Submarine Learning Center (SLC)

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NSB New London Submarine Learning Center


The Submarine Learning Center (SLC) is an integral part of the Navy’s Revolution in Training, as implemented by Task Force EXCEL (Excellence through Commitment to Education and Learning). It is one of 14 specialized learning centers whose primary function is to partner with fleet representatives in defining individual human-performance solutions to meet Submarine Force performance requirements. Additionally, the SLC will create, coordinate and execute the future training and education vision for the submarine force.

The revolution in Navy training presents unlimited opportunities for the submarine force to continue to improve upon its unmatched record of training excellence. Through the infusion of training technology innovation, re-engineering of learning methods and the commitment to ensure our Sailors remain the central element in performance solutions, the SLC will lead our six submarine learning sites in ensuring our undersea warriors are fully prepared to fight and win in the 21st century.


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