Navy Recruiting District Philadelphia

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Navy Recruiting District Philadelphia


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NSA Philadelphia Michael Thompson

Cmdr. Michael N. Thompson
Commanding Officer
Navy Recruiting District

 Navy Recruiting District Philadelphia Executive Officer

Cmdr. Kemi O. Elebute
Executive Officer,
Navy Recruiting District

MISSION: Recruit and ship qualified applicants in order to provide the Navy’s manpower needs.

VISION: Team Philly is a proud team of naval ambassadors no matter where we are. In all that we do, we act like the winning professionals that America trusts us to be. Our efforts enable our Navy to deliver the world’s premier maritime fighting force. We strive to support each other — sailors, civilians and our families — while simultaneously providing world-class customer service to our future sailors and applicants.


• SWAGGER: Live like you believe the hype. Have and show off the Navy’s professional, honorable and gritty warrior ethos. Inspire.
• OWNERSHIP: Perfect everything around you. Hold yourselves accountable to the highest possible standard of follow-through and integrity. This is your command.
• UNITY: Look out for each other — sailors, civilians, families, future sailors and applicants. Everyone here is a valuable member of our team.
• LEADERSHIP: Lead in a way that puts others ahead of self. Lead professionally, fairly and respectfully. Everyone here is a leader.

Military: 162
Civilians: 18
Total: 180



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