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Education & Academics In Onslow County

Camp Lejeune MCB_2019 Education & Academics in Onslow County


Finding the right schools and educational opportunities for each family member is an important part of any move. This chapter outlines Onslow County’s public schools system, private schools, charter schools and home schooling criteria, as well as local libraries and higher education institutions. To be enrolled in a North Carolina school, a child must be at least 5 years old by Aug. 31 of the school year. Those wishing to register their child in school should bring the following to the school office: a birth certificate or other proof of the child’s age, and the child’s previous school records and immunization records. For more details on North Carolina’s minimum vaccine requirements for students in grades K-12, visit the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction’s website at or

In 2010, North Carolina, along with the majority of other states, the District of Columbia, American Samoa, the Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the Department of Defense Education Activity, adopted Common Core State Standards that provide a consistent set of educational expectations for students regardless of ZIP code. When a family moves, a student’s education is often disrupted because the student may be forced to repeat material or learn at a different level at the new school. With common standards across states, this disruption will be reduced — of particular interest to military families. At present, national Common Core State Standards exist only for English language arts and mathematics though North Carolina has state standards across the full curriculum. For more information, visit

Choosing a School

Choosing the right school is very important, so be sure to research each one before deciding. Contact the school by phone or by visiting its website, which is a valuable source to learn about a school district’s statistics and curriculum. Talk to people in the area, especially friends and colleagues who already live there.

If the school shows promise, schedule a visit and bring a list of written questions about student-teacher ratios, computer availability, extracurricular activities, sports programs, music programs, gifted programs and grading standards.

Discuss the potential school with your child: what they liked and what they didn’t like. Your family’s ability to readily adapt to a move and to find happiness in your new home may depend, in part, on how happy your children are in their new school.


Charter schools are public schools of choice that are tuition-free, serve all students and have open enrollment. For more information or a listing of charter schools in North Carolina, visit the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction’s website at


For an introduction to home schooling in North Carolina, visit the North Carolina State Board of Education’s website at Here you will find information on home-school rules and regulations in North Carolina.

North Carolinians for Home Education

4441 Six Forks Road
Suite 106, Box 144
Raleigh, NC 27609 844-624-3338

Founded in 1984, North Carolinians for Home Education is a nonprofit, volunteer organization active at the state level, serving homeschoolers in North Carolina and beyond. Visit its website for home education resources and information on local support groups.


To search for local private schools in North Carolina, visit the National Center for Education Statistics website and use the private school search tool at Users may search by location, religious affiliation, school type and more.


Camp Lejeune Community Schools

855 Stone St.
Camp Lejeune, NC 28547 910-451-2461

Camp Lejeune Community Schools has one primary school, three elementary schools, an intermediate school, a middle school and a high school. The schools are managed by the Department of Defense Education Activity’s Mid-Atlantic District and serve eligible students living on MCB Camp Lejeune and MCAS New River.

Camp Lejeune Community Schools have a half-day preschool program for children who are 4 years old by Sept. 1. Some 3-year-olds may qualify to attend if they have certain developmental delays. To register children in the DODEA school system, parents or guardians must reside in base housing or have a letter from the base housing office stating they will have base housing within 90 school days. Registration is conducted year-round at the school of attendance.

Onslow County Schools

200 Broadhurst Road
Jacksonville, NC 28540 910-455-2211

Onslow County Schools serve more than 26,000 students with an early childhood development center, 20 elementary schools, eight middle schools, eight high schools and one learning center.

Universities/Higher Education

Camp Lejeune MCB_2019 Education & Academics Unversities/Higher Education

Onslow County has plenty of opportunities for continuing education. Education centers at MCB Camp Lejeune and MCAS New River offer adult and continuing education opportunities for personal growth and career development. These centers provide basic academic advising, financial aid information, military and civilian testing programs, information about on-base colleges and universities, and more. Use the following contact information to start your search for the school that is right for you.

On-base Education Centers

John A. Lejeune Education Center

Building 825, Stone St.
MCB Camp Lejeune 910-451-3091

MCAS New River Education Center

Building AS-212, Bancroft St.
MCAS New River 910-449-5421

American Military University

North Carolina military ed manager 757-335-2779

Boston University Metropolitan College

Building 825, Stone St.
MCB Camp Lejeune 910-451-5574

Building 4335, C St.
MCAS Cherry Point 252-447-5036

Campbell University

Building 825, Stone St.
MCB Camp Lejeune 910-893-7059

Coastal Carolina Community College

444 Western Blvd.
Jacksonville, NC 28546 910-455-1221

Building 825, Stone St.
MCB Camp Lejeune 910-451-2391

Building AS-212, Bancroft St.
MCAS New River 910-449-6926

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Building 825, Stone St.
MCB Camp Lejeune 910-451-0174

Miller-Motte College

1291 Hargett St.
Jacksonville, NC 28540 910-778-9304

Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Building AS-212, Bancroft St.
MCAS New River 910-451-5575

University of Mount Olive

2543 Onslow Drive
Jacksonville, NC 28540 910-455-1677

University of North Carolina Wilmington at Onslow

444 Western Blvd.
Jacksonville, NC 28546 910-938-6737

Building 825, Stone St.
MCB Camp Lejeune 910-451-5266

Building AS-212, Bancroft St.
MCAS New River 910-449-4440

University of Phoenix


Building 825, Stone St.
MCB Camp Lejeune 910-451-0951


Camp Lejeune MCB_2019 Education & Academics Libraries


Public libraries in Onslow County offer learning, recreation, distance education, internet connections and other resources for users — all for free. In addition, school libraries that support the curriculum and offer internet access and other resources are in most public and private schools, and academic and special libraries are found in colleges and universities. The State Library of North Carolina,, supports libraries in the state with resources, interlibrary loan and other assistance.

Residents can enjoy and make use of several academic and public libraries in Onslow County. Get information about services, hours and events by visiting the branches’ websites. For a full list of libraries in North Carolina, visit the State Library of North Carolina website.

Onslow County Public Library

58 Doris Ave. E
Jacksonville, NC 28540 910-455-7350

The Onslow County Public Library has four branches throughout the county. For more information on the programs, services and events at each branch, visit the library system’s website.


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