Bachelor Quarters

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Permanent Party

Currently, single permanent party personnel (E-1 to E-4) assigned to host and tenant commands are provided berthing accommodations in Building S-454. Due to limited berthing space and CNIC directives E-5 to E-9 are encouraged to draw Single Basic Allowance for Housing and live off base. Personnel assigned to Building 454 are provided a private room, and private bath.


Room furnishings include, a full size bed, headboard, credenza, large mirror, lamp, round table with two chairs, desk with carrel, storage units, large refrigerator and wall art. Amenities include a medium size microwave and access to telephone and cable TV services (for a fee). A lounge with a wide screen TV (with cable service provided) a laundry room and a functional kitchen are provided on each deck. On the first deck there are two NMCI computers provided for residents use. For additional information call (901) 874-5724 (DSN 882).


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