Military Gifts Guide 2021: 63 Top Picks for the Whole Family
Military Gifts Guide 2021: 63 Top Picks for the Whole FamilyMilitary Gifts Guide 2021: 63 Top Picks for the Whole Family

Military Gifts Guide 2021: 63 Top Picks for the Whole Family


With the holiday season creeping up on us like our least-favorite in-law, it’s time to start looking at gift-giving options. Military members and their families can seem tricky to buy for if you don’t know them, but we’ve got an insider’s look at what they L.O.V.E. to receive during the holidays. Our military gift guide for 2021 sponsored by Black Rifle Coffee Company has it all. From gifts for the kids to special items for deployed Servicemembers, discover some of the best gifting options for this holiday season below.

What gifts do you like to give? Who are you shopping for? Click the link to jump to that section and see great ideas that your loved ones definitely want!


Unique & Personalized Military Gifts

Unique & Personalized Military Gifts

Sometimes the gift you buy from Amazon isn’t as heartfelt as the personalized option. These personalized military gifts can be tailored to anyone you’re buying for this holiday season.

1. Black Rifle Coffee Company Gift Bundle

Black Rifle Coffee Company
From $22.99

Black Rifle Coffee Company is home of the most explosively tasty coffees on the market. Melt in their “Silencer Smooth” pack or get perked up with their “Freedom Fuel.” BRCC offers over a dozen bundles, and you can get everything from sampler packs and custom mugs to K-cups and fresh coffee grounds. As a Veteran-owned company, you can be sure that this coffee from BRCC’s gift packs won’t disappoint.

2. The Night Sky Star Map

The Night Sky

It doesn’t get much more specifically unique than this. The Night Sky is a print of a star map that shows the exact alignment of the stars on a specific date in a specific place that you enter into the website. Whether that’s an anniversary, a wedding, an adoption, a first kiss, a birth, the day you joined the military, or anything else, this is truly a special and personalized gift.

3. Customizable Fragrance

From $59

Make a fragrance that’s unique to your loved one, thanks to WAFT. You can choose from several categories, like when and where you envision the fragrance being worn. Then, you’ll get to choose a unique wrap, create your own fragrance name, and select scents that your loved one has liked in the past as inspiration. Finally, you can choose specific ingredients to guide the makers of the fragrance. If you know what smells your giftee loves most, this is an easy home run of a gift.

4. Custom Apron


Everyone cooks, so why not get someone an apron? The great thing about this is that it’s something the kids can help out with, too. You can get an apron personalized with someone’s name, then buy paint and markers and let the kids make it an unforgettable gift with their drawings and handprints.

5. Custom Pop Socket Grip

Pop Sockets

Pop Socket grips can make smartphone life a lot easier. The official Pop Sockets site lets you customize a pop socket with any image and colors you want! Include a memorable photo, someone’s initials, or their favorite animal.

6. Face Boxers


Speaking of unique military gifts! You can get a pair of boxers or briefs with someone’s face on them! This is a hilarious gift that’s actually useful, and they make them for both men and women. You could get a picture with your commander’s face on them and have a good, long laugh.

Cool Tech Gifts 2021

Cool Tech Gifts 2021

We’re starting off our military gift guide with technology! For the tech-crazy teen, the mom who’s obsessed with anything that makes her life easier, and everyone in-between, these cool tech gifts of 2021 are about to rock your world.

7. Apple AirTag


You’ve probably seen this one floating around TikTok, Facebook, and just about every other social media site. People put tags on their keys, dogs’ collars, and even on their cars. The Apple AirTag can help you keep track of pretty much anything. Your iPhone can also alert you if another Apple AirTag is near you, which discourages any unwanted tracking.

8. Wyze Smart Plug


This is an outlet you can control with your phone. Schedule custom times to turn the power supply on and off, connect multiple outlets with your smart assistant, and turn it on with the power of your voice.

9. Petcube Bites 2


Petcube Bites 2 is an upgraded camera with a smart snack feeder for your pet. It has built-in Amazon Alexa, a four-microphone array, and a 160-degree camera view so you can keep watch of your fur babies while you’re out. It also holds up to 1.5 lbs. of your pet’s favorite treats and is dishwasher safe!

10. Nature Bright SAD Lamp Bundle

Nature Bright

Lovingly nicknamed the “depression light” by many of its users, a SAD lamp can help those suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder with its special light treatment, according to Mayo Clinic. Nature Bright’s lamp bundle comes with an adjustable stand and a built-in alarm clock.

11. Soundform Elite Hi-Fi Smart Speaker + Wireless Charger


This smart speaker is really smart. It’s on triple-duty as a phone stand, wireless charger, and speaker all in one. This is great for both the music lover in your life and the person who can never seem to keep their phone charged up.

12. August Wi-Fi Smart Lock


This isn’t a joke; the brand August has actually created a Wi-Fi-enabled smart lock. You can remotely lock doors, check if your doors are locked, and even give your guests a virtual key to your home with this tech item.

13. Instax Mini Link


The Instax Mini Link is a portable printer for your smartphone. If you just can’t wait to have a physical copy of that hilarious, heartfelt, exciting, or romantic memory, bring this bite-sized printer with you! With the Instax app, you can have your photos in your hand instantly.

14. AT-LP60XBT-USB Turntable


Audio-Technica is bringing retro back with a modern twist in their wireless, USB-compatible automatic turntable. This turntable is perfect for vinyl collectors and record newbies alike.

15. Oasis Evolution Indoor Plant Watering System


So you have a plant-lover in your life. Nothing gives them more joy than seeing their plants flourish. This gift will help make that easier! The Oasis system is a completely independent water distribution system that can hold up to 25 liters of water and has four different programs for up to 20 pots at a time. It runs on batteries, so you don’t even need to plug it in!

16. 300 Mbps Wi-Fi Range Extender


This is a gift that would suit a wide variety of people. For example, we know that college students suffering with poor Wi-Fi that 400 other people are on would surely appreciate it. Pretty much anyone who has Wi-Fi in their home would benefit from this inexpensive option.

Christmas Gifts for Her

Christmas Gifts for Her

Don’t wait until Christmas to spoil her. To make sure you’re treating her all year round, you can keep referring back to this section of our military gift guide for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and more.

17. Blunt Metro Wind-Resistant Umbrella

Blunt Umbrellas

If you want to be chivalrous without giving up your own umbrella, get her this one from Blunt Umbrellas! This is built to last, and it’s been tested in up to 55 mph winds. They have diameters ranging from 39 inches (Metro) to 58 inches (Sport) and up to 10 colors, depending on which diameter you choose. This is the most technologically-advanced umbrella you’ll find.

If our word isn’t enough, check out the video above of a simulated wind test from National Geographic.

18. Bath & Body Works Gift Card

Bath & Body Works
$5.00 – $250.00

We may not speak for everyone here, but the women in our lives can easily drop $150 on candles, wallflowers, and body care items at Bath & Body Works without batting an eye. If the women in your life spend two hours just sniffing around the candle aisle, get them a gift card to this wonderland of scent. The best part about this one is that you can spend as much (or as little) as you want.

19. Semi-Enclosed Sciatica Relief Seat Cushion


This seat cushion is great for someone who works from home or likes to sit in the kitchen putting together puzzles for hours at a time. It’s plush-soft, non-slip, and just so cute!

20. Custom Pet Stuffed Animal


There’s nothing more precious than a dog mom who’s obsessed with her pet. Petsies offers to make a fully-customized plushie in the exact image of your pet. The best part is that these plushies don’t shed like the real thing!

21. UGG Fluff Yeah Slide Sandal Slippers


Believe it or not, no woman wants to prance around all day in her high heels. For the comfort-minded women out there, these ultra-thick, ultra-plush slippers from UGG are the REAL. DEAL. They come in 11 different colors and range from size 5 to 12. (These also come in a kid’s version! So mom and daughter can be twinsies)

22. GTM Concealed Carry Basic Hobo Handbag


Help keep her safe even when you’re not around with a purse that can fit nearly everything – including personal protection. She’s probably spent a lot more money on a purse that isn’t well-suited for concealed carry, so you might as well get her a good one! GTM has a ton of different styles for concealed carry, too, so you can easily find something that matches her style.

23. Flawless Beauty Fridge


This is a mini-fridge for makeup! It’s perfect for storing creams, masks, and facial tools (like rollers). As your lady will likely know, using cool products on the face can help decrease inflammation and redness, making this a perfect two-in-one gift for storage and beauty!

24. Pet-Friendly Plant Subscription

The Sill

This is one of the most unique subscription boxes you could gift someone. You’ll get a non-toxic plant with a ceramic pot and either a small or medium-sized plant, depending on the subscription you choose.

Gifts for Military Men

Gifts for Military Men

The section of our military gift guide is brought to you by the rough, the gruff, the manly. Check out great gifts for military men – or even just men in general – right here.

25. Manscaped Performance Package 4.0

$99.00 (On Sale)

This is the next level in manscaping innovation. When it’s time for a trim, there’s literally no other choice but this Manscaped package. It’ll get your man the closest shave of his life without threat of injury, thanks to the LawnMower® 4.0’s SkinSafe technology. It also includes a pair of silky-smooth boxers, anti-chafing deodorant, spray toner for his man-parts, and disposable shaving mats. If not for him, buy it for YOU.

26. Ekster Parliament Smart Wallet


We know the military man in your life is probably paranoid about his wallet and cards, so he needs this in his life. It has RFID blocking technology and a quick-access card mechanism. He’ll be able to store up to 12 cards in this bad boy.

27. G-Shock GA900HC-3A Analog-Digital Watch


G-Shock is the leading name in tactical and military watches, making this one of our top military gifts for him. They’re durable, innovative, and stylish. Whether your military man is going through basic training or prepping for deployment, this watch will see him through the best and the worst of it.

28. Radiate Portable Campfire


If your man is truly a military man, then chances are good that he likes the outdoors. If starting a campfire is too big of a hassle, or you’re always left cleaning up the aftermath, then the Radiate Portable Campfire is a must-have item for him this holiday. This is basically a giant candle for men, and at its price point, you can easily buy several at once!

29. Etched Whiskey Glass

Crystal Imagery

Crystal Imagery does unique etchings in whiskey glasses. They have etchings with the Marine Corps, Navy, Army, and Air Force logos for almost any military man.

30. Monthly Sock Subscription


If your man is like most in the world, he does one of two things:

  1. He wears his socks until they have such a big hole that they’re basically just ankle warmers.
  2. He loses all his socks immediately after getting new ones.

Plus, military socks are boring.

A sock subscription, silly as it sounds, is a simple solution!

31. Temperature-Controlled Mug


This mug will keep your man’s coffee at its perfect drinking temperature for up to an hour and a half. Just don’t put it in the dishwasher or microwave!

32. Royal Seat Cushion


Basic training really takes it out of you. Your military man will appreciate the extra-soft cushioning of Purple’s patent-pending, soft seat cushion when he comes home.

33. Monthly Meat Subscription

Butcher Box

Butcher Box is the leader in monthly meat subscriptions. They tout high-quality, grass-fed beef, free-range organic chicken, and humanely-raised pork. There are several boxes you can choose from, and you’ll always enjoy free shipping.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

We’ve got Christmas gift ideas for kids of all ages on this portion of our military gift guide, so you’re sure to find options for the ages you’re shopping for!

34. Jumbo Octopus Plush Toy

Big Lots

Soft, squishy, and with eight long tentacles just waiting for BIG hugs, this jumbo octopus is future deep-sea diver’s dream BFF.

35. Ultimate Science Kit

Big Lots

Grab the lab coat! Your budding scientist will be filled with wonder and curiosity at this STEM-focused kit packed with supplies to conduct experiments that bubble, ooze, and foam.

36. GameStation Pro Plug & Play Console

Big Lots

Little gamers, get ready! With 191 built-in games, the GameStation Pro offers up tons of ways for your kiddo to race, battle, and WIN! Just plug it into your TV & you’re ready to play!

37. Star Wars Mandalorian The Child Plush Toy

Big Lots

Inspired by the Disney+ live-action series The Mandalorian, this lovable plush toy of The Child makes a Force-sensitive addition to any fan’s collection.

38. Star Wars Mandalorian Battle Pack 102pc LEGO Building Set

Big Lots

Endless adventure awaits li’l ones as they build their own army with this Mandalorian battle pack! With four warrior minifigures, stud-shooting blasters, & more, imaginations will soar as they recreate their fave galactic battles.

39. Nick Jr. Paw Patrol Over-the-Door Basketball Set

Big Lots

Get your kiddo’s paws on this basketball set! With a ball & over-the-door hoop featuring five of their fave Paw Patrol friends, it’s a slam-dunk gift for active li’l ones.

40. My Very Own Nursery & Buggy Set

Big Lots

After a long day of play, get baby ready for bed with this nursery & buggy set! Li’l pretend parents can wheel baby dolls around, feed ‘em dinner in the highchair & tuck ‘em for a cozy nap in their very own crib.

41. Barbie Doll & Pets Play Set

Big Lots

Barbie loves all animals, especially puppies—just like your kiddo! Treat your li’l animal lover to this set with a classic Barbie doll, plus three pups & all the supplies she needs to bathe, groom, & make splash at playtime!

42. LED Ring Light with Phone Holder


For the blooming TikTok’er or YouTuber in your home, this ring light will drastically increase the quality of their content and selfies. Think of this as an investment in their future as an influencer — however long that phase lasts.

43. Rubik’s Connected Cube


One of the most popular toys ever made has evolved to fit our modern “smart” society. The Rubik’s Connected Cube is a technological advancement of the toy puzzle cube that comes with an accompanying smartphone app. It shows how long you’ve taken to complete the puzzle, compiles a scoreboard, has mini-games, and even changes in real-time as you spin the cube around.

44. FoxPrint Ball Pit

FoxPrint (via Amazon)

It’s a portable ball pit with a basketball net that can hold more than 400 balls in it. What else could a child need?

45. Instant Play Digital Camo Air Fort


Have you ever met a kid who DIDN’T like the idea of playing in a fort? This one is easy to set up, incredibly roomy, and comes in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles!

46. Teeter Popper

Fat Brain Toys

This is a rocking, rolling, popping seat! It’s a stimulating sensory toy and seat combo that’s great for all kids, but it is especially well-suited for differently-abled kids, such as children who have Autism. For more special needs toys, you can visit Fat Brain Toys’s Special Needs Resource Center.

47. National Geographic Kids Subscription

National Geographic

The curious kiddos out there will love learning about nature, science, and the outdoors. National Geographic Kids presents National Geographic’s famous format in a kid-friendly way, which is perfect for anyone ages 6-9 years old.

48. Kids Acrylic Painting Supplies Set


For the mini van Goghs and da Vinci’s out there, this painting supplies set from Glockers is the best gift they could ever receive. Nurture their love of art with an easel, 24 acrylic paints, 10 paintbrushes, 6 canvases, a smock, and more!

49. Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron

Moose Toys

You’re lying if you say that you never created special potions and witches’ brews out of random shampoos and cleaning supplies or dirt and creek water as a kid. Give your kids a safer way to play with this all-encompassing magic potion set! Once they mix the right ingredients, an adorable plushie will pop out!

50. STEM Robot Kit

American Science & Surplus

If your kid has shown any interest in STEM or robots, this 107-piece robot kit will absolutely blow them away. The robot’s name is Zivko, and it can teach your kids all kinds of stuff about building and creating things in the STEM field.

51. Play-Doh 36-Can Bulk Pack


Play-Doh is great for kids of all ages 2 and up! There are endless opportunities with Play-Doh (especially with this 36-can pack), and you can buy one of dozens of creating kits with tools designed to help unleash your kids’ creative sides!

52. Hogwarts Wizard’s Chess LEGO Set


It wouldn’t be a true military gift guide for the holidays without another LEGO addition! This toy is a two-in-one: both a LEGO building kit and a chess set when your kid is finished! This is great for kids aged 10 and up, and it’s perfect for Harry Potter fans, chess fans, LEGO fans, or any combination of the three!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Parents

Christmas Gift Ideas for Parents

Don’t know what to get your married neighbors? Our military gift guide comes in clutch with great kitchen gift ideas, bedroom gift ideas, date night gifts, and more.

53. 1-Year Disney+ Subscription


Disney+ is great for the whole family or just for date night. Their expansive selection includes the latest live-action and animated movies as well as nostalgic favorites you’ll love experiencing again. You can gift someone an entire year of Disney+. They’re definitely going to thank you.

54. Candle-Making Kit

SUPERSUN (via Amazon)

Parents need to have a little fun, too. This candle-making kit is a great way for mom and dad to spend some quality time together and actually get something out of it: a candle that will help mask the smell of dad’s burnt dinner!

55. 10’ x 10’ Big Blanket

Big Blanket

This is just a HUGE blanket. The company’s name is fitting, seeing as they sell super-soft, super-sized blankets that the entire family can fit under.

56. Griddler Deluxe


The Griddler Deluxe makes dinner easier for everyone involved because it’s basically a folding griddle! It can press burgers, paninis, and quesadillas. It can cook bacon, pancakes, and steaks. There’s almost nothing it can’t do, and the parents you’re shopping for will surely be thankful for this gift.

57. 2-Pack 12-Oz. Wine Tumblers



58. Hand Casting Kit

Luna Bean (via Amazon)
$24.99 – $49.99

This will give couples and families a mold of their hands. It’s a beautiful memento and a fun DIY date-night or family-night activity.

Gifts for Deployed Soldiers

Gifts for Deployed Soldiers

Whether you have a family member who is currently stationed overseas or you just want to treat our nation’s bravest to a happy holiday, this section of our military gift guide will go over the best gifts for deployed soldiers.

59. Boot Banana Moisture Absorbers

Boot Bananas

These banana-shaped deodorizers will help your soldier’s shoes stay moisture-free and odor-free.

60. Goggle Sunglasses

Goggle sunglasses are perfect for military men in all kinds of harsh conditions: sand, snow, rain, mud, and more. The goggle style keeps anything out of their eyes while staying put on their faces, unlike normal sunglasses.

61. Disposable Camo Hand Warmers

HotHands (via Amazon)

Hand warmers can seriously be life-savers during duty. The single-use packs are convenient for any military member to receive and use.

62. Tatcha Hydrating Skin Care Set


Yep, even our boys in camo can do with a little skincare! The face and skin can really get dried out when you’re on duty, and the items in this kit will work wonders for hydration and overall skin health.

63. Men’s Premium Toiletry Kit

Convenience Kits International (via Amazon)

This kit has Dude Wipes, deodorant, toothpaste, floss, and more, all in travel sizes. This will be duly appreciated.


Whether you’re looking specifically for military Christmas gifts or just for military gift ideas in general, we have a good feeling that our detailed military gift guide has satisfied your search. If you want even more options, check out this curated care package from Hero Care Packages. Let us know in the comments if you decided to get anything on our list!

Need to jog your memory? Return to top to experience our military gift guide all over again!

Last Updated: 11/19/2021

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