Naval Supply Systems Command

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NSA Mechanicsburg Rear Adm Yuen

Rear Adm. Michelle Skubic
Naval Supply Systems Command

NSA Mechanicsburg Vice Commander Madden

Michael Madden
Vice Commander,
Naval Supply Systems Command

Mechanicsburg 2018 Chief of Staff

Capt. Tim Daniels
Chief of Staff,
Naval Supply Systems Command


MISSION: To provide supplies, services and quality-of-life support to the Navy and joint warfighter.

VISION: Be Navy’s trusted provider of supplies, services, and quality-of-life support.


• ­We always do what is right for the Navy.
• ­We relentlessly pursue customer satisfaction.
• ­We are tenacious, agile, flexible and responsive in supporting the warfighter.
• ­We foster an environment of innovation, initiative, and mutual trust and respect.
• ­We value individual integrity, courage and accountability.

The men and women of Naval Supply Systems Command provide supplies, services and quality-of-life support to the Navy and joint warfighter. NAVSUP manages supply chains that provide material for Navy aircraft, surface ships, submarines and their associated weapons systems. NAVSUP provides centralized inventory management for Navy’s non-nuclear ordnance stockpile, and develops, implements and administers naval ordnance stockpile management policy. NAVSUP provides assistance and technical expertise to ensure bulk petroleum distribution systems, operations, requirements and quality meet warfighter needs to enable optimal combat capability. NAVSUP fuel professionals maintain and operate the Navy’s deep-water bulk fuel terminals in support of naval, joint and multinational forces. NAVSUP provides a wide range of base operating and waterfront logistics support services, coordinating material deliveries, contracting for supplies and services, and providing material management and warehousing services. NAVSUP is responsible for many of the quality-of-life programs that touch the lives of sailors and their families every day, including Navy Exchanges, Navy Lodges, the Navy Personal Property Program, and the Navy Postal System. NAVSUP administers the Navy Food Service Program, with responsibility for the policies and procedures that govern the day-to-day operations of general messes afloat and ashore.

With headquarters in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, NAVSUP employs a diverse, worldwide workforce of more than 22,500 military and civilian personnel. In addition to its headquarters activity, the NAVSUP enterprise is comprised of 11 commands worldwide.

NAVSUP has a tradition of meeting the tests of dynamic operating and fiscal environments and remains dedicated to ensuring the Navy is ready to meet its mission. It is the resiliency and adaptability of its supply community (civilian, active duty, and reserve component) that allows NAVSUP to overcome challenges, provides solutions, and deliver to the customer. NAVSUP sustains the fleet today, plans for tomorrow, and is always ready for sea and is proud to be the Navy’s trusted provider of supplies, services and quality-of-life support. NAVSUP success ensures the global supply chain is responsive to its customers’ requirements in an ever-changing environment. NAVSUP's supply community is committed to demonstrating how it fights every day by ensuring our Navy is ready and responsive.

NAVSUP has three strategic priorities:

• Its people: NAVSUP will continue to emphasize a culture of inclusion built upon the foundations of mutual trust, respect and the value of diverse ideas. This environment welcomes innovation and courage by placing great value on new ways of thinking and the abilities and backgrounds of its people.
• Its customers: NAVSUP earns its customers’ trust and confidence, demonstrating its relevance by collaborating with them to maintain alignment to their operational and quality-of-life needs. Customers depend on NAVSUP’s ability to innovate, solve problems and deliver efficiencies.
• Its processes: NAVSUP must continue to challenge the way it does business, while assuring all it does is auditable and cyber secure. NAVSUP’s decisions will be data-driven and aligned with fleet requirements.


HQ civilians: 570
HQ military: 33
Total: 603


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