Defense Contract Management Agency Navy Special Emphasis Operations

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MISSION: Provide contract administration services to the Department of Defense acquisition enterprise and its partners to ensure delivery of quality products and services to the war-fighter, on time and on cost.

VISION: Be the DOD’s leading experts in quality assurance, cost, schedule and supply chain predictability and contract administration, enabling our partners to achieve contract objectives.

Defense Contract Management Agency Navy Special Emphasis Operations Contract Management Office is a 90 percent-plus virtual organization with 130 operating locations, covering 750 suppliers in 44 states.

Navy Special Emphasis Programs include: Navy Nuclear Propulsion (37 principal nuclear suppliers), Nuclear Plant Material, Level I/SUBSAFE, Navy Propulsion, Aircraft Launch & Recovery Equipment, Deep Submergence Systems/Scope of Certification and Ship Control-Fly by Wire Ship Control.

The basis of the CMO’s mission is primarily oversight of ships’ and shipboard critical safety items, which encompass product complexity, critical components, consequence of failure, unique processes, procedures, security requirements, and special training and certifications that are associated with Navy special emphasis programs.

Military: 1
DOD Civilians: 309
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