Military Gifts Guide: Top 78 Picks for the Whole Family
2022 military gifts guide2022 military gifts guide

Military Gifts Guide: Top 78 Picks for the Whole Family

No matter which end-of-the-year holiday you celebrate, it’s coming up fast. And something that’s part of nearly every winter holiday celebration is gifts – military gifts for most of you reading this. This time of year can be a bit stressful, especially if you have a lot of people to buy for and no idea what to get them. If you need something that says, “I definitely put a lot of thought into this,” then look no further than our ultimate military gifts guide.

Top 78 Military Gifts for Everyone

Whether you’re buying for mom or dad, kids or grandkids, your husband or wife, a troop you don’t know, or anyone in between, these military gift options are perfect for the holiday season. Strap in as you explore all 78 of our hand-picked military gifts for this year.

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Cool Tech Gifts 2023

cool tech gifts 2022

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for tech gifts for dad, tech gifts for women, or for anyone else, these cool tech gifts are sure to satisfy.

1. Nitro Gaming Monitors

From $199.99

Gaming is the name of the… well, game this season, and nothing says you’ve been listening to their video game rants more than gifting them a Nitro gaming monitor. But really, these monitors are at the top of their class. With 4K UHD displays and 1 ms response times, you can be sure they’ll appreciate this one.

2. Motorola razr (2nd Gen)

From $599

The Motorola razr is Motorola’s answer to the modern foldable phone trend popularized by mobile devices like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold. The razr comes equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor and 8 gigs of ram for speedy processing and all-day battery life.

3. Acer Aspire 5

From $649.99

The Acer Aspire 5 is a powerhouse production and gaming machine. There’s something to like for all members of the family here. This laptop comes in configurations of up to 24gbs of ram, with either Intel or AMD processors, and the latest in connectivity with both USB-C and legacy USB-A.

4. Turning Red Headphones


Inspired by the adorable red panda in Disney’s Turning Red, these headphones are even cuter than the popular cat-ear headphones. The fabric sleeve on them is made with comfort in mind, and, as with any good pair of headphones, the crystal-clear sound quality will leave you satisfied.

5. EQUA Smart Water Bottle


No, this item isn’t a joke. This water bottle is SMART. The Equa bottle has built-in LED lights that flash to remind you when you need to drink more water. Not only that but the bottle is paired with a smartphone app that serves as your personal hydration coach. Pretty cool stuff.

6. Wyze Smart Plug


This is an outlet you can control with your phone. Schedule custom times to turn the power supply on and off, connect multiple outlets with your smart assistant, and turn it on with the power of your voice.

7. Apple AirTag


You’ve probably seen this one floating around TikTok, Facebook, and just about every other social media site. People put tags on their keys, dogs’ collars, and even on their cars. The Apple AirTag can help you keep track of pretty much anything. Your iPhone can also alert you if another Apple AirTag is near you, which discourages unwanted tracking.

8. Petcube Bites 2


Petcube Bites 2 is an upgraded camera with a smart snack feeder for your pet. It has built-in Amazon Alexa, a four-microphone array, and a 160-degree camera view so you can keep watch of your fur babies while you’re out. It also holds up to 1.5 lbs. of your pet’s favorite treats and is dishwasher-safe!

9. Soundform Elite Hi-Fi Smart Speaker + Wireless Charger


This smart speaker is really smart. It’s on triple duty as a phone stand, wireless charger, and speaker all in one. This is great for both the music lover in your life and the person who can never seem to keep their phone charged.

10. Nature Bright SAD Lamp Bundle

Nature Bright

Lovingly nicknamed the “depression light” by many of its users, a SAD lamp can help those suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder with its special light treatment, according to Mayo Clinic. Nature Bright’s lamp bundle comes with an adjustable stand and a built-in alarm clock.

11. Instax Mini Link


The Instax Mini Link is a portable printer for your smartphone. If you just can’t wait to have a physical copy of that hilarious, heartfelt, exciting, or romantic memory, bring this bite-sized printer with you! With the Instax app, you can have your photos in your hand instantly.

Fun Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

christmas gift ideas for kids

Christmas is mostly about the kids anyway, right?

12. Teeter Popper

Fat Brain Toys

This is a rocking, rolling, popping seat! It’s a stimulating sensory toy and seat combo that’s great for all kids, but it’s especially well-suited for neurodivergent kids, such as children who have Autism. For more special needs toys, you can visit Fat Brain Toys’s Special Needs Resource Center.

13. Nintendo Switch OLED Bundle

From $349.99

This bundle comes with a Nintendo Switch OLED console, a carrying case for easy transport, Mario Party Superstars, and six months of GameFly rentals. One of the best-selling consoles of the last few years, the updated Nintendo Switch OLED version is once again set to be a holiday hit. The Switch OLED model features a 7-inch OLED display that’s great for all viewing angles. Play classic franchises like Legend of Zelda, Kirby, Pokemon, Splatoon, Mario Kart, and more. Nintendo Switch games are so much fun that the whole family will want to be involved.

14. Arendelle Castle Playset – Frozen 2


Transform your kids’ play space into the majestic Arendelle from Frozen 2. If your kid is as obsessed with Frozen as the rest of the nation’s child population, then this playset – packed full with five character figures, 11 furniture items, music and projecting lights, and glitter detailing – will make them jump for joy.

15. Buzz Lightyear Interactive Talking Action Figure – Toy Story – 12”


2022s Lightyear was a massive hit, so keep the magic alive with this Buzz Lightyear interactive figure. Including 10+ phrases, a retractable helmet, fully-articulated wings, and flashing laser lights and sound effects, you’re definitely gonna want to put Mr. Lightyear under the tree.

16. Obi-Wan Kenobi Legacy LIGHTSABER Collectible Set – Star Wars


For kids, adults, and everyone in between, a lightsaber is simply a cool gift to receive. Who doesn’t want a light-up collectible from the nation’s most beloved sci-fi series? With this set, you get the lightsaber hilt, blade, and belt clip, plus a really awesome display stand to show it off.

17. National Geographic Kids Subscription

National Geographic

The curious kiddos out there will love learning about nature, science, and the outdoors. National Geographic Kids presents National Geographic’s famous format in a kid-friendly way, which is perfect for anyone ages 6-9 years old.

18. Rubik’s Connected Cube


One of the most popular toys ever made has evolved to fit our modern “smart” society. The Rubik’s Connected Cube is a technological advancement of the toy puzzle cube that comes with an accompanying smartphone app. The app shows how long you’ve taken to complete the puzzle, compiles a scoreboard, has mini-games, and even changes in real-time as you spin the cube around.

19. LED Ring Light with Phone Holder


For the blooming TikTok’er or YouTuber in your home, this ring light will drastically increase the quality of their content and selfies. Think of this as an investment in their future as an influencer — however long that phase lasts.

20. Xbox Series X Replica Mini Fridge Cooler


If you can’t get your hands on an actual Xbox again this year, get them this mini fridge replica! It has a bright green interior and an exterior that looks exactly like the Xbox Series X. At least this way, they can have cold Mountain Dews while they play games on their last-gen console.

21. Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron

Moose Toys

You’re lying if you say that you never created special potions and witches’ brews out of random shampoos and cleaning supplies or dirt and creek water as a kid. Give your kids a safer way to play with this all-encompassing magic potion set! Once they mix the right ingredients, an adorable plushie will pop out!

22. LOL Surprise Sunshine Gurl & Moonlight B.B. Family Mega Pack Fashion Dolls


LOL Surprise is all the rage this year, so your kid has probably already been begging you for something in the LOL line. This mega pack will satisfy the yearning your kids have for these little fashionistas.

23. Play-Doh 36-Can Bulk Pack


Play-Doh is great for kids of all ages 2 and up! There are endless opportunities with Play-Doh (especially with this 36-can pack), and you can buy one of dozens of creating kits with tools designed to help unleash your kids’ creative sides.

Long-Distance Military Relationship Gifts

long-distance military relationship gifts

Here are a few things that will help ease the emotional burden of a long-term relationship. You can do this!

24. Ethel M Custom 32-Piece Chocolate Collection with Holiday Evergreen Collectible Tin

Ethel M Chocolates

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re at – everyone everywhere loves a good chocolate. And ignoring the fact that chocolate is supposedly an aphrodisiac, gifting chocolates is simply a timeless, classic romantic gesture that everyone can take part in. This is one of the best gifts for a military boyfriend or girlfriend.

25. The Night Sky Star Map

The Night Sky
From $39.00

Being in a long-distance relationship is tough, even more so when you know your other half is off serving our country. The Night Sky Star Map is a great gift to remind each of you of simpler times, mapping out the position of the stars in the sky on a specific event (think when you met, your first kiss, etc.) This is as heartfelt and meaningful as it gets.

26. The Two of Us: A Three-Year Couples Journal: 1,000+ Daily Questions for Growing Closer


This is every long-distance couple’s secret to making it work. The journal has three years’ worth of daily questions and prompts designed to help couples get to know one another and reflect on themselves, their relationship, and the world at large. Even if you’re far apart, this journal can help connect you in ways other than physical.

27. The Specialty Craft Cocktail Kit

Uncommon Goods
From $29.00

Is it time for a virtual date night? BYOC (bring your own cocktail) with this all-encompassing craft cocktail kit! It includes ingredients for drinks like Dragon Tears and Blood and Sage, Sepal and Spice, El Palenque, Nalani’s Adventure, Time Lapse, and more incredible creations.

28. Custom Vinyl Mixtape

Freestyle Vinyl

Are you and your significant other old souls at heart? This customizable option combines two classic romantic gestures – giving someone a vinyl of your favorite album and creating your own mixtape for them! Upload your own tracks to a 12” vinyl and customize the jacket with your own photo or design. Your long-distance partner can throw this on the turntable whenever they’re thinking of you.

Even if you’re not in a long-distance relationship, this is also one of the best Christmas gift ideas for friends.

29. Handwritten Recipe Towel

LetteredHome on Etsy
From $25.00

Need military gift ideas for the foodie in your life? Your long-distance partner will love this heartfelt, customized option. If you two share a special meal, or they can’t get enough of that unique recipe only you can perfect, then send them this! The custom handwritten recipe towel allows you to write out the special recipe and get it printed on a towel in your handwriting.

30. Homesick By You Custom Candle

From $42.00

Nothing brings comfort and joy quite like your favorite scent. With this personalized gift for your long-distance partner, you can make them feel at home with a custom box, scent, and label, all designed after the smells they love most.

31. Friendship Lamps

Friendship Lamps

If you’re missing your significant other, tap this lamp, and it’ll light up your other half’s lamp. You can each customize your colors and connect your lamps over a special app to send secret color codes no matter where you’re both at.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

christmas gift ideas for her

She’s your world, so give her gifts that say that. Instead of buying a new vacuum cleaner that just gives her another job, get her something she actually wants, likes, and can enjoy.

32. Rylan Aviator Sunglasses


Stylishness, functionality, and a great history make these women’s sunglasses attractive in every possible way. The metal frame is durable, and the 100% UV protection in the polarized lenses gets the job done with no fuss.

33. Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine and Automatic Milk Frother Attachment

From $399.99

Let’s be honest; she deserves to have a Starbucks-quality espresso every morning without having to get out of bed. Grab this machine and treat her like the queen she is. With a one-button finish and consistent temperature control, this is a state-of-the-art machine she’s not gonna want to be without. Not many kitchen gifts stack up to this one!

34. Parker Small Backpack


This backpack from Fossil can double as a crossbody purse, but it’s also just super cute with its faux leather, patchwork-esque design. The two zipper pockets plus the interior side pocket will help you ensure all your goodies stay organized and ready to go.

35. Blunt Metro Wind-Resistant Umbrella

Blunt Umbrellas

If you want to be chivalrous without giving up your own umbrella, get her this one from Blunt Umbrellas! This is built to last, and it’s been tested in up to 55 mph winds. They have diameters ranging from 39 inches (Metro) to 58 inches (Sport) and up to 10 colors, depending on which diameter you choose. This is the most technologically-advanced umbrella you’ll find.

This is one of the most perfect military wife gifts. You never know where you’re gonna be stationed, so if you end up in one of the rainiest parts of the world, this will be a lifesaver.

36. Bath & Body Works Gift Card

Bath & Body Works
$5.00 – $250.00

We may not speak for everyone here, but the women in our lives can easily drop $150 on candles, wallflowers, and body care items at Bath & Body Works without batting an eye. If the women in your life spend two hours just sniffing around the candle aisle at the grocery store, get them a gift card to this wonderland of scent. The best part about this one is that you can spend as much (or as little) as you want.

37. Nike Burrow SE Slides


These are some of the comfiest-looking shoes on the market, and that’s not even to say anything about how cozy they REALLY are. These slippers/slides blend fleece material and knit textures for the cozy-comfy feel everyone wants from their shoes.

38. Minute Mimosa Sugar Cube Trio

Uncommon Goods

Does she like to entertain? She’ll impress everyone with these attractive and stylish sugar cubes! Drop one of these bad boys into a glass of champagne, and it magically turns into a mimosa or cocktail.

39. Custom Pet Stuffed Animal

From $199.00

There’s nothing more precious than a dog mom who’s obsessed with her pet. Petsies offers to make a fully-customized plushie in the exact image of your pet. The best part is that these plushies don’t shed like the real thing!

40. Birdie Personal Safety Alarm

She’s Birdie

It’s an unfortunate reality in our world that women always have to be prepared when out in public – especially if they’re alone. If she’s looking a little thin on her stash of personal safety devices, this safety alarm could literally be a lifesaver. It has a loud alarm with a crazy bright strobe light that, together, will hopefully deter any would-be attackers.

41. Olaplex Style and Strength Hair Set


Does she need $42.00 worth of hair products? Probably not. But does she deserve them? Absolutely. We can vouch for Olaplex and its styling capabilities (especially No. 6), so don’t let this multi-set with numbers 6, 7, and 9 pass you (her) by!

Christmas Gifts Ideas for Him

christmas gift ideas for him

He’s done a lot for you, so treat him well this holiday. Need gifts for military men? We can get you started with these picks.

42. Gen 6 Wellness Edition Smartwatch


When looking for military gifts for him, a high-quality watch has to be on the list, and smartwatches have never been more stylish than this offering from Fossil. The Gen 6 watch has a 24+ hour battery life, Bluetooth connectivity, and lightning-fast charging time. With several different colors and bands to choose from to cater to his unique style, he’s gonna be thanking you for this.

43. Pi Pizza Oven


A backyard pizza oven? Heck yeah! You know dad loves his pizza, and he’ll like it even more when he doesn’t have to order it online, get ready, drive to the pizza place, pick it up, and drive back home again. There’s no pizza better than a homemade pizza.

44. Total Gym XLS

Total Gym
From $1,099.50

The Total Gym XLS is an affordable total body workout in a portable and low-profile package. The XLS is one of many home gym options from Total Gym and boasts six levels of resistance, a lifetime warranty, and equippable accessories for access to even more easy workout options. The Total Gym popularized the easy, 20-minute daily workout fad, and you can get in on the New Year’s resolution fitness craze by bringing one home today.

45. Insulated Hiking Pants


We know these are on the expensive side, but trust us, they’re worth it. If the man in your life loves to hike, especially in cold, wet, or other unforgiving conditions, these insulated hiking pants are a must-buy.

46. Coffee Subscription

from $15.75/bag

If he’s like 90% of the nation, he loves coffee. Buying it, smelling it, drinking it, and exploring new flavor profiles and strengths. Trade’s coffee subscriptions give him all those luxuries without having to work too hard to seek them out. Every type of coffee imaginable is available in these subscriptions – from dark to light, from decaf to regular, from beans to ground – so there’s definitely something he can obsess over.

47. Dollar Shave Club Gift Sets

Dollar Shave Club
From $35

Dollar Shave Club is one of the most popular and convenient shaving solutions around. They offer gift sets that come with everything you need to get started. Get one of Dollar Shave Club’s unique and effective razors, shave butter, post-shave creams and lotions, cases, and more included in the available sets.

48. Flaviar Gift Membership

From $120

Flaviar is a premium liquor membership club that offers subscriptions, tasting packs, and special events for members. Gift memberships from Flaviar make a great holiday present for anyone who appreciates or is curious about the world of premium liquor. Flaviar members can choose from multiple award-winning bottles of whiskey, bourbon, rum, and more. Members can build their own virtual home bar and wish list and keep track of the tasting notes of their favorite drams.

49. Vinothèque Cigar Humidor

Wine Enthusiast

Smoke ‘em if you’ve got ‘em, and with the Vinothèque Cigar Humidor, you’ll have plenty of tasty cigars to choose from. The quiet storage and humidity control allow you peace of mind that your collection will be safely kept without disturbing your home.

50. Radiate Portable Campfire


If your man is a military man, then chances are good that he likes the outdoors. If starting a campfire is too big of a hassle, or you’re always left cleaning up the aftermath, then the Radiate Portable Campfire is a must-have item for him this holiday. This is basically a giant candle for men, and at its price point, you can easily buy several at once!

51. Monthly Meat Subscription

Butcher Box

Butcher Box is the leader in monthly meat subscriptions. They tout high-quality, grass-fed beef, free-range organic chicken, and humanely-raised pork. There are several boxes you can choose from, and you’ll always enjoy free shipping.

Kitchen Gift Ideas

kitchen gift ideas

The kitchen is arguably the most important room in the home. Who doesn’t love food? Let’s take your kitchen game to the next level.

52. KitchenAid Custom Stand Mixer

From $349.99

Sure, you could get a stand mixer off the shelf like everyone else. But why do that when you can customize it? We all know KitchenAid has the best mixers out there, and with this option, you can choose your color, get a custom engraving, add an extra bowl, and choose the specific attachments that you know you and your loved ones will actually use.

53. Vitamix Ascent Series A2500

From $499.95

From the perfect protein shake to mouthwatering pesto to the freshest fruit smoothies, your Vitamix blender can handle it all. Connect online through wireless connectivity and see how your features evolve over time as new updates are added to an already top-of-the-line kitchen essential.

54. Thrive Market Membership

Thrive Market
$59.95 per year or $12.00 per month

What’s a kitchen without groceries? With a subscription to Thrive Market, you can gift the chef of the family with a year-round membership or a monthly membership providing tons of delicious treats far beyond the holiday season. Artisan butters, delicious sauces, specialty goods, and much more are all a part of the 6,000+ items you’ll find.

55. Mickey Mouse Christmas Apron for Kids


If you’re looking to create holiday magic with your family, then look no further. Disney families will love this Christmas apron that’s the perfect attire for any helpful hands following you around as you cook this holiday season.

56. Griddler Deluxe


The Griddler Deluxe makes dinner easier for everyone involved because it’s basically a folding griddle! It can press burgers, paninis, and quesadillas. It can cook bacon, pancakes, and steaks. There’s almost nothing it can’t do!

57. In-Sink Salad Spinner and Strainer


Whether you spin a lot of salads or cook a lot of pasta, this easy-to-use colander is gonna save you a ton of effort in the kitchen. The non-slip base and sturdy rim keep food in place inside the bowl while you push to spin with minimal effort required.

58. Indoor Lettuce & Greens Garden Starter Kit

SpaceToFork on Etsy

Know someone who wants to make their own victory garden on the kitchen windowsill? This kit is perfect for them. It’s an all-organic indoor grow kit featuring seeds for spinach, lettuce, kale, arugula, and red romaine. At the price point, you can’t beat this gift – especially for the vegans and vegetarians in your life!

59. Reusable Mesh Bags


Ziploc bags are bad for the environment, expensive, and, frankly, a hassle to deal with. These reusable bags for produce, sandwiches, on-the-go snacks, and more make things simple and cheap. At $12.99 for 15 bags, they’ll be getting YOUR money’s worth from this kitchen gift idea.

Military Mom Gifts & Military Dad Gifts

military mom gifts and military dad gifts

Mom and dad deserve ALL the love and praise for everything they deal with throughout the year. These gifts are a good start for paying them back for all the love they’ve shown you.

60. VIVO 32-inch Desk Converter/Sit-to-Stand Dual Monitor and Laptop Workstation


They work all year long so their kids (and each other) can have awesome gifts come the holiday season. Help make that work a little easier with this desk converter. It’s an easy sit-to-rise stand with enough room for dual monitors. It’s perfect for at-home workers!

61. 24″ Undercounter Wine Cellar with Glass Door and Metal-Front Racks

From $2,699

Every parent needs to relax every now and again. This under-the-counter wine cellar for your kitchen makes every glass worth all the day’s hassle.

62. Up to 65% and $1,000 Off Airfare at Sandals

Sandals & Beaches Resorts
From $219/night per person

Sandals offers the ultimate getaway packages for anyone in need of a little R&R. With locations in the Caribbean and the Bahamas, plus resorts in Grenada, Jamaica, Curacao, and more, prepare to escape to your personal island paradise. Reserve your trip now with Best Price Guarantee and rest assured that you’ll nab the best deal.

63. TurboTax Tax Software

From $79

TurboTax may be on the more utilitarian side of the gift-giving spectrum, but it’s a service that we all need at the beginning of the year. Intuit TurboTax makes it easy to submit your tax returns and get the biggest tax refund possible. And that tax refund is enough of a gift all on its own.

64. 10’ x 10’ Big Blanket

Big Blanket

This is just a HUGE blanket. The company’s name is fitting, seeing as they sell super-soft, super-sized blankets that the entire family can fit under. With 13 colors to pick from, plus seven limited-edition choices, mom and dad will love this cozy pick.

65. VoChill Stemmed Wine Glass Chiller


In another alcohol-related installment is this personal wine glass chiller. Unless mom and dad have had a particularly rough day, they’re not just gonna down a whole glass of red in one go. This personal chiller allows them to set their glass on the cradle and keep it at the perfect drinkable temperature.

66. Hand Casting Kit


This will give couples and families a mold of their hands. It’s a beautiful memento and a fun DIY date night or family night activity.

67. AeroGarden Bounty Elite – Indoor Garden with LED Grow Light


Do your parents have a green thumb? Or maybe they’ve never been able to keep a plant alive in their life but keep trying anyway? In either event, this high-tech indoor grow garden is gonna knock their socks off. It has an automatic timer, Alexa and WiFi compatibility, and an adjustable LED grow light to make sure their plants get exactly the right amount of sunlight.

68. Bluetooth Record Player


Parents who are on the older side will really appreciate this one. It’s the perfect combo of modern technology and classic media. It’s a lot easier to use than the ones they had as kids, given its Bluetooth compatibility. Don’t forget to grab a few records for them, too!

69. Underwear Organizer


Have you heard enough of your parents arguing about who’s taking up the most space in the dresser? This economical solution is simple and will put an end to your headaches! It has more than 40 individual slots for all types of undergarments imaginable, so you never have to hear about it again.

Christmas Gifts for Deployed Soldiers

christmas gifts for deployed soldiers

As far as military gifts go, ones for deployed troops are very important. To the men and women who keep our country safe, no matter your rank, job, or years in the service, we salute you. Whether you’re buying for a loved one or just giving a random gift to a troop, these are sure to express your gratitude.

70. Let’s Fix America

From $24.99

The folks over at Our National Conversation are all about finding solutions to sociopolitical issues facing our nation in a way that benefits everyone. Their latest book, Let’s Fix America, is a culmination of the work of nearly 500 student interns as well as ideas from experts and nonpartisan professionals who present real proposals on how we can fix the country. Military members know better than most the true struggles facing the country, so this new book presents a unique read they’re sure to have ideas about.

71. Men’s Premium Toiletry Kit

From $38.00

This kit has Dude powder (for the more sensitive military men), Dove deodorant, Crest toothpaste and mouthwash, floss, Motrin pain reliever, a comb, and more, all in travel sizes. This will be duly appreciated.

72. ESARORA Manicure Set, 18 in 1


When you’re out in the field, personal care items aren’t exactly easy to come by. And while a broken, jagged nail isn’t the end of the world for most troops, it can definitely cause a massive annoyance by snagging on uniforms. Get your troop this kit that they can keep handy at all times.

73. 3 Pairs Fuzzy Fleece Non-Skid Slipper Socks


Among the best gifts for deployed Soldiers are socks. We’re not kidding! It gets cold this time of year, and if your Soldier is stationed up north, they’re gonna appreciate some high-quality, cozy socks more than you know. Get ‘em a few quality pairs with this pack so they last even longer.

74. The Everyday Box Care Package

Hero Care Packages

Hero Care Packages knows how to set up gifts for deployed Soldiers like no one else. They have tons of care packages to choose from, but we suggest getting the Everyday Box, which has some snacks they’re sure to love. It includes one pound of candy, face lotion, puzzle books, popcorn, coffee, playing cards, travel ramen, a protein bar, sunblock, a microwavable brownie, and much more.

75. Rimless Goggle Shield Sunglasses

Goggle sunglasses are perfect for military men in all kinds of harsh conditions: sand, snow, rain, mud, and more. The goggle style keeps anything out of their eyes while staying put on their faces, unlike normal sunglasses.

76. Banana Boot Moisture Absorbers


These banana-shaped deodorizers will help your troop’s shoes stay moisture-free and odor-free.

77. Qalo Silicone Ring

From $9.76

It’s not necessarily safe to wear a normal wedding ring on duty. It can easily get lost in training or on a mission. Or, even worse, if an accident were to happen involving someone’s hand, well, a hard metal ring is the last thing you want to have stuck on your finger. A silicone ring is a safer, more affordable option that leaves none of the sentiment behind.

78. Disposable Camo Hand Warmers


Hand warmers can seriously be lifesavers during duty. The single-use packs are convenient for any military member to receive and use.

Give Military Gifts Like a Pro

This master list of military gifts should help you out in finding the winning gift for your loved ones (or even yourself). When in doubt, don’t forget that the best gifts come from the heart and are something your giftee will actually like, use, and enjoy. From MyBaseGuide to your family, have a wonderful holiday season!

As an Amazon, Fossil, Acer, KitchenAid, Sandals, and Motorola Associate, MyBaseGuide may earn commission through affiliate links on this page. Prices and availability are subject to change at the discretion of the retailer.

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