NAVSUP Business Systems Center

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Building 409

NSA Mechanicsburg Capt Doug Bridges Jr

Capt. Doug Bridges Jr.
Commanding Officer,
Naval Supply
Systems Command,
Business Systems Center

Mechincsburg 2018 NAVSUP Business Systems Center

Cmdr. Bob Winters
Executive Officer,
Naval Supply
Systems Command,
Business Systems Center

NSA Mechanicsburg Executive Director Zirbel

Brian Zirbel
Executive Director,
Naval Supply
Systems Command,
Business Systems Center


MISSION: Deliver information technology and information management (IT/IM) solutions with specific emphasis on logistics and financial related products.

VISION: Be the IT/IM solution provider of choice, delivering best value products and services in full partnership with stakeholders.

The IT professionals at the Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Business Systems Center (BSC) deliver IT solutions to stakeholders. As a central design facility, NAVSUP BSC is the preferred provider of business information systems for DOD, Navy, NAVSUP Enterprise, and their international partners.

Headquartered in Mechanicsburg, Pa., NAVSUP BSC employs a diverse workforce nationwide with regional offices in Philadelphia; Norfolk, Va.; Jacksonville, Fla.; San Diego, Calif.; Bremerton, Wash.; and Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Serving as the Navy’s leader in secure business and analytical technology, NAVSUP BSC is actively engaged in business and financial operations throughout the DOD and with international partners. Using innovative data access and business intelligence technologies, they provide stakeholders with accurate, timely, and reliable supply chain information.

NAVSUP BSC consists of more than 1,000 personnel who can quickly respond to the changing needs of their customers while producing advanced digital solutions to increase organizational readiness.

NAVSUP BSC’s government workforce is augmented by strategic vendor and educational institution partnerships to deliver advanced learning experiences that put customers first and meet leadership priorities such as:
• Cybersecurity excellence.
• Audit readiness.
• Advanced analytics.
• Mobile solutions.
• Logistics delivery systems.
• Increased return on investments.

As a leader on the stage of digital solutions, NAVSUP BSC serves as the Navy’s premier business system solution provider by incorporating business automation toolsets and advanced analytics to increase operational readiness.

Military: 12
Civilians: 618
Contractors: 467
Total: 1,097





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