side to the other. Know what is happening well in front of you; watch for brake lights. Use the mirrors to keep an eye on traffic beside and behind you.



  • Share the road: Pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, vehicles of varying sizes, as well as drivers of various ages and skill levels, all have a right to use the road. Slow down and give others time and space to proceed safely. Treat them like dear friends — they are to someone.



  • Signal your intentions: Be predictable and courteous and signal your intentions so other road users know what you plan to do next. Use your horn or headlights, if necessary.



  • Watch your speed: Posted maximum speeds are for ideal driving conditions. Adjust your speed for traffic, road and visibility conditions or when not operating at your best. Higher speeds magnify errors and decrease response times. It helps to maintain a large “safety cushion” around your vehicle to change lanes safely and to take evasive action in emergencies.



  • Maintain your vehicle: Read your owner’s manual and follow the recommended schedule for maintenance service. Routinely check tires, brakes, lights, wipers and fluid levels. Pack a flashlight, blanket and first-aid kit. In cold climates, pack extra warm clothing. Carry a mobile phone for emergencies.



  • Move your disabled vehicle: If your car breaks down, move it off the road away from traffic, if possible. Warn other drivers by raising the vehicle’s hood or using your hazard lights, then stay inside and ask passersby to call the police. If you’re unable to move the car out of traffic, get all passengers to exit the vehicle and move to the side of the road when safe. If you must walk to a phone, keep your group together.



  • Don’t drive while impaired: Never drive while under the influence of alcohol, prescription or street drugs, or over-the-counter medications that make you drowsy. Not only will you put yourself and your passengers in danger, but a traffic violation of this nature can seriously derail a military career. Don’t be a driver if you think you are going to drink. Road rage and normal fatigue can also impair your response time. Be calm, well-rested, alert and attentive any time you get behind the wheel.


Speed While Driving on Base

The base-wide speed limit is 25 MPH unless posted otherwise.

Traffic accidents, moving and parking violations may result in suspension or revocation actions and traffic point assessments involving military and DOD civilian personnel, their family members and other personnel operating motor vehicles on a military installation.


10-14 MPH $113.00 4 points

14-20 MPH $123.00 5 points

20+ MPH COURT 6 points


87TH Mission Support Group

(609) 754-3455

The 87th Mission Support Group provides expeditionary combat and base support and leadership across JB MDL, ensuring mission execution of the DOD’s first and only tri-service joint base. The group has more than 3,900 active duty Air Force and Navy members, appropriated fund civilians, non-appropriated fund civilians and contractors comprising six squadrons. The 87th MSG is responsible for 42,000 acres, more than 3,900 facilities, and an infrastructure valued at $8.1 billion, while providing support to a base populace of more than 42,000 personnel.

87th Civil Engineer Squadron

(609) 754-87CE

The 87th Civil Engineer Squadron is charged with providing infrastructure operations, programming future base development, managing and directing the base’s physical assets, and providing explosive ordnance disposal, fire response and protection and emergency management and contingency support services to support JB MDL. The squadron is also responsible for a $1.8 billion physical plant covering 42,000 acres, more than 3,000 facilities and 25 utility systems.

The squadron trains and deploys civil engineer forces to support contingencies and disaster response taskings worldwide. No matter the task, the members of the 87th CES live up to their motto: “Build to Last … Lead the Change.”

The engineers are responsible for day-to-day operations, maintenance and sustainment of all facilities on JB MDL, problems or issues with facilities should be called into the 24-hour CE Customer Service Center at 754-87CE (8723).

87th Communications Squadron

(609) 754-3311

The 87th Communications Squadron delivers a wide spectrum of fixed and deployable command, control, communications and computer capabilities and services for JB MDL. JB MDL information protection is supported by network defense, communications security, emissions security, asset management, Privacy Act, Freedom of Information Act, dig permit and frequency management specialists. JB MDL personnel protection is supported via emergency mass notification systems including 42 “Giant Voice” poles and “AtHoc” messages sent to personal and work devices. The safe launch and recovery of aircraft is supported through airfield radar, weather and landing systems maintenance. High-speed network connectivity and planning support is provided for various base telephone, radio, data and video networks (both classified and unclassified). Finally, knowledge and records management services are offered to include official postal mail services. “World Wide-We Provide” is the squadron’s motto.

Land Mobile Radio: The installation LMR network is centrally managed and operated by the 87th Communications Squadron's Personal Wireless Communications Systems work center. Units wishing to join the network should contact PWCS to ensure interoperable radios are properly purchased and programming requirements are properly fulfilled. The contact number is (609) 754-2666.

87th Contracting Squadron

(609) 754-2413

The 87th Contracting Squadron provides contracting support and strategic business advice to five Air Force wings and the U.S. Air Force Expeditionary Center and provides ancillary procurement support to more than 80 mission partners on JB MDL. The 87th CONS establishes and administers contracts for performance-based commercial services, commercial off-the-shelf products, major and minor construction services, renovation and repair services, alterations, demolition, as well as architect-engineering and design projects. They also award more than $125 million in new contracts each year, manage a contract portfolio valued at more than $250 million, and manage a $40 million per year Government Purchase Card program. Additionally, the squadron provides deployable contingency contracting support to domestic and worldwide contingency and humanitarian relief efforts for air expeditionary forces and other branches of service in theaters of operation worldwide.

Contracting and Procurement Support

The joint base does not have a centralized contracting organization as each of the services and mission partners retain some level of procurement capability. The 87th CONS plans, manages, coordinates and executes procurement operations including business advice, customer education, contract operations, Government Purchase Card surveillance and management and business relationships integral to purchasing, leasing, obtaining supplies, services and non-military construction for and in direct support of the installation.
Their customers include the 87th Air Base Wing, 305th Air Mobility Wing, 621st Contingency Response Wing, 514th Air Mobility Wing, 108th Wing, U.S. Air Force Expeditionary Center, and JB MDL mission partners specifically identified in a support agreement. All other customers should contact their servicing organization for procurement support. Customers can direct questions on required support to the 87th CONS.

87th Force Support Squadron

(609) 754-5374

The 87th Force Support Squadron at JB MDL encompasses more than 90 activities. The squadron’s core units are the Operations Section, Community Services Flight, Force Development Flight, Military and Family Support Center, Manpower & Personnel Flight, Resource Management Flight and the Sustainment Services Flight. While diverse in nature, the squadron’s motto of “Pride in our Service” binds these units together.

Civilian Personnel Section

(609) 754-5705

JB MDL has more than 1,200 civilians working in fully-integrated organizations. Under the military spouse preference program, spouses may be given hiring preference. To qualify, military spouses must be eligible for employment, submit documentation to establish spouse and relocation status, and submit an application. For more information about the spouse preference program, call (609) 754-5691. For a listing of appropriated wage grade and/or general schedule employment opportunities at JB MDL visit or

Education Services

(609) 754-3019

The Education Center offers excellent educational opportunities to military personnel, family members and civilian employees. On- and off-base programs are available, as are a number of other services.

Two-year degree programs are available through Burlington County College in Pemberton and the Community College of the Air Force. Baccalaureate degree programs are offered through Southern Illinois and Thomas Edison State College in partnership with Rutgers University. Graduate programs are available from Central Michigan University, Thomas Edison State College in partnership with Rutgers University.

Additionally, the center provides assistance for those interested in coursework via distance learning from more than 100 different schools across the nation. The center also conducts free testing in CLEP, DSST, Excelsior and SAT or ACT. Aptitude and interest tests are available to include Strong Campbell Interest Inventory, Kuder Occupational Interest Survey and others. Information is available for enlisted members interested in opportunities for commissioning through such programs as Officer Training School, Air Force Academy, Airman Education and Commissioning Program, and Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps.

First Term Airman Center

(609) 754-5420

The First Term Airman Center came about during the year of the enlisted force as an initiative to prepare and re-blue Airmen arriving to their first permanent duty station and was established June 15, 1998, at what was formerly McGuire Air Force Base. The main objective of the program is to provide a streamlined base in-processing, decrease no-shows and reduce adjustment and disciplinary problems by increasing professional military knowledge and awareness. FTAC is a 10-day course designed to ensure a smooth transition for first-duty Airmen by offering a four-phase program of in-processing, briefings, formal training and team building. In addition, team-building details offer an opportunity to engage in local Air Force community activities, which can build lasting friendships and increase networking capabilities.

Honor Guard

(609) 754-4117

The Honor Guard is a highly visible team comprising outstanding members from virtually every squadron on base. Standing tall and proud in Air Force blues, JB MDL’s elite honor guard team exemplifies the highest standards of military life. Whether marching in parades or representing JB MDL at retreats, graduations or military funerals, their appearance adds dignity and shows the Air Force at its best. To request an honor guard team, visit

Kish Airman Leadership School

(609) 754-5530

The Kish Airman Leadership School prepares junior enlisted to assume greater responsibility as supervisors and non-commissioned officers. The school is an intensive five-week program focusing on leadership, communication and the profession of arms. Upon graduation, students receive nine semester hours of college credit from the Community College of the Air Force. Each class consists of 40 to 45 students from base units. On occasion, students from nearby bases as well as members of the Air Force Reserve and the Air National Guard attend the course. The ALS staff consists entirely of non-commissioned officers with experience covering a cross-section of Air Force career fields. They are hand-selected professionals who have already graduated from the NCO academy or ALS. All instructors attend the Air University Academic Instructor School or the Professional Military Education Instructor School and have been awarded their CCAF degree. Proficiency is maintained through intensive and continuous in-service training to assure maximum currency and quality instruction for students.

Marketing, Publicity and Commercial Sponsorship

(609) 754-5327

The marketing and publicity program serves a key role in the operation of all squadron activities and programs by conducting customer needs evaluations and providing maximum exposure and publicity for all programs and services. The commercial sponsorship program assists in providing corporate-level funding to offset costs, allowing for most events and programs to be offered at little or no charge. Look for the many sources of advertising that includes,, “Spotlight” insert in the Air, Land & Sea Times, posters, newsletters, videos and more.

Manpower and Personnel Flight Human Resources Office

(609) 754-6900

The Human Resources Office administers all non-appropriated fund personnel management programs and processes all personnel actions for the squadron. In addition to handling all NAF personnel recruitment, office members provide comprehensive new employees’ orientation and supervisory training. This office is also responsible for documenting training, annual performance appraisals and awards for non-appropriated fund employees, ensuring the highest quality control measures for the maintenance of all employee information files.
Applications for employment in FSS activities may be picked up and/or turned in at
2905 Tuskegee Airmen Ave. For more information, visit

Military and Family Support Center

Army Community Service, Fleet and Family Services, and Airmen and Family Readiness Center have been incorporated into one agency known as the Military and Family Support Center. DOD members and their families are encouraged to visit any of the three locations.

Leadership at all levels recognizes the special relationship between successful mission accomplishment and the quality of life of military families. Changes in family structure and lifestyles require increased focus on services and policies that foster a positive family environment.

The MFSC team is available to assist commanders and individual members of the armed forces with a wide range of services or referrals to other local and national community agencies. Services include Information and Referral, Relocation Assistance, Personal and Family Readiness, Family Life Education, Personal Financial Management, Air Force Aid Society, Career Focus/Spouse Employment, Transition Assistance, Exceptional Family Member Program, Soldier and Family Assistance Center, the Emergency Food Assistance Program, Computer Resource Center and Volunteer Resource Program.

Please call the following centers for further information.

McGuire Military and Family Support Center
3435 Broidy Road (609) 754-3154

Dix Military and Family Support Center
5201 Maryland Ave. (609) 562-4245

Lakehurst Military and Family Support Center
488-2 Walsh Drive (732) 323-1248

Information and Referral

Our Information and Referral service provides information about base and local community human service resources and links for members needing assistance with the appropriate service providers.

Relocation Assistance

Relocation Assistance services ease the transition of a military move by assisting single and married members and their families with the various elements of relocation planning. MFSC staff provide worldwide installation information, specific overseas cultural and geographical information and access to Loan Closet. A variety of items for transitioning military families include folding mats, pots and pans, small kitchen appliances and much more.

Personal and Family Readiness

Personal and Family Readiness provides support and services before, during and after a remote, deployment or extended TDY assignment. Personalized readiness briefings guide military members and their families through preparations needed before the deployment begins and provides information on services to assist with challenges faced during military separations. Additionally, the Hearts Apart Program provides ongoing support through personalized assistance to family members during the deployment cycle or extended separation of family due to remote or extended TDYs.

Family Life Education

Family Life Education services assist single and married members, and their families, with adapting to current and future changes in their lives. Education services include marriage enrichment, assertiveness skills, stress/change management, self-esteem building and time management. These services emphasize coping techniques and skill development.

Personal Financial Management

Personal Financial Management services include information, education and personal financial counseling for long-term solutions to financial management. Individual assistance and seminars are available for money management, basic investment information, credit management, debt liquidation and checkbook maintenance.

Air Force Aid Society, Army Emergency Relief
and Navy/Marine Corps Emergency Relief

The MFSC has access to all service relief societies listed above and works closely with the American Red Cross. Emergency relief societies and the American Red Cross offer emergency financial assistance to all active-duty and retired service members. AFAS, AER and NMCER offer loans and grants to authorized persons in need of financial assistance, educational help, vocational and technical training support. Contact the nearest Military and Family Support Center during normal operating hours for assistance. For emergencies after 4:30 p.m., contact the national office of the American Red Cross at (877) 272-7337.

Career Focus and Spouse Employment

The Career Focus and Spouse Employment service offers education and resources to enhance marketability and employment opportunities of military members and their families. Seminars include identifying skills and interests, career planning, improving job search skills, increasing employment opportunities or career changes, exploring the local job market and networking with agencies and employers.

Transition Assistance

Transition Assistance services provide separating or retiring members and their families with transition counseling, military career planning, development of job search skills, access to employment information and tools for re-entry into civilian life and second careers. This program also hosts a five-day, comprehensive workshop facilitated by the New Jersey Department of Labor which includes skills assessment, job search techniques, veteran’s benefits, retiree affairs and more. In addition, the WFRC offers individual on-site appointments with Veterans’ Affairs and Small Business Administration representatives.

Computer Resource Center

The Computer Resource Center offers access to computer equipment, software and more to assist with a variety of needs. Available software includes touch-typing tutor, word-processing, federal and nationwide employment opportunity databases and trip routing. College scholarship and grant program information is also available.

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; closed weekends.

Exceptional Family Member Program

The Exceptional Family Member Program provides information and referral, advocacy, training and support services to military members and their families. During individual meetings, staff assists with finding individualized local services, community program availability, guidance on state laws, and review of individual education plans. Several family events and activities are scheduled throughout the year.

Emergency Food Assistance Program

(609) 754-3154

The Food Pantry provides emergency food supplies to eligible personnel and their family members. The MFSC is continuously improving their services in order to support the JB MDL mission by enhancing the military lifestyle through information, education and assistance.

Soldier and Family Assistance Center

(609) 562-6554

5644 Doughboy Loop

Soldier and family assistance center staff provide a full array of programs and services to wounded warriors and their families. Military members and their families have access to certified personal financial counselors, an Army Career and Alumni Program counselor, and a wealth of local and national resources for assistance on various life cycle subjects. Military members and their families are encouraged to attend any of the classes or special events created or facilitated by the SFAC staff.

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; closed weekends.

Volunteer Resource Program

(609) 754-3294

The Volunteer Resource Program welcomes new volunteers willing to share their talents or develop new skills. VRP offers volunteers placement and training opportunities with base and community agencies. Eligible volunteers are provided with free childcare. Volunteering can be an excellent opportunity to meet new people and learn about JB MDL.

Military Personnel Section

(609) 754-8449

The Military Personnel Section has many services and programs available to meet the needs of military member and their family. JB MDL’s MPS is located at 2916 Falcon Lane, just east of the JB MDL McGuire Main Gate.

Customer service provides a one-stop service for walk-in business. This section manages identification card applications, Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System, veterans’ benefits, special duty applications, Service Members Group Life Insurance, LeaveWeb and the INTRO Program. Force Management manages awards and decorations, evaluations and special actions needs. Career Development manages officer and enlisted promotions, re-enlistments, extensions, outbound assignments and the military’s largest port retirements/separations program for U.S. Air Force members.

Resource Management Flight

(609) 754-4047/4046

The Resource Management Flight, located at 2905 Tuskegee Airmen Ave., is the financial artery of the Force Support Squadron. The primary function of this unit is to provide full accounting support to all non-appropriated fund activities within the Force Support Squadron. Additionally our information technology office provides free WIFI access to all FSS facilities.

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; closed weekends.

87th Logistics Readiness Squadron

(609) 754-2794

The 87th Logistics Readiness Squadron provides robust logistics support to the JB MDL community. The squadron is the single installation authority for materiel and distribution management and manages the Air Force component deployment operation; and provides overall direction and management of joint base vehicle, supply, equipment, deployment planning and operations, fuel, and cryogenics processes necessary to operate and support the diverse operations across the joint base. The 87th LRS comprises four flights: Deployment and Distribution, Materiel Management, Vehicle Management, Fuels Management Flight as well as support operations including squadron readiness, training and quality assurance. The unit manages an equipment and parts inventory valued at $87 million and a fleet of 2,100 vehicles. The 87th LRS also dispenses more than 60 million gallons of JP-8 aviation fuel to home station and transient aircraft customers. Squadron personnel remain mission ready for all Air & Space Expeditionary Force deployments.


Abandoned Property

McGuire AFB Sup 31-204,
Inoperative vehicles

• Illegally parked vehicles

• Vehicles with expired base or state registration

• Vehicles with major safety defects

• Vehicles suspected of being involved in the commission of a crime

• Vehicles that present a traffic or safety hazard to others

• Vehicles that have not been moved within two weeks

• Vehicles that law enforcement personnel reasonably believe are abandoned MAY BE IMPOUNDED

If your car is towed, the 87th SFS ECC will assist with tow release procedures.


Staff Judge Advocate

(609) 754-2010

2901 Falcon Lane

Most legal assistance is provided by the Joint Base Judge Advocate for all branches of service on McGuire. Attorneys provide legal advice in connection with personal civil legal matters to support and sustain command effectiveness and readiness.

Eligible beneficiaries of legal assistance include members of the armed forces who are on active duty, reservists on federal active duty under Title 10 United States Code, retirees, and dependents. If you do not fall into one of the listed categories please call the legal office in order to determine eligibility.

Legal services provided include, but are not limited to, wills, notaries, advanced medial directives, powers of attorney, domestic relations, adoption, Service Members’ Civil Relief Act, consumer affairs, and landlord-tenant issues. The legal office does not advise on civilian criminal matters or matters that have the potential to involve the client in adverse actions under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. For matters that involve adverse administrative or UCMJ action the member should receive legal assistance from the appropriate military defense counsel. The Air Force Area Defense Counsel can be reached at 754-2349. The Army Trial Defense Services’ office can be reached at (609) 562-3075.

The Army provides specific “gap” services that are not provided for by the Air Force legal assistance office or the Army Defense Counsel, Building 5631, Baltimore Street on Dix, by appointment only. The POC for these Army services is Evelyn Perez, (609) 562-578. Their hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The McGuire Legal Office hours of operation for legal assistance matters are by appointment only on Monday, Thursday, and Friday. Walk-in legal assistance hours are Tuesday, 9 to 11 a.m. Notaries and power of attorney services are Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., with the exception of Thursday, 8:45 to 10:30 a.m., and Friday, 7:30 to 9 a.m.


Vehicle Operator Records and Licensing

The JB MDL Operator Records and Licens-ing Section is located at Building 5389. ­Operating hours are Monday through Friday, 8 to 11:30 a.m. and noon to 4 p.m. for Army, Navy and Federal Civilian Employees with Army and Navy affiliation. Operating hours for Air Force personnel and Federal Civilian Employees are Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 9 a.m. to noon and 1 to 4 p.m. They can be reached at DSN 562-3285 or 562-2245.

Air Force/Federal Civilian Employees

The Air Force will issue the AF Form 2293, “U.S. Air Force Motor Vehicle Operator Identification Card.” The first step in obtaining a vehicle license is to contact your unit Vehicle Control Officer (VCO). If you are unsure who your VCO is you can contact the Vehicle Management Control and Analysis Section at 754-2999.

If you have never been issued an AF Form 2293,
with coordination from your unit VCO you will fill out the AF Form 171 “Request for Driver’s Training and Additions to U.S. Government Driver’s License.” Once this form has been ­completed bring the AF Form 171, valid state driver’s license, and military/government
ID card to the Licensing Office to obtain a new AF Form 2293.

If you PCS to JB-MDL and you had a
license at your previous base, you should have received an AF Form 2296, “Master Driver Record.” Bring this master record to your
unit VCO so they can verify your qualifica-
tions and ­transcribe them to an AF Form 171.
Bring the AF Form 171 to the Licensing
Office with a valid state driver’s license, and military/government ID card to obtain a new AF Form 2293.

To obtain additions to your AF Form 2293,
you must contact your unit VCO. They will ensure training is accomplished by a unit
commander approved vehicle trainer. All train­-
ing will be documented on the AF Form 171.
Once training has been accomplished,
bring the signed AF Form 171, valid state driver’s license, and military/government ID card to the Licensing Office to obtain a new
AF Form 2293.

Federal Civilian Employees instructions are the same as military except all federal civilian employees must fill out the OF Form 345, “Physical Fitness Inquiry for Motor Vehicle Operators.” This will be maintained by unit VCO and must be accomplished every four years. Commanders will automatically refer their civilian employees for further evaluation by appropriate medical authorities to
determine if they are physically or mentally qualified for driving, based on affirmative responses to OF Form 345.

Army/Marines/Navy/Coast Guard/Federal Civilian Employees

Army personnel will be issued the OF Form 346, “U.S. Government Motor Vehicle Operator’s Identification Card.” They will need to bring in a valid state license, Certificate of “Accident Avoidance,” and Government ID card. Accident avoidance is a U.S. Army mandatory requirement every 4 years.

Marines/Navy/Coast Guard personnel will also be issued the OF Form 346, “U.S. Government Motor Vehicle Operator’s Identification Card.” However, they are not required to complete Accident Avoidance. They will need to bring in a valid state driver’s license and
Government ID card to obtain their license.

Official Use of Government Motor Vehicles (GMV)

Per AFI 24-301, Vehicle Operations and
DOD 4500.36-R, Management, Acquisition and
Use of Government Vehicles

The same statute that restricts the use of Military Air (MilAir) resources for official use also restricts the use of GMVs and prescribes that DOD establish an effective means of limiting the use of GMVs to official governmental purposes. Due to their high value, government vehicles are closely controlled because of their easy accessibility, high visibility and potential for misuse (AFI 24-301, Vehicle Operations, para 3.1). Unauthorized use of GMVs often results in unnecessary expenditure of funds and public criticism. Transportation shall not be provided when the justification is based solely on reasons of rank, position, prestige or personal convenience.

A GMV (including staff cars) may NOT be used for the following:

  • On-base eating establishments, Base Exchange, fitness centers and similar places required for the comfort or health of the member (excluding members on TDY orders).
  • Travel to/from on or off base quarters, or personal errands/shopping establishments.
  • To or from a squadron holiday party, picnic, Air Force ball, etc.
  • Official travel to commercial terminals.

NOTE: Personnel conducting official off-base duties are authorized to stop at reputable off-base eating establishments (primary purpose must be food service and not provide alcohol), in the immediate vicinity or direct route of the off-base work site. Stopping at private quarters for any reason or stopping for shopping purposes is prohibited.

GMV Use and Alcoholic Consumption

Alcoholic beverages will not be consumed in GMVs. Operators of GMVs will not consume alcohol eight-hours prior to duty or prior to operating ANY GMV (para 3.1.3, emphasis added); however, specific career fields may have other, more restrictive mandates that
will be unique to their mission requirements. AFI 24-301 only provides the minimum when operating a GMV.

Violating the alcohol consumption policy may result in disciplinary action under Article 92, UCMJ, for dereliction of duty; Article 111 for drunken or reckless operation of a vehicle; or Article 112 for drunk on duty. A good rule to follow is if you will be at an establishment that serves alcohol, do not take a GMV and have a designated driver.


Equal Opportunity

Air Force

(609) 754-8273

The 87th ABW Equal Opportunity staff provides active-duty Air Force members, their families, military retirees and federal civilian employees advice on equal opportunity and treatment concerns and provides human relations education. The staff conducts key personnel briefings; out-and-abouts and unit climate assessments for commanders; newcomer and first-duty station orientations for active-duty military and federal civilian employees and; training regarding unlawful discrimination, sexual harassment and conflict resolution. Further, the staff processes complaints of unlawful discrimination based on race, color, national origin, sex and religion for military personnel. The staff also processes discrimination based on race, color, national origin, sex, religion, and including, age (older than 40), genetic information, and physical/mental disability for federal civilian employees.

Additionally, the highly trained EO professionals conduct Alternative Dispute Resolution between conflicting parties, utilizing the mediation technique.

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; closed Saturday and Sunday.


(732) 323-2266, ext. 4131

Naval Support Activity Lakehurst Command Equal Opportunity Manager provides active-duty Sailors, advice on Equal Opportunity and Discrimination concerns. A direct representative to the Commanding Officer regarding unit climate assessments and processing of Sexual Harassment and Equal Opportunity grievance cases. Provides training and guidance in accordance with Office of the Chief of Naval Operations Instruction 5353.1F.


Base Control Center


(609) 754-1308

The Joint Base Control Center is a command and control activity that ensures organizations and units not represented in the Crisis Action Team receive timely, accurate and actionable information in the event of a crisis or emergency. The JBCC is not a 24-hour activity and is activated as needed at the direction of the JB MDL commander. It is the responsibility of all joint base mission partners to ensure the JBCC has contact information for their organizations.


Installation Access

Security Forces provides installation access control, force protection, resource protection and police response 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Personnel can coordinate all types of visitor access at the McGuire Welcome Center. This facility is opened from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 3:30 pm on Saturday and Sunday and is located immediately outside of the McGuire Main Gate. The telephone number is (609) 754-3003/3938.

Special events where a large number of visitors are expected for a base function and require one-time access to the installation and other requirements can be coordinated through the McGuire Welcome Center at (609) 754-8292 or (609) 754-3938.

SFS can be reached in person at the Emergency Communications Center (ECC) at Building 2301 Vandenberg Ave on the McGuire side of JB MDL. The telephone numbers are (609) 754-1730/1731/1732 and (609) 562-6001.


Plans and Programs

(609) 754-0443

Plans and Programs is responsible for planning and coordinating of all JB MDL emergency, contingency, and readiness and wartime actions, including tenant and other supported units and maintains the facility and procedures for the commander’s Joint Base Crisis Action Team.

The Readiness and Inspections office plans, executes, evaluates and inspects JB MDL’s response to exercises and “real world” events. The office is also responsible for exercise evaluation teams; the unit self-inspection program and special interest items.


Inspector General

(609) 754-8711

The primary charge of the Inspector General is to sustain a credible Air Force IG system by ensuring a responsive Complaints Resolution Program. In addition, the IG is responsible for the Fraud, Waste and Abuse Program. The IG ensures the concerns of all complainants and the best interests of the Air Force are addressed through objective fact-finding. The IG staff encourages all personnel to use their chain of command first to remedy complaints, prior to filing a complaint with the IG.


Implied Consent

According to local McGuire AFB Sup 31-204 and state regulation (New Jersey Statutes Annotated - NJSA 39:4-50.2), Persons who drive on the installation or public roads in NJ shall:

“Be deemed to have given their consent to evidential tests for alcohol or other drug content of their blood, breath, or urine.”

Lawfully stopped, apprehended, or cited for any offense allegedly committed while driving or in control of a motor vehicle on military installations to determine the influence of intoxicants.



(609) 754-7233

The joint base safety office provides advice and assistance to the commander on all safety-related matters. Safety formulates safety objectives, policies and programs. The safety office also provides reporting, investigation, follow-up and analysis of mishaps, incidents, deficiencies and hazards. The safety office can be contacted during normal duty hours, or a member of the safety staff can be reached anytime through the command post.

The Lakehurst Safety Office can be contacted at (732) 323-2525.


87TH Medical Group

Emergency Services

The 87th Medical Group does not have an emergency room. When you have a true medical emergency call 911 and a 24-hour emergency medical crew will respond. An ambulance will transport patients to the nearest civilian emergency department. If you live in a civilian community, a civilian ambulance crew will respond to your 911 call.

You do not need to call your Primary Care Manager (PCM) before receiving emergency medical care. However, TRICARE Prime enrollees must contact their PCM, as soon as possible after getting medical emergency treatment or being admitted to a hospital. If these calls are not made within 24 hours, the beneficiary may be responsible for the charges incurred.

Acute Care Services

The 87th Medical Group should always be a patients’ first option for non-emergency acute medical needs. Acute care is generally defined as: “medically necessary services which are required for an illness or injury that would not result in further disability or death if not treated immediately, but require professional attention and have the potential to develop such a threat if treatment is delayed longer than 24 hours.” An urgent care condition could be a sprain, sore throat or rising temperature. TRICARE Prime enrollees should schedule an appointment with their Primary Care Manager through the appointment line at (866) DRS-APPT (377-2778) for acute medical needs. After hours, TRICARE Prime enrollees may contact the medical group’s on-call provider, who is available 24/7 at (866) DRS-APPT.

87th Medical Group Services

(609) 754-9200 or (866) DRS-APPT

Call the 87th Medical Group at (866) DRS-APPT (377-2778) for appointments.

Hours of Operation for all clinics, unless otherwise noted under the specific clinic, are Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; closed the first Thursday of the month for readiness training from 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; closed Saturday and Sunday, federal holidays, and Air Mobility Command Family Days.

All other services listed below are available for all Department of Defense beneficiaries except where noted.

Bioenvironmental Engineering

Bioenvironmental Engineering is located at 3457 Bell Road on McGuire. Walk-in gas mask fit tests are performed Tuesday, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. and by appointment. Call (609) 754-9057 for more information.

87th Dental Squadron

(609) 754-3786

The Dental Clinic is available to all Active Duty service members. Dental services are available during duty hours (7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.); for dental emergencies during non-duty hours, contact ambulance services at (609) 754-9260 to be connected with the dental provider on-call.

TRICARE Family Member Dental Plan enrollees may receive emergency dental care in the 87th Dental Squadron on a space-available basis only. Family members not enrolled in the TRICARE Family Member Dental Plan are not authorized care unless for determining fitness for overseas clearance.

The Dental Plan for family members is
TRICARE through MetLife. The contractor’s toll-free number is (855) 638-8371. Active duty members may enroll their families online at

Diet Clinic

(609) 754-2462

Services are available by referral. Please bring your referral to your appointment. Call for more information.

Exceptional Family Member Program

(609) 754-9752/9163

Services are available for Active Duty and family members by referral. Please call
(609) 754-9752 or 9163.

Family Advocacy

(609) 754-9680

Services are available for Active Duty and family members. The staff provides education, prevention, treatment and protective services to families experiencing domestic violence. Education for new parents through a variety of free books, literature, videos and classes for expectant families is also available. Office or home visits are available.

Family Health & Pediatric Clinics

The clinic sees TRICARE Prime patients by appointment only during normal duty hours for all acute, routine and wellness care. All appointments are made through the 87th Medical Group appointment line at (866) DRS-APPT (377-2778).

A provider is on-call after normal duty hours, and on weekends and holidays for questions or concerns. Enrollees who believe that they have after-hours urgent care needs MUST call their provider before going to an Urgent Care Center. Emergency room visits are for medical conditions that threaten life, limb or eyesight. Any other medical condition must be discussed with the after-hours provider for authorization before seeking care in any civilian facility. The on-call provider can be reached at (866) DRS-APPT (377-2778). During normal duty hours a message can be left for the team nurse through the appointment line at (866) DRS-APPT (377-2778). Phone calls for urgent issues will be returned within 4 hours and for routine issues, 72 hours. The appointment line is open Monday through Friday, 6:45 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 6:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; closed Saturday and Sunday, federal holidays, and Air Mobility Command Family Days.

Flight Medicine

(866) 377-2778

Services are available by appointment for active duty aircrews, air traffic controllers and their family members. Flyers needing to schedule their Preventative Health Assessment, please call (609) 754-9025.

Force Health Management

Force Health Management oversees medical standards. Call the Occupational Health Medical Examination Program at (609) 754-9025 or Deployment and Travel Medicine at (609) 754-9256 for more information.

Health Benefits Advisors

Members are encouraged to call the Health Benefits Advisors for the latest on health care availability through the TRICARE program.

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.; closes the first Thursday of the month for readiness training at noon; closed Saturday and Sunday, federal holidays, and Air Mobility Command Family Days. Call (609) 754-9082 or 9083 for more information.

Health and Wellness Center

Located in the McGuire Fitness and Sports Center at 2504 McGuire Blvd.

The HAWC provides educational material to improve the wellness of our beneficiaries. The Health Promotions Team also provides classes and individual instruction in nutritional science, stress/anger management, tobacco cessation and cardiovascular disease prevention. Call (609) 754-2462 for more information.

Immunizations Clinic

Walk-in services only for immunizations. Yellow Fever shots are given on Wednesday at 1 and 2 p.m. by appointment only. Call (609) 754-9209 for more information.


Patients requesting copies of laboratory results should contact their requesting provider or medical records at (609) 754-9056. Civilian laboratory requests are honored and reports will be sent to the requesting provider. Call (609) 754-9091 for more information.

Medical Records

(609) 754-9056

Records are the property of the 87th Medical Group and cannot be hand carried by the patient. If there is documentation required for another appointment, you must request a copy 48 hours in advance. All efforts will be made by the staff to ensure the pertinent information is included in the referral at the time it is made

Mental Health Clinic

(609) 754-9324

Active Duty members can schedule appointments. Walk-ins are for emergencies only and will be assessed accordingly. The clinic provides psychological assessments, psychiatric medications and individual counseling to address depression, anxiety, marital discord, military duty issues, loss or death, family difficulties, management of anger and physical pain, communication problems, sleep disturbance and other mental health-related concerns. Stress management classes and Traumatic Stress Response pre- and post-exposure briefings are also available.

Optometry Clinic

(609) 754-9685

Appointments for routine and annual exams are scheduled by calling (866) 377-2778.

The clinic sees Active Duty and family members for routine eye examinations. Depending on appointment availability, Optometry will also see TRICARE PRIME beneficiaries for annual retinal exam. TRICARE Network providers are available in the local area for non-Active Duty beneficiaries. Limited driver license screenings are available for Active Duty and family members on a walk-in basis. Military glasses can be ordered for Active Duty and retired members who present a prescription from within the last two years. Orders, repairs and adjustments for military eyewear are available on a walk-in basis.

Hours of Operation: Monday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; Tuesday, 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.; Wednesday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; Thursday, 7:30 a.m. to noon; and Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.; closed Saturday and Sunday, federal holidays, and Air Mobility Command Family Days.


(609) 754-9464

New prescriptions are filled during the same day. For refills, the pharmacy provides a phone-in refill service. Request refills 24 hours a day by dialing the automated refill phone line at (609) 754-9470 or (866) DRS-APPT (377-2778). Phone-in prescriptions received before 10 a.m. may be picked up after 2 p.m. the next duty day. Prescriptions received after 10 a.m. may be picked up the second duty day after 2 p.m.

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.; closed Saturday, Sunday, federal holidays and the first Thursday of every month at noon.

Physical Therapy Clinic

(609) 754-9476

The Physical Therapy Clinic serves active duty only and all patients must have a referral from their Primary Care Manager.

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Public Health Flight

(609) 754-9356

Public Health Flight covers medical standards, deployment and travel medicine, occupational health, communicable disease control and food safety and facility sanitation. They provide disease surveillance and reporting, communicable and zoonotic disease prevention and control, help ensure food safety through food facility inspections, inform base populace and deployers of medical threats, and investigate outbreaks (food borne, natural or terrorism associated).


(609) 754-9523

X-rays and Ultrasound examinations are provided on a walk-in basis or by appointment.


If you are referred by your PCM to an outside provider, you must contact Health Net Federal Services at (877) 874-2273 within 30 days of the date in which the referral is put into the system. Someone will assist you in setting up your appointment. Bypassing this step may cause the member to be responsible for the charges incurred.

Women’s Health Clinic

(609) 754-9719

Gynecologic services are available for all female beneficiaries 14 years and older who are enrolled with the 87th Medical Group. The clinic offers routine gynecological examinations,
contraceptive management and problem-focused visits. Appointments are scheduled through the central appointment line. All routine obstetrical care is provided off-base using the TRICARE Network.


The 87th Medical Group is excited to register patients in “MiCare” — the Military’s online confidential secure messaging service. This new initiative will provide patients a direct line of communication with YOUR patient care team. MiCare will enable patients to communicate via a secure internet connection with their healthcare team about routine health issues. On MiCare, Patients can request appointments with your family provider, get test results, request prescription refills, or ask your family health team medical questions via a secure electronic message that bypasses phone-trees, voicemail, and phone tag. To register, patients should visit the 87th Medical Group to begin the face-to-face registration process. Patients will need their military identification card, and will be asked to provide basic information such as name, social security number, birthday and email address. An email will be sent for the patient to finish enrollment and confidential messages may begin. MiCare has been designed to support patients and healthcare teams. The 87th Medical Group is committed to being there for Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, and Guardians as well as their families when they need medical attention most. MiCare will expand accessibility to manage patients’ healthcare needs. Visit or call (866) DRS-APPT (377-2778).


TRICARE is the name of the Department of Defense’s regional-managed care program for military families. Under TRICARE, there are three health care options.

For detailed information, call (877) 874-2273 or visit or


This is a voluntary health maintenance organization option. TRICARE Prime, has an annual enrollment fee (except for Active Duty and dependents, who may enroll for free). Care is typically provided from within the Prime network of civilian and military providers.

A Primary Care Manager is assigned from within the contractor’s network or at the nearest uniformed medical treatment facility, who will manage all aspects of care, including referrals to specialists. For further information regarding this program, please stop by the TRICARE
Service Center to obtain a benefits guide or call (877) 874-2273.

TRICARE Standard

This benefit option pays a share of the cost of covered health care services obtained from an authorized non-network civilian health care provider. Enrollment in TRICARE Standard is automatic. Recipients pay the normal TRICARE Standard deductible for outpatient care and cost sharing percentages. When using TRICARE Standard, or non-network providers, providers must be “certified” with the Department of Defense. If the provider is not certified, the government cannot share the cost. Call (877) 874-2273 to check on certification or for more information.


No enrollment or fee is necessary. An annual deductible for outpatient care is required, just as under TRICARE Standard. On a visit-by-visit basis, it is possible to seek care from a provider within the TRICARE network, get a discount on services and have reduced cost shares-five percent less than TRICARE Standard. Get a list of TRICARE network providers by visiting the TRICARE Service Center or calling (877) 874-2273.


Operation Crime Stop

The goal of the Air Force crime prevention program is to eliminate or minimize the opportunity and desire to engage in criminal activities.

Crime Stop provides a safe way to report suspected or actual crimes anonymously. Anonymous crime reports can include, but are not limited to, domestic violence, suspicious activity, threatening acts or behavior, possession of weapons, the use or sale of illegal drugs and school crimes, such as persistent bullying. To report a crime in progress on base or in privatized housing call (609) 754-COPS (2677). You may also call (609) 754-1730/1731/1732 and (609) 562-6001 or call “911” for a crime in progress.


Defense Biometric Identification System- DBIDS

Personnel with accepted DOD/AF IDs must be DBIDS registered with JB MDL PRIOR to entering base.

DBIDS registration occurs at any entry point when the ID is scanned.


Sexual Assault Prevention and Response, and Sexual Assault Response Coordinator

(609) 754-2988

The SAPR program mission is to eliminate and prevent sexual violence by implementing strategies that foster a culture of prevention, providing education, training, response capability, victim support, reporting procedures and accountability that enhances safety and well-being of all its members within the joint service community. The SARC’s duty and responsibility is to prevent sexual assault. Sexual assault “hurts one ... effects all.” SARC is the single point of contact for reporting, victim advocacy, training and leader-
ship support, restricted or unrestricted.

The SARC is available 24/7. To make an unrestricted (investigative) or restricted (confidential) report contact the Air Force SARC at (609) 203-6134. You may also contact your
Service-specific SARC — Army: (609) 562-3849, Navy: (732) 573-5199 — or by calling the
Command Post at (609) 754-3935 or Base Operator with non-specific information. Remember, sexual assault is a crime within the Department of Defense and applies to every branch of service. Volunteer opportunities are available. To become an on-call unit victim advocate, trainer, outreach and community partner, contact your servicing SARC.


History Office

(609) 754-3350

While maintaining the honors and lineage of the 87th ABW, the historian also provides a point of reference and a vital information resource for the joint base and its assigned units. The history office maintains a complete history of JB MDL dating from 1915 to today.


See Something - Say Something (Eagle Eyes/IWatch)

A global neighborhood watch that is applicable both on and off base. These programs are geared toward deterring terrorist activity by recognizing and reporting pre-attack activities.

• Surveillance

• Elicitation

• Tests of security

• Acquiring supplies

• Suspicious persons (Out of place)

• Dry run

• Deploying assets

• Financing

Report suspicious activity to the 87th Security Forces Squadron at 609-754-6001 or AFOSI (609) 754-2022, you may also text ‘AFOSI’ and your tip to CRIMES (274637), or submit your tip online at or

When off base, call the New Jersey State Police counterterrorism watch at 211 or (866) 4-SAFE-NJ (723365), or email NJ OHSP at

You can also download the SAFE-NJ application from iTunes or Google Play.


Cell Phones on Base

Cell phone usage must be HANDS-FREE. This
means some type of blue tooth earpiece or integrated Bluetooth in car system. If you have neither, pull over and make or take your call.
No texting while driving.

FINES: Military - 3 pts;
Civilian $200 + pts

87TH Comptroller Squadron

(609) 754-5052

2906 Tuskegee Airmen Ave.

The Comptroller Squadron provides accounting, finance, budget and cost analysis support for the 87th Air Base Wing and its ­mission partners to include several geographically separated units. The Comptroller Squadron provides customer service to more than 8,500 military and civilian personnel. Provides combat-ready financial support for worldwide operational missions.

The Squadron comprises four sub-branches under the Comptroller. The Financial Service Flight is responsible for all civilian and military pay, disbursing and travel pay issues, and the liaison to the Air Force Financial Services Center. Many personal financial services are available on the Air Force’s “My Pay” website and eFinance (accessible via Virtual Finance on the AF Portal under the “Life and Career” tab), where Airmen may manage their pay, file travel vouchers, and review thousands of FAQs without the face-to-face visits to finance needed in the past. The Financial Analysis Flight is responsible for all budget and accounting issues as well as the liaison to the Defense Finance and Accounting Services Offices. Non-appropriated Funds (NAF) Financial Analysis is responsible for NAF financial management oversight and review of appropriated funds support of Force Support Squadron. Finally, Quality Assurance Oversight is responsible for working all customer issues under the Comptroller charge.

Customer service hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Also, budgetary related questions can be emailed to



(609) 754-2405

The Joint Base Protocol Office is located at 2901 Falcon Lane, Suite 131.

The Protocol Team ensures the JB MDL senior leadership makes a positive first impression on all distinguished visitors by extending appropriate customs and courtesies during their official visit as well as at all ceremonies and events; and further, to facilitate a productive, comfortable environment to accomplish everyone's objectives — no matter the forum.

The protocol staff provides timely, useful guidance on protocol matters to all the commanders and mission partners of JB MDL.

Additionally, the protocol staff is available to provide guidance and information to assist action officers in planning dignified transfers, professional events and ceremonies to include changes of command, promotion and retirement ceremonies, and many other events. For more information or assistance in planning a special event or ceremony for your unit, please contact the protocol office.


Chapel Programs


(609) 754-HOPE

The Chapel Program at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst proudly stands ready to meet the religious and spiritual needs of the service ­members and their families with the five chapels throughout the base.

Chaplains are assigned to cover every unit on the joint base. A chaplain is always readily available for counseling, encouragement, information on chapel programs and much more. Feel free to contact a chaplain at any time and remember conversations with a chaplain are always confidential. Chapel programs happen throughout the week and include programs for everyone. Call or visit the Chapel website for the latest Chapel schedule.

The community is encouraged to stop by the chapel at any time or to call with any questions or requests. Chaplains are always available to speak and assist in any way possible. Additionally, a chaplain is always on call and can be reached in an emergency by calling the Joint Base Command Post at (609) 754-3935.

Chapel Addresses and Contact Information

Cathedral of the Air

(732) 323-7579
488 Highway 547, Lakehurst

Dix Chapel

(609) 754-4673
5240 New Jersey Ave.

McGuire Chapel

(609) 754-4673
2503 East Arnold Ave.

North Chapel

(609) 754-4673
3827 School House Road, Falcon Courts North

Soldiers Chapel

(609) 562-2020
5950 Orlando St.

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; closed Saturday and Sunday.


Installation Entry- Unescorted Access

Accepted Identification for JB MDL

1. DOD Common Access Card (CAC card), All versions accepted.

2. DD Form 2, All versions.

3. DD Form 1173, Dependent ID card, all versions.

4. DD Form 2764, United States DOD/ Uniformed Services Civilian Geneva Conventions ID Card.

5. DD Form 2765, DOD Uniformed/Service ID and Privilege Card.

6. Dept of Homeland Security, Bureau of Customs & Border Protection Credential w/F-PIV Card.

7. Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) credential w/F-PIV Card.

8. U.S. Secret Service (USSS) Credential w/F-PIV Card.

9. AF Office of Special Investigation (AFOSI) Credential with Neutral Rank CAC or DBIDS Card.

10. U.S. Postal Service (USPS) F-PIV Card.

11. DA Form 1602, Civilian Identification Card. For Survivor of Soldiers (SOS) only.

12. Localled generated Defense Biometrics Identification System (DBIDS) Card or visitor pass.

13. Visitor’s Pass (Hard copy or SFMIS/DBIDS generated, ONLY if issued by JB MDL).

14. Civic Leaders Pass, local city, state, reps, DVs, etc.

15. AF Form 447, USAF Reserve Forces Dependent ID Card.


Privately Owned Weapons (POW)

Personnel who live in dormitories/barracks or temporarily staying in lodging need to store their POWs at the armory located in Building 2301, on the McGuire side of JB MDL.

All residents must register their firearms in the POW program if temporarily or permanently stored on base, to include privatized military housing.

All weapons will be registered with the
87th SFS by filing AF Form 1314.

Base housing residents must store their POWs with SFS until they are properly registered. You must register weapons at the armory located in Building 2301, but are not required to store POWs. The 87th SFS stores dorm/barracks resident POWs for an unspecified amount of time.

The armory in Building 2301 is open 24/7 and someone will always be available to provide you with information on POW storage or register.

Residents are notified in newcomers’ briefings about the rules of personal firearms and where you can keep them.

Firearm owners must come to the armory in person with the appropriate paperwork from their commanders.

If transporting firearms, they must be unloaded, and contained in a closed and ­fastened case, gun box or locked in the trunk of a motor vehicle. Contact 87th SFS armory for more details at (609) 754-0717, 0716, 0715.



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