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Public School

The Sierra Sands United School District provides educational needs for all valley residents. Originally many schools in the district were located on the base but progressively the newer schools have been built off center, leaving only two schools still within the China Lake gates.

Public and private grade schools are available in the community. Special education, before and after school programs, supplemental/free/reduced lunch programs, busing, summer programs and learning camps, gifted/exceptional education programs, all of these are available within the area. For more detailed information about special programs please visit the Sierra Sands Unified School District website, which provides phone numbers of specific departments within the SSUSD. For more information on grading scales and testing scores, please visit the SSUSD website.

Ridgecrest, CA currently has 6 Elementary Schools. Academics Performance Index Report can be found on this website.

Adult Education

China Lake has an Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Campus located within the Fleet & Family Support Center 0610 Blandy Ave, Building 02308.

NAWS China Lake’s Navy College Office (NCO) has closed as of 01OCT10.  We will be working with NCO in Pt. Mugu/Huneme. For more information please call 805-989-8362.


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