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Marine Corps Forces Command

U.S. Marine Corps Forces Command has several missions and responsibilities. It commands active component service-retained operating forces. It executes Marine Corps force generation actions across the active and reserve components in provisioning of joint-capable Marine Corps forces and directs deployment planning and execution of service-retained operating forces in support of combatant commander and service requirements. Commander, MARFORCOM also serves as Commanding General, Fleet Marine Forces Atlantic and commands embarked Marine Corps forces. MARFORCOM coordinates Marine Corps-Navy integration of operational initiatives and advises Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces Command on support to Marine Corps forces assigned to U.S. Navy ships, bases and installations. MARFORCOM also conducts service-directed operational tasks as required.

Marine Corps Security Force Regiment

Marine Corps Security Force Regiment is highly trained and capable of responding to both Navy and Marine Corps security requirements. The regiment supplies security forces to guard a number of high-priority sites and convoys all across the globe. The regiment is comprised of fleet antiterrorism security teams as well as recapture tactics teams to provide security and anti- or counter-terrorism support to the U.S. Marine Corps.


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