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Navy Ten Nautical Miler

Navy Ten Nautical Miler is a 10-nautical-mile (19 km) run held in early June at Naval Support Activity Mid-South.  It is unique as it’s the first and only race measured in nautical miles as opposed to statute miles. The race is officially sanctioned by USA Track & Field, the national governing body for track & field, long distance running, and race walking in the United States. The event is being coordinated in association with the Memphis Runners Track Club.


Navy Ten Nautical Miler was founded in 2010 to give the United States Navy a premiere foot race to replace the disestablished Blue Angels Marathon. The length of ten nautical miles was chosen as the length because it is roughly the distance from the shore to the horizon when viewed at sea level. It’s also the distance traveled by the Allied Forces on D-Day, significant as the inaugural run on the Navy Ten Nautical Miler will take place June 6, 2010, the anniversary of D-Day.


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