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DLA Aviation Procurement Operations Philadelphia Site Director

Chris Mosher
Site Director,
Defense Logistics Agency
Aviation Procurement
Operations Philadelphia


MISSION: Sustain Warfighter readiness and lethality by delivering proactive global logistics in peace and war.

VISION: We are the nation's combat logistics support agency: global, agile and innovative; focused on the warfighter first Core Values: Leadership, professionalism, and technical knowledge through dedication to duty, integrity, ethics, honor, courage and loyalty.

VALUES: Our values provide the foundation for all of the actions we take and the decisions we make in support of our customers, stakeholders, workforce, and partners. Our values are integrity, resiliency and diversity, innovation, accountability and excellence.

DLA Aviation is the aviation demand and supply manager for Defense Logistics Agency with more than 3,500 civilian and military personnel in 18 locations across the United States. DLA Aviation supports more than 2,000 weapon systems and is the U.S. military’s integrated material manager for more than 1.2 million national stock number items, industrial retail supply and depot-level repairable acquisitions. Using a comprehensive demand planning process, DLA Aviation’s priorities align with those of its military customers. Positioned alongside its military customers, DLA Aviation manages industrial support activities at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia; Tinker AFB, Oklahoma; Hill AFB, Utah; Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, North Carolina; Naval Air Station North Island, California; and NAS Jacksonville, Florida.

DLA Aviation manages depot-level repairable procurement operations at Robins, Tinker and Hill Air Force bases; Naval Supply Systems Command Weapon Systems Support, Philadelphia; and at Redstone Army Arsenal, Alabama. DLA Aviation also operates an industrial plant equipment maintenance, repair and overhaul facility at Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.


Full-time DLA Employees: 89
Contractor support personnel: 1
Total: 90


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