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New Arrivals

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Reporting Aboard

MCAS New River New Arrivals


All personnel reporting to MCAS New River during normal working hours must check in with their respective headquarters squadrons in the Service A uniform. After normal working hours, personnel must report to the squadron’s duty office in appropriate civilian attire.

Marines checking into MAG-26 and MAG-29 must report in
Service A uniform regardless of check-in time to their respective headquarters building.


All students assigned to the Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training unit must report in the Service A uniform regardless of their check-in time. Students are to report to Building AS-312 during normal working hours and Building AS-4010 after working hours.

Vehicle Registration

All motorized vehicles operated aboard MCAS New River must be registered with the vehicle registration section of the provost marshal’s office. Permanent decals are issued at Building AS-187. Decals are not issued on weekends, holidays or during inclement weather.

In addition to the motor vehicle requirements, motorcyclists, regardless of age, must have in their possession an endorsed motorcycle license from their home state or the state of North Carolina and have attended a motorcycle safety course.

Vehicle Decal Requirements

Valid armed forces identification card

Valid state vehicle registration

State operator’s license

Proof of valid insurance with all operator names on policy

Valid motor vehicle inspection sticker

Notarized permission from the owner is required when the vehicle belongs to a spouse or other relative.


Military members under the age of 26 must have proof of completing a Marine Corps driver’s improvement course. For more information, call the Pass and ID office, Building AS-187, at 910-449-6354.

Identification Cards

Military identification cards and civilian employee identification cards can be obtained at the DEERS/RAPIDS office in Building AS-187. Hours of operation are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. For more information, call 910-449-4774.

Pet Registration

Dogs, cats, tropical fish, guinea pigs, white mice, gerbils and caged birds are the only pets authorized in family housing. Other pets must be specifically authorized in writing by the base housing office. All pets in base housing must be registered with the base vet clinic. For more information, call 910-450-1627.

Veterinarian Treatment Facility

The veterinary office is at Tarawa Terrace Housing Area, Building TT-2459.


Hours of registration are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. For more information, call 910-450-1607.

Household Goods

For information regarding the shipping of household goods and personal effects, call Camp Lejeune’s Transportation Management Office at 910-451-2377. The air station Transportation Management Office can assist in arranging personal travel only.


MCAS New River has two housing areas, Peter Field Point and McCutcheon Manor.

Applications for assignment to Marine Corps family housing (DD form 1746) should be completed and directed to the Family Housing Office on Tarawa Terrace, Building TT-43.

Waiting times for government quarters vary from one to 18 months.

The maintenance department is open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and can be reached at 877-509-2424 anytime regarding maintenance issues.

For additional information, call 910-451-2895 or write to the Family Housing Division, Building TT-43, Tarawa Terrace, NC 28543.

Bachelor Officer and Enlisted Quarters


Quarters are available for single or unaccompanied officers and single or unaccompanied enlisted service members in the ranks E-6 and above. Call 910-449-6621 for more information. All service members E-5 and below must check in with their units or their duty officer. They will be directed to the Joint Reception Center, where they will have their orders stamped and will then be directed to their unit barracks. The JRC can be reached at 910-449-6554.

Education and Schools

Child Education

On-base education is provided to children of military personnel who live in base housing.

DeLalio Elementary School provides all students kindergarten through sixth grade with varied and challenging opportunities for learning, good citizenship and community interaction. They are at 1500 Curtis Road. For more information, call 910-449-0601.

There are six elementary schools, one middle school and one high school supporting nearly 3,700 students throughout the Camp Lejeune/New River complex.

In addition, Camp Lejeune Dependent Schools offer a half-day preschool program for all children who are 4 years old and living on base.

To register children in the system, parents or guardians must reside in base housing or have a letter from the Base Housing Office stating they will have base housing within 90 days. Registration is held in the summer at the school of attendance. For further information, call the superintendent’s office at 910-451-2461.

Base School Information

An information line is available for parents and students to get up-to-date information on school hours, closings and activities for the eight base schools. To access the line, call 910-
451-0995 and follow the prompts.

Adult Education


In-depth and comprehensive degree programs are offered by various colleges on station, leading toward completion of an associate, baccalaureate and even a master’s degree program. For information on what New River has to offer, call 910-449-6233.


The New River Commissary is open 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday and is closed Sunday. Call 910-449-6395 for more information.


There is also a commissary located at Camp Lejeune. It can be reached at 910-451-5071. To reach the food inspector, call 910-451-2074.


A Marine Corps Exchange is located next to the New River Commissary. It carries items such as snacks, liquor and beer, as well as some uniform items. It can be reached at 910-449-0539.


The main exchange complex is located next to the Camp Lejeune Commissary and carries all of the above, plus clothing, furniture and other items. It can be reached at 910-451-5030.

Personal Weapon Registration

All residents of staff and officer housing must register personal weapons stored at their residence with the provost marshal’s office. Personnel living in the bachelor enlisted quarters or the bachelor officer quarters are not permitted to store their personal weapons in their rooms.


When registering a weapon, the weapon itself should not be taken to the PMO. Please bring the weapon make, model, caliber, serial number and barrel length. A background check will be conducted to determine if the individual is authorized to possess a weapon. The PMO is in Building AS-302. Hours of registration are 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For more information, call 910-449-6113.


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