Naval Medical Center San Diego Receives Highest-Ever Patient Ratings

Naval Medical Center San Diego Receives Highest-Ever Patient Ratings

Story by PO3 Harley Sarmiento on 07/22/2019

San Diego Naval Medical Center San Diego (NMCSD) received its highest-ever patient satisfaction ratings in eight years of tracking on the Defense Health Agency (DHA) Customer Satisfaction Survey.
During the second quarter of this fiscal year the hospital was rated in the top 25% nationally in all 10 Center for Medicare/Medicaid national satisfaction metrics.

“There’s nothing more gratifying than to receive confirmed, positive feedback direct from our customers and patients,” said Capt. Bradford Smith, NMCSD commanding officer. “We really have been hitting the mark when it comes to taking care of our patients.”

The quarter was also NMCSD’s strongest quarter ever for the Tricare Inpatient Satisfaction Survey. In addition, NMCSD placed 17 providers, staff, and clinics on the Joint Outpatient Experience Survey’s “best of the best” report, recognizing the very best in customer service across all of Navy Medicine.

“Our customer relations program was formally commended by the Inspector General inspectors as the gold standard’ of programs they have inspected across Navy Medicine,” said Jeff Apana, NMCSD patient relations compliance officer.
“At the unit level, the leaders of the customer relations program at NMCSD are the department heads, division officers, leading petty officers, and 300 customer service representatives that support the 177 services we provide command-wide,” said Apana.
NMCSD takes pride in patient care and patient satisfaction.

NMCSD’s mission is to prepare to deploy in support of operational forces, deliver quality health services, and shape the future of military medicine through education, training, and research. The vision of the hospital is to be the nation’s premier Military Medical Center, providing world-class care; anytime, anywhere.

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