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Hawaii Pacific Command Planning Your Move


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The key to a smooth transition is your sponsor, who can help arrange your Temporary Lodging Allowance accommodations, provide transportation from the airport, check you in to your new command and give you general information about the community before your move. You will be assigned a sponsor by your service element at USPACOM.


If you are planning to bring a pet to Hawaii, it is imperative that you or your sponsor contact the state’s Animal Quarantine Station at 808-483-7151 for a copy of the animal quarantine packet. Hawaii is a rabies-free state and has a strict quarantine law. Pet restrictions apply to families living on base in privatized housing. Inquire with housing offices for information.

Temporary Lodging

Be sure to make your reservations early. Hotel accommodations are usually plentiful except during high tourist seasons (December through March and May through August). Accommodations must be Temporary Lodging Allowance approved. TLA is authorized for all command-sponsored military personnel arriving on permanent change of station orders pending availability or completion of permanent living arrangements. TLA is not an advance but a reimbursement. It is advisable to have at least $1,500 in traveler’s checks or a government credit card to meet immediate off-base living expenses.

Shipment of Household Goods

Accompanied members are authorized to ship their full weight allowance, but keep in mind that homes in Hawaii are sometimes smaller than those on the mainland. It may be best to leave personally owned ranges, refrigerators, washers, dryers, oversized furniture and cold-weather clothing and equipment in storage on the mainland. Ranges and refrigerators are provided for use on base and in private rental housing when not provided by the landlord as part of the rental agreement. Check with your service housing office for the availability of washers and dryers. Consider shipping lawn care equipment such as lawn mowers and weed eaters. These items are available for use to family housing residents through self-help stores but may not be available at the time you want them.

Unaccompanied members should contact their military shipping and personal property office to find out their shipping weight allowances.

Express Shipment

You are authorized an unaccompanied baggage shipment (often called an express shipment). This shipment should be limited to clothing, linens, dishes, towels, cooking utensils and other housekeeping items. You may also ship cribs, playpens, baby carriages and articles necessary for the care of your children. Small radios, portable televisions, sewing machines and small appliances may also be shipped.

Automobile Shipments

Each service member is authorized to ship one privately owned vehicle at government expense. Check with your current household goods officer for information regarding shipping times and locations. If the vehicle is co-registered, you must also show that person’s permission to ship the vehicle. If you are shipping a privately owned vehicle, it will require about 60 days from the East Coast or 21 days from the West Coast to reach Oahu. All personal vehicles must be safety-inspected within 30 days after arrival on the island.

Security Clearance

Most of the military personnel reporting to USPACOM will require a security clearance of secret or higher to perform their duties.

Check with your sponsor well in advance of your arrival to see what clearance level your billet requires.

It is in your best interest to ensure that you have initiated your initial security investigation prior to arrival. A secret clearance or higher is required to access the command’s secure computer network.

Airport Arrival

All flights lead to Honolulu International Airport about 7.5 miles south of Camp H.M. Smith’s main gate. The airport is 9 miles west of Waikiki Beach and 4 miles west of central Honolulu. Travel time to Waikiki is about 20 to 30 minutes by car, 40 minutes during rush hour. Your sponsor will greet you at the airport and help you get settled into your accommodations.

If you are not met by anyone at the airport and require lodging, contact your command duty officer or go to the USO. The USO, at the Honolulu International Airport, is available for use by all military personnel and their family members, reservists on active duty, retirees and Department of Defense civilians on orders. It can be reached at 808-836-3351.

Transportation options from the airport include taxis, shuttles, rental vehicles and Oahu’s public transportation system, TheBus (www.thebus.org or 808-848-4500). For route and schedule info, call 808-848-5555. For more information about airport transportation, visit www.hawaii.gov/hnl/ground-transportation.

Checking In

All military personnel reporting to USPACOM must check in at their J111 service element, on the third floor of Building 700 at Camp H.M. Smith (Nimitz-MacArthur Pacific Command Center), within two working days following arrival. Although the in-processing procedure varies by service, it is necessary to report to the service element to start the clock for TLA and cost-of-living allowance entitlement. All in-processing members must also fill out a data form and a LAN training-request form. Service-specific check-in requirements are:

  • Service members bring DA 31 Leave Form to be signed in.
  • Bring copies of orders, evals, 2A/2-1, ORB.
  • Fill out DA Form 4187 for per diem and COLA.
  • Fill out personnel data sheet.
  • Issued USPACOM badge (unless assigned to JIATF-W or SOCPAC).
  • Enlisted service members will be issued three unit insignia (two subdued patches and one Class A patch) unless assigned to SOCPAC or JIATF-W.
  • Service members will be scheduled for next newcomers’ orientation.
  • Service members will receive an in-processing checklist with numbers for Schofield Barracks personnel in-processing and Fort Shafter finance.
Air Force
  • Update DD Form 93 (PCIII).
  • Schedule service members with appointment at Hickam for in-processing.
  • Service members will fill out personnel data sheet.
  • Issued USPACOM badge (unless assigned to JIATF-W or SOCPAC).
  • Service members will be scheduled for next newcomers’ orientation.
Marine Corps
  • Get copies of orders.
  • Service members fill out personnel data sheet.
  • Send service members to MarForPac for in-processing.
  • Schedule service members for next newcomers’ orientation.
  • Service members will be issued USPACOM badge (unless assigned to JIATF-W or SOCPAC).
  • Get orders endorsed.
  • Have service member fill out personnel data sheet.
  • Issued USPACOM badge (unless assigned to SOCPAC or JTFFA).
  • Receive Pearl Harbor PSD check-in packet to be filled out prior to going to PSD.
  • Enlisted service member will be issued five USPACOM unit insignia rockers.
  • Service members will be scheduled for next newcomers’ orientation.

Please refer to the installation-specific chapters in this guide for more information.

Camp H.M. Smith Decal

All military personnel assigned to USPACOM can obtain their military base decal from the Camp H.M. Smith Provost Marshal’s Office (PMO) in Building 601. To register a vehicle, you will need your military ID card, Hawaii vehicle registration, a valid driver’s license, Hawaii safety check receipt and proof of Hawaii’s no-fault insurance.


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