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Beaufort is susceptible to high tides, flooding, and hurricanes, although, they seldom cause severe damage. It is wise to have renter's insurance if renting off-base or living in government housing. A list of insurance companies offering renters insurance is available at the Housing Office.

Cost of community housing (off-base housing) is relatively high in the Beaufort area. This is particularly true for Junior enlisted families requiring two or more bedrooms, who face greater out-of-pocket expense. Beaufort is located in close proximity to valuable resort property, and plays host to three military facilities located in a sparsely populated, rural setting.

It is important to hand carry your medical/dental records, copy of official orders, school records (for you and your children), personnel file (SRB), training records, birth certificates, Social Security cards, pink slips/titles for vehicles, resumes, insurance papers, passports, warranties, road hazard insurance papers, and prescriptions.

Information regarding pets:

  • Rentals which allow pets are limited.
  • Many area hotels do not allow pets, including the Detreville House.
  • Some hotels charge extra for pets.
  • Kennels for boarding are expensive and there are no boarding facilities on base.

South Carolina law requires you to turn on your car headlights whenever there is any restriction to visibility while driving. This includes rain, fog, smoke, as well as at dawn and dusk.


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