Moving Checklist

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NSB New London Newcomers Information Moving Checklist


  • Arrange for shipment and storage of household goods through Personal Property Office.
  • Obtain name and phone number of sponsor from gaining command.Provide change-of-address to U.S. Postal Service.
  • Provide landlord at least 30 days advance notice of move.
  • Arrange to have utilities and services disconnected.
  • Water Gas
  • Electricity
  • Cable
  • Phone
  • Arrange temporary lodging at destination.
  • Contact Bachelor Housing or Family Housing, as appropriate, at destination to begin search for permanent housing at destination.
  • Contact potential school districts.
  • Place children on Central Enrollment Waiting List for on-base child care, as appropriate.
  • Browse helpful relocation websites.
  • Hand carry important paperwork:
  • Military (reporting orders, endorsements, official records, etc.).
  • Civilian (medical records, children’s immunizations, passports, birth certificates, etc.).
  • Document travel expenses.


  • Sign in with gaining command.
  • Report to Personnel Support Activity Detachment on first duty day to in-process, establish basic allowance for housing (BAH) at new duty station and complete travel voucher.
  • Report to Bachelor Housing Office or Family Housing Welcome Center, as appropriate, to apply for or obtain information on permanent housing.
  • Contact Personal Property Office to arrange delivery and storage of household goods.
  • Visit Fleet and Family Support Center for “Welcome Aboard” packet and information.
  • Register vehicle(s) within 30 days of arrival on base.
  • Contact local department of vehicles for license and registration, as appropriate. Provide U.S. Postal Service with new address.
  • Enroll children in school.
  • Enroll children in on-base child care programs.
  • Arrange utility and service connections, as appropriate. (Bring receipts from previous utility companies to reduce ddeposit costs.)
  • Water
  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Cable
  • Phone
  • Establish local banking services, if desired.
  • Make appropriate changes to home and auto insurance.


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