NITC DET Whiting Field

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NAS Whiting Field Tenant Commands NITC DET Whiting Field


Our mission is to develop, execute and manage the Department of Navy’s Security Assistance and Security Cooperation training and education programs that support the U.S. security strategy to strengthen international partnerships. We provide world class Security Assistance and Security Cooperation education and training services for the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Navy and our partner nations. NITC Det Whiting Field has been working with TRAWING 5 Intenational Students since 1985. We provide preparatory ground and flight training to participating nationalities assigned to the various squadrons at TRAWING 5. All instructor staff are contract former TRAWING 5 Flight Instructors. The Officer in Charge is active duty, assigned from NETSAFA Staff and usually flies with one of the TRAWING 5 Squadrons as well.


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