Nuclear Regional Maintenance Department

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The Nuclear Regional Maintenance Department (NRMD) is responsible for the planning, direction and coordination of all repairs, alterations or modifications performed on nuclear machinery, components and associated systems. The department develops and enforces performance standards for nuclear production work and supervises the development of improved production techniques and engineering methods.

NRMD consists of five groups: Ship Repair, Radiological Controls, Radiation Health, Nuclear Repair Coordinators and Facilities Maintenance.

Ship Repair is responsible for performing repairs to nuclear systems and components; requisitioning materials and providing technical support for nuclear work; manufacturing custom radiological enclosures; and conducting portable effluent tank, relief valve testing and resin/media exchange evolutions.

Facilities Maintenance is responsible for conducting corrective and preventive maintenance in the Controlled Industrial Facility; coordinating delivery of controlled pure water to tended units on the waterfront; and maintaining and issuing test equipment in support of nuclear maintenance on tended units.

Nuclear Repair Coordinators are responsible for coordination and execution of all phases of nuclear work until the repair and documentation are complete and filed; screening all nuclear jobs to determine the availability of material, personnel and procedures; coordinating the accomplishment of nuclear systems SHIPALTs and A&Is on tended units and in the Nuclear Support Facility; and acting as liaison between RPPY and NSFPY in matters pertaining to the conduct of nuclear work.

Radiation Health is responsible for providing internal monitoring for personnel and for occupational radiation exposure control and reporting at the Naval Submarine Base New London.

Radiological Controls is responsible for all radioactive material in the FMA associated with naval nuclear power plants. It provides for radiological controls and monitoring of allFMA work associated with shipboard nuclear propulsion plant systems and within the Controlled Industrial Facility as well as the oversight of ships force radiological work. Additionally, the division is the responsible agent for the proper receipt, accountability, stowage and disposal of radioactive material and provides monitoring oversight and radiological support for the Ship Repair division. It provides radioactive material receipt, transfer, and shipping services and provides multichannel analyzer andwaste curie monitoring services.


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