Unit, Personal and Family Readiness Program

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In the Marine Corps, “family” means every person who impacts a Marine. From parents to spouses to fellow service members, a Marine’s support network is their family. The Unit, Personal and Family Readiness Program was created to provide Marines and their families the tools to successfully meet the challenges of the military lifestyle.

Each unit aboard New River has a Unit, Personal and Family Readiness Officer. It is the readiness officer’s mission to educate, assist and empower Marines and families to achieve and maintain a high state of personal and family readiness and resiliency in response to life, career and mission events. Unit, Personal and Family Readiness Officers will achieve this by providing information, tools, resources and support, in conjunction with MCCS and other agencies, to empower Marines and family members to take care of themselves.


For more information on the Unit, Personal and Family Readiness Program, speak to your unit’s Personal and Family Readiness Officer, visit the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing and MCAS New River websites at and, or call the Family Readiness hotline at 910-449-6711. See Page 2 of the phone directory for a complete list of UPFRP phone numbers.


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