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The Region Legal Services Office Southwest Detachment is located in the NAWS China Lake Headquarters Building. A Legal Officer is available to provide assistance to all local chains of command regarding military justice and other issues. The Legal Officer is not an attorney and therefore may only provide guidance, not legal advice.

Eligibility for Services

Information is available regarding claims, FOIA requests, and legal assistance for all active duty military personnel and their families; retired U.S. military personnel and their families; and reserve military members while they are on active duty. Additionally, notary services and the preparation of powers of attorney are available on Wednesdays between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm hours or by appointment.

Types of Services

Legal advice and other attorney services at NAWS China Lake are provided by Judge Advocates from the Navy Legal Services Office Southwest Detachment, Pt. Hueneme. Attorneys travel to China Lake twice per month and provide guidance on most personal civil legal matters including:

  1. Wills
  2. Adoptions
  3. Name changes
  4. Consumer affairs
  5. Domestic relations
  6. Landlord-tenant disputes
  7. Personal finances and debt collection

Additionally, defense services are offered as needed. Any matter discussed with a judge advocate within the attorney-client relationship is privileged and confidential. Attorney services are by appointment only.



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