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Fleet and Family Support Center

The Fleet and Family Support Center is a one-stop shop for programs that promote quality of life for military personnel and their families. Services include free parenting and life skill programs, financial programs, deployment support, transition and employment assistance, relocation assistance, counseling and victim assistance, Exceptional Family Member Program support, information and referral, and more. The FFSC at 7928 14th St., Suite 102, can be reached at 757-444-2102.

For more information on FFSC programs at Naval Station Norfolk, visit www.navymwrnavalstationnorfolk.com and select “Fleet & Family Support Center” from the “Support Services” drop-down menu.

Exceptional Family Member Program

EFMP liaisons at the Fleet and Family Support Center provide information, referral and system navigation to special-needs families. For information on Naval Station Norfolk’s EFMP program, contact the Fleet and Family Service Center at 757-444-2102.

Single Sailor Program

The Single Sailor Program is open to all active-duty military personnel and their guests 18 years or older. The program accommodates geographic bachelors and unaccompanied service members from all branches of service. The program aims to enhance the quality of life of these individuals by providing social, cultural, recreational and athletic activities in a safe and healthy environment.

There are two liberty centers at Naval Station Norfolk. The Wind & Sea Recreation Center at 9475 Bacon Ave., in Building C-9, offers free Wi-Fi, a snack bar, an individual TV viewing area, a movie theater room, video game systems and games, dart boards, pool, foosball and pingpong. The center also features holiday parties, pay-per-view events and tournaments for darts, pingpong and Texas Hold ’em. Call 757-444-4033 for more information.

The Wind & Sea Recreation Center at 1910 Decatur Ave., in Building Q-80, has free Wi-Fi, gaming computers, an individual TV viewing area, video game systems and games, a sound room with instruments, a movie theater room, pool and pingpong. Call 757-444-1216 for more information.

For more information on Naval Station Norfolk’s Single Sailor Program, go to www.navymwrnavalstationnorfolk.com/recreation/liberty-single-sailor.

Navy Wounded Warrior — Safe Harbor

Navy Wounded Warrior — Safe Harbor is the Navy’s sole organization for coordinating the non-medical care of seriously wounded, ill and injured sailors and Coast Guardsmen, and providing resources and support to their families and caregivers. The program provides individually tailored assistance designed to optimize the success of the wounded warriors’ recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration activities. NWW helps sailors and Coast Guardsmen return to duty, and, when that’s not possible, the program works collaboratively with federal agencies and state and local organizations to ease wounded warriors back into their communities.

Resources includes assistance with comprehensive recovery plans; adaptive sports and reconditioning; pay and personnel issues; invitational travel orders; lodging and housing adaptation; child and youth care; transportation needs; education benefits and training; employment opportunities; respite care; transition assistance and more.

Sailors and Coast Guardsmen may self-refer to the program or be referred by family, command leadership or medical providers. For more information, go to www.navymwrnavalstationnorfolk.com and select “Navy Wounded Warrior — Safe Harbor” from the “Support Services” drop-down menu.


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