Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training

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The mission of CNATT Marine Unit New River is to provide the best possible technical training to enlisted personnel in the operation, and maintenance and repair of aeronautical equipment and systems in response to operating forces’ requirements. Additionally, they provide mentorship and professional development of Marines, Sailors and Airmen, preparing them for the challenge of leadership and responsibility.


The CNATT Marine Unit New River is composed of a headquarters element, three Maintenance Training Units and a training support branch. There is the CH-46 MTU, the CH-53 MTU and the V-22 MTU, each of which provides state-of the-art, computer-based maintenance instruction in addition to hands-on training. In addition to training enlisted technicians, the unit develops lesson plans and guides and provides refresher and specific systems training to units preparing to deploy as well as Mobile Training Teams. The Training Support Branch provides logistics, administrative and curriculum development support to each of the MTUs.


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