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Student Housing, NAS Saratoga Springs


Learn about the variety of housing possibilities available. Options are available to your unique situation including: housing for families, single service members, families that are enrolled in the exceptional family member program, pet owners and unaccompanied personnel. Explore your options to find a home that best fits your needs.


Government Housing

The Housing Service Center (HSC) staff is pleased to welcome you to the Saratoga Springs, NY area. HSC staff members look forward to providing assistance for all of your house hunting needs.


NSA Saratoga Springs Public Private Venture (PPV) housing is managed by Balfour Beatty Communities. PPV housing is available to all active duty service members with or without dependents, officer or enlisted ranks and regardless of marital status. Active duty members with dependents have assignment priority.

Housing consists of 50 two-bedroom townhouses and 50 three-bedroom townhouses.

The apartment community offers an additional 100 two-bedroom apartments, some of which are furnished. Each building contains four apartments. Each apartment includes a full size washer and dryer and the use of a detached one car garage. The townhouses offer bi-level living, one-car attached garage and a fenced yard.


Applications for PPV housing must be submitted to the Navy Housing Service Center (HSC). Applicants may submit a housing application through the Housing Early Assistance Tool (HEAT) or by contacting the HSC to submit a DD Form 1746. The phone application process is short and should take only 2-3 minutes. Spouses are also able to submit a housing application if the service member is not available.

Applicants will be placed on the PPV Preferred Referral List (aka "waitlist"). The application can be submitted in advance; however, the service member's detachment date will be used as the control date on the application. Contact the Navy HSC at 518-886-0200 Ext 168 to submit a housing application or for additional information. Applicants may also email SaratogaSprings_Housing@navy.mil for assistance.

Single Service Member Housing

NSA Saratoga Springs does not have barracks; however, single service members may live in PPV housing and are authorized to live in the local community. Housing is open to all ranks, officer or enlisted. Active duty service members with family members have housing assignment priority.

Single Sailor Program

Single Sailors may participate in the Single Sailor Program which allows them to rent only one bedroom in the two bedroom apartments. This program allows service members to reduce their housing costs.

The Navy HSC will help secure PPV base or community housing for all service members and their families. Contact 518-886-0200, Ext 168.

Exceptional Family Member Housing

Contact the HSC prior to arriving in the area if Exceptional Family Member (EFM) accessible housing is required. Placement for incoming special needs families is governed by a priority assignment policy. Contact the HSC at 518-886-0200 Ext 168 to be placed on the priority placement list.

Click on photos to see the housing units or go to website for floor plans.

All housing units offer air conditioning. Housing does not provide electric generators.


Non-Government Housing

The HSC staff can provide assistance and guidance throughout your tour of duty. HSC services include generating applications for PPV housing, extensive referral services, Landlord/Tenant mediations/issue resolutions, home buying information, housing contacts and housing application submissions around the globe. The HSC provides administrative support to service members and their families by providing the use of telephones, copy and fax machines.

Cost of Living

The average cost of housing rentals and sales in the Saratoga area is generally higher than the surrounding areas. Housing costs in the Northeast, in general, are higher than most areas of the country.

The average monthly utility (electric/natural gas) bill for housing will vary from property to property. When considering a rental, service members should ask the owner for general winter heating costs. Housing in the Northeast can use a number of different fuels to heat the property. Fuels such as oil, kerosene, electric, propane or natural gas are most common. Pricing varies from season to season.

Rental Options

Housing Service Center (HSC) - A housing referral counselor will provide an informational briefing and assistance tailored to meet individual housing needs. A comprehensive brief and tools for house hunting such as maps, sample leases, military escape clause and condition reports are provided to all incoming service members and their families.

Purchase Options

Housing prices vary greatly depending on the community. Before you consider purchasing a home, contact the FFSC for a Home Buying workshop. This workshop includes topics such as; buying vs renting, closing costs, local market information, and more.

Even if the service member has owned other homes, the FFSC and HSC will provide home buying information which may be unique to this area.

Mobile Homes

NSA Saratoga Springs does not have mobile homes on base. Mobile home sites are located throughout the local and surrounding communities.



Housing at NSA Saratoga Springs is privatized. Housing consists of 100 two-bedroom apartments, some of which are furnished, 50 two-bedroom townhouses and 50 three-bedroom townhouses.

The two-bedroom apartments are located on Quiet Harbor Road where each building contains four apartments. Apartments offer a detached one-car garage and a full-size washer and dryer.

The two and three bedroom townhouses offer bi-level living, a fenced yard and a one-car attached garage.

Contact the Navy Housing Service Center, at 518-886-0200 Ext 127, Mon-Fri from 8:00am to 4:00pm, for availability.

Support Services

Military and Family Support Centers are part of the network of agencies, programs, services and partnerships which supports the overall well-being of military families. Military and Family Support Centers provide information, education and support programs to help balance the demands of military life. The Military and Family Support Center should be one of your first stops once you arrive at a new installation to connect with key programs, services and support systems. Programs and services may vary across services and installations.

  • Deployment support provides information, education and support to assist you and your family during all phases of the deployment cycle.
  • Relocation assistance provides an array of services during the relocation process to meet your moving needs.
  • Personal financial management provides information, education and one-on-one financial counseling to assist you and your family in maintaining your financial readiness.
  • Employment assistance offers comprehensive information, tools and resources to support career exploration, training and licensing, and employment readiness.
  • Family life education provides information and education to assist you and your family in developing resilience skills that can help as you navigate your mobile military lives.
  • Information and referral can assist you in identifying and clarifying needs to determine appropriate forms of assistance and in locating services and programs available both on and off your installation.
  • The Transition Assistance Program prepares separating, retiring and demobilizing service members (and their families) with the information, skills and knowledge necessary for a successful transition from military to civilian life. The first step in your transition process is to complete the congressionally mandated pre-separation counseling session, which furnishes detailed information on the various benefits and services available.

Military and Family Support Centers may provide other programs, such as the Exceptional Family Member Program, Family Advocacy Program and the New Parent Support Program. These services vary by location.


Installation Specific Information

Our Fleet and Family Support Center provides other services, such as individual, couples, family, and child counseling, Family Advocacy, New Parent Support, Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR), volunteer, and exceptional family member support. We also have broadband internet connected computers, printers, scanners, fax machine, copier, and notary services. All available free of charge.


Family Deployment Support

Prior to deployment contact the Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC). The FFSC can provide workshops and class that address the many issues before, during and after deployment for single and married couples and their children.

Some of the issues are: Deployment Readiness, Financial Readiness, Managing Separation, Homecoming, Return and reunion, Consumer Awareness, and Car Buying.

Discuss deployment issues with your Personal Property Shipping Office when you are reporting to a deployed command as you may need or want to put household goods into storage before you deploy.

Current Support Groups

Family Readiness Group (FRG) - The New York Capital District FRG (Saratoga Springs, Albany) provides resources and support to all Navy personnel and their families, as well as other military families in the area. Members are comprised of spouses from NPTU, NSA and other local commands. Contact the FRG through Facebook at New York Capital District FRG or through the Fleet and Family Support Center at 518-886-0200 Ext 146.

The Stratton Air Guard Base (Schenectady, NY) 109th Airlift Wing Family Support Group. The Air Guard Family Readiness Group provides resources and supports all 109th service members and their families and provides a networking opportunity. They can be contacted at 518-344-2357, or DSN 312-344-2357.


Financial Assistance

Upstate New York is an expensive place to live. However, settling in costs may not be as high as some other areas. Most utilities do not charge for deposits, but hook-up charges are common. Off-base housing varies with the town or city you desire to live in. Contact your sponsor for assistance.

Naval Support Activity's Saratoga Springs, Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC) offers a variety of financial services/seminars on Money Management Skills, Budgeting Skills, Mutual Funds Basics and Advanced, Checkbook Management, Car/Home Buying Seminars and Smooth Move workshops. In addition, individual financial counseling is provided by appointment. Contact the FFSC at 518-886-0200 x142, or contact your Command Financial Specialist.

Temporary Lodging Expense

Temporary Lodging Expense (TLE) - For use in the Continental United States (CONUS) to partially reimburse temporary living expenses, maximum of ten days (for days not covered by per diem), keep receipts and discuss maximum daily allowance under TLE with your Travel Clerk. Currently the maximum TLE amount for a hotel in this area is approximately $110.00 per day. Make sure you save all of your travel receipts.

Current TLE rates and all of your travel entitlements, including your new BAH rates can be found on the following website.

Cost of Living

The average cost of housing rentals in the Saratoga area is $1300.00. The average cost of housing purchases in the Saratoga area is $218,000.00.

All temporary housing is off base. The local hotel rates vary from $90.00 - $250.00 per night. In July and August (Horse Racing season), hotel rates range from $300.00 to $400.00 per night.

The average monthly utility (electric/natural gas) bill for housing is $250.00. Many homes use fuel oil. The cost of fuel oil is approximately $400.00 per month in the winter months and is separate from your electric bill.

Requirements for motor vehicle liability insurance coverage in NYS A motor vehicle registered in NYS must have liability insurance. Insurance coverage must be a minimum of $25,000/50,000 for injury, $50,000/100,000 for death, and $10,000 for property damage caused by any one accident. New York State is a no-fault state.

The liability coverage must remain in effect while the registration is valid, even if the vehicle is not used (except motorcycles).

  • The liability coverage must be NYS insurance coverage, issued by a company authorized to do business in NYS and licensed by the NYS Insurance Department. Out-of-state insurance coverage of any type is NEVER acceptable or valid. If your vehicle is registered in NYS, the liability insurance coverage must be NYS insurance coverage.
  • Liability coverage must be issued in the name of the registrant and must remain in the name of the registrant at all times. A change on the insurance to a name different from the registrant causes a lapse in insurance coverage, and the driver license of the registrant and the registration is suspended.
  • You must show a NYS Insurance Identification Card when you apply for a vehicle registration. Your insurance company, agent or broker must issue two original NYS Insurance Identification Cards to you. The Insurance Identification Cards must have the same name as the registration application and must have a bar code.
  • The insurance company must also file an electronic notice of insurance coverage with the DMV to verify the liability coverage. (The agent or broker cannot file this notice.) Your Insurance Identification Card and the electronic notice of insurance coverage together verify your insurance coverage. An Insurance Identification Card only does not prove liability coverage.
  • An Insurance Identification Card must be presented within 45 days of the effective date of the insurance coverage. Bring the cards to the DMV office when you apply for the registration. The DMV office will keep one card. Keep the other card with the vehicle. If a police officer requests your proof of insurance, you must show your Insurance Identification Card.
  • The DMV does not accept any out-of-state insurance documents.

All vehicles registered in NYS must have NYS liability coverage. There are no exceptions. If you replace your NYS insurance coverage with out-of-state insurance, a lapse in valid insurance coverage occurs. The NYSDMV suspends your registration, and the NYSDMV can suspend your driver license. The NYSDMV must take actions against your NYS registration and driver license even if you move outside of NYS. This action can affect your ability to hold a valid driver license in your new state. If you register your vehicle in another state, immediately surrender your NYS vehicle plates to the NYSDMV by mail.The insurance company must notify the DMV if you cancel your liability insurance. Your insurance company is also required to notify DMV if your insurance coverage is reinstated or you get new insurance coverage. If the insurance company does not file an electronic notice about your new or reinstated liability insurance, the DMV sends you a letter about your insurance. Read the insert mailed with the letter, and follow the instructions in the letter. You are given 10 days from the date of the DMV letter to prove that you have insurance coverage, prove that you sold the vehicle, or show other proof that insurance coverage was not required in NYS. If you do have insurance coverage, also ask your insurance company (do not ask your agent or broker) to file an electronic notice of insurance coverage with the DMV. If you do not have liability insurance, you must surrender your vehicle plates to the NYSDMV immediately. Make sure you get a receipt. You must respond to the letter you receive from the DMV or surrender your license plates to prevent the suspension of your registration and driver license. If your liability insurance is about to lapse and you do not plan to replace it with other insurance, surrender your vehicle plates to the DMV before your insurance coverage lapses. Any amount of time that your vehicle is registered but not insured can cause a lapse in your insurance coverage and the suspension or revocation of your registration. A lapse in insurance coverage can occur:

  • between the date your insurance is canceled and the effective date of your new insurance;
  • between the date your insurance is canceled and the date you surrender your license plates or the date your registration expires;
  • between the date your insurance is canceled and the effective date of "other proof" (for example, a vehicle registered in another state, or a vehicle repossessed or impounded);
  • between the date you register your vehicle and the effective date of your new insurance coverage;
  • between the date the insurance is canceled and the date the same insurance company reinstates your insurance coverage.

If the lapse in the insurance coverage exceeds 90 days, your driver license is also suspended.

Financial Emergency

If you are enroute to your next duty station and have a financial emergency, any Red Cross can help you. If you are near a Military base it is possible to receive help from the Air Force Aid Society and/or the Army Emergency Assistance office. If you need financial assistance in the local area, contact NMCRS at 518-886-0200- x146.

Advance Pay and Travel Allowances

Drawing of advance pay may not be the best option when you transfer. Advance pay will automatically be withdrawn from your pay monthly, reducing your income.

Ensure you talk to your travel clerk about advance travel allowances. They do not have to be repaid.


Family Advocacy Program

The Family Advocacy Program is the congressionally designated program responsible for the prevention of, and response to, child abuse and neglect and domestic abuse/intimate partner violence in military families. The Family Advocacy Program works in collaboration with military and civilian medical providers, social service agencies, law enforcement, legal personnel, chaplains, and child and youth programs to provide a coordinated community response. The goal of the Family Advocacy Program is to promote the prevention, early identification, reporting and treatment of child and spouse abuse.

Program services vary by installation and generally include the following:

  • Public awareness campaigns, education and support for couples and parents
  • Parenting support at every age and stage, including New Parent Support Program home visits for expectant parents, new parents and families with young children
  • Safety planning, advocacy and support for domestic abuse victims
  • Clinical treatment for offenders and all affected family members, as appropriate


Loan Closet

To check out a loan closet kit you need a military ID and a copy of your orders. Loan closets can be borrowed for 30 day increments at no charge. Contact the Fleet and Family Support Center at 518-886-0200,


New Parent Support Program

The New Parent Support Program offers information, support and guidance to military families who are expecting a child or have a child 3 years old or younger. Services are provided free of charge to eligible families. Program staff provides support in the areas of pregnancy, labor and delivery, infant and toddler care and safety, growth and development, parenting and family relationships through home visits, classes, support groups and referrals to community services. New Parent Support Program staff understands the impact that military life can have on expectant and new families and assists families in coping with these special situations. Program services are tailored to each family's unique circumstances and can help with preparing for parenthood, parenting skills, understanding growth and development, couple communication and stress management.


Relocation Assistance

If you are approaching a permanent change of station, or PCS, you may have questions about your upcoming move. As part of the Military and Family Support Center, the relocation assistance program provides services and resources to help make this transition as smooth as possible. NPTU Staff Family Newcomer Orientation/Indoctrination sessions are scheduled monthly at the Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC) at 4:00 pm with a date announced upon arrival. Below is a listing of resources.

  • PCS planning— Most relocation assistance programs offer counseling/consultations to assist in the moving process. Those making their first military move, those making their first overseas move or those with challenging or complex situations should contact their installation relocation assistance office as soon as possible for information and assistance.
  • Loan Closet — Loan Closet offers basic household goods while your personal property is in transit. Typical items include pots and pans, dishes, silverware, irons, ironing boards and infant or toddler car seats. Generally, towels and bed linens are not available, so these should be packed in your express shipment. This service varies by service and installation.
  • Workshops and briefings — Workshops vary from installation to installation, but you may find classes on housing options, moving with children, moving with pets or general moving preparation and resources.
  • Pre-departure briefings — These briefings may be called Smooth Move or PCS Briefing and provide essential information about your next duty station. These briefings can be critical in setting you up for success during the transition to your next duty station.
  • Settling-in services — Welcome Wagon services or local area tours may be a part of your installation’s settling-in services. Overseas arrival services may include introductory language classes and cultural awareness training.
  • Foreign-born spouse support — Whether you have questions or concerns about immigration and naturalization, learning the English language or how to use local transportation, the relocation program provides assistance, classes and referrals.
  • Emergency assistance — From time to time, emergencies occur while moving. The Relocation Assistance Program office has the resources to provide emergency financial assistance and referrals.

Installation Specific Information

Relocation assistance is available at the Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC), located in Building 104 on board NSA Saratoga Springs. Detailed local information available from our knowledgeable and seasoned staff. Please visit the NSA Saratoga Springs Facebook page for additional information.

A "Newcomer's Brief" is provided to all newly arriving Staff Members and their families on a monthly basis in the evening in building 106 on board NSA Saratoga Springs.  A departure brief is provided to all NPTU classes prior to graduating. Individual relocation guidance is available for staff, students, and their families.

A full range of arrival and departure services are available. If you need assistance to find information regarding the local area, or want to know about the base you are going to, stop by or call for an appointment.

Moving is a way of life for military personnel, find out how to survive in the "mobile lifestyle" and how to reduce the stress involved with your move. Attend a "Smooth Move" class to learn your entitlements and other tools to make your move as smooth as possible.

NSA Saratoga Springs is not designated as a separation location. Any personnel stationed in this area, or are planning on moving to this area, are welcome to use all FFSC programs to assist them in the separation process.

Ombudsman Program -- The Ombudsman is a volunteer, appointed by the commanding officer, to serve as an information link between command leadership and Navy families. Ombudsmen are trained to disseminate information both up and down the chain of command, including official Department of the Navy and command information, command climate issues, local quality of life (QOL) improvement opportunities, and "good deals" around the community.

They also provide resource referrals when needed. They are instrumental in resolving family issues before the issues require extensive command attention. The command ombudsman program is shaped largely by the commanding officer's perceived needs of his/her command. The command ombudsman is appointed by and works under the guidance of the commanding officer who determines the priorities of the program, the roles and relationships of those involved in it, and the type and level of support it will receive.

Contact your Ombudsman prior to your PCS move to upstate New York:

  • Ombudsman, NPTU Ballston Spa; 518-281-9907
  • Ombudsman, NOSC Schenectady; 518-399-2134
  • Ombudsman, NRD New England; 518-788-2961
  • Ombudsman, NBHC 518-810-36878

Child Care and Youth Programs

Family Child Care

Children ages 6 weeks to 12 years may receive care in the private home of a certified family child care provider living in government-owned or leased housing. Family child care is typically available weekdays and with additional care provided during evenings, weekends and flexible hourly care for shift work. Regulations limit the number of children who receive care at any one time to no more than six children under age 8 and no more than two children under age 2. Family child care providers must be certified to operate by the installation. Individual providers may voluntarily seek national accreditation from the National Association of Family Child Care and are provided local support, training and materials to accomplish this goal.


Requesting Child Care

Military families may request child care by visiting MilitaryChildCare.com. This Department of Defense website serves all military families seeking child care (including Child Development Centers, Family Child Care and school age care programs) and provides access to military-operated child care options world-wide. Families may search for and request care, manage their requests, and update their profile online, simplifying the process for finding child care.


Child Development Centers

Child development centers, or CDCs, generally offer child care for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years. Care is available Monday through Friday, with some locations offering options, such as extended hours, weekend care and respite care. Child development centers vary in size and larger installations may operate multiple facilities. Programs are certified by the Department of Defense and accredited by a national accrediting body, such as the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

The Child Development Home (CDH) program is available on Naval Support Activity Saratoga Springs. This program offers a setting in which CDH Providers care for children in their own homes, on or off base. Each CDH provider is an independent business person responsible for offering full-time, part-time and hourly care to children 6 weeks to 12 years of age. Call the CDH office at 518-886-0200 x161.

The Child Development Home (CDH) program is a Navy-wide program designed to train, license, and support family members of military sponsors interested in providing child-care in their homes both off base and in government housing. Each home is inspected monthly to ensure compliance with program requirements. Certification is transferable from base to base with minor re-qualifying requirements.

Providers receive training in Child Growth and Development, Child Abuse and Prevention, Fire/Safety Emergency Evacuation Procedures, Health, Nutrition, Food Sanitation, etc. They are also certified in CPR and First Aid. CDH providers attend required on-going two-hour monthly training classes to expand their knowledge in child development practices and enhance professional growth.

Programs Offered

Each CDH provider is an independent business person responsible for offering full-time, part-time and hourly care to children 6 weeks to 12 years of age. Other programs available through the CDH program include: 

  • Extended Hours care
  • Weekend care
  • Before and After school care
  • Special Needs care
  • Part Day - Preschool
  • Part Day - School Age


The CDH program offers the direct cash subsidy payment program to offer affordable child-care to active duty military families. Parents of full-time children enrolled in the CDHP will pay a fee based on their total family income.


School Age Programs

School-age care programs provide care to children in kindergarten through sixth grade. Care is offered before and after school, during non-school days and summer vacations. School-age care programs may be located in Department of Defense youth centers, child development centers or in other suitable facilities. All programs are certified by the Department of Defense and accredited by a national accrediting body, such as the Council on Accreditation.


Youth Programs

Dynamic programs for youth ages 5 through 18 years are provided in approximately 300 youth and teen program facilities worldwide. A wide variety of offerings includes activities in physical fitness and sports, the arts, life skills, career and volunteer opportunities. Installation programs may also collaborate with other youth-serving organizations, like the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and USDA/4-H programs.

Naval Support Activity Saratoga Springs does not have a Youth center.

NSA Saratoga Springs Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) and Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC) offer the following activities on an annual basis:

May - Military Spouse Appriciation events
June - Summer Fest - BBQ style food, sporting events, music, clowns, and a kids' fun run. Halloween - Pizza, cake, candy, costumes, pumpkin painting, and Frankenstein. Trick or Treating on base. December - Holiday Party - food, crafts, presents and pictures with Santa.
There are no youth social, religious, or employment programs on base.

February - Cabin Fever activities
March/April - Continental breakfast -breakfast, egg hunt, and pictures with the Easter Bunny. April - Month of the Military Child Activities

Food, crafts, and entertainment are always provided. All parties are totally free! There are no youth social, religious, or employment programs available on base.


Recreation Programs

Fitness, Sports & Aquatics

MWR prides itself on providing excellent facilities and services to help servicemembers and their families maintain their health and physical fitness as best as they can.

Unfortunately, due to its small size, there is no fitness center available at the Naval Support Activity (NSA) Saratoga Springs. However, to make up for this deficiency, the MWR office at NSA Saratoga Springs has obtained family memberships from the Saratoga Springs YMCA for Active Duty Navy servicemembers and their families. These memberships are exclusively available to those Active Duty Navy servicemembers who are assigned to NSA Saratoga Springs, the Navy Medical/Dental Clinic, and the Nuclear Power Training Unit (NPTU) Ballston Spa and to the families of the aforementioned servicemembers. To find out more information about obtaining a membership or whether or not you are eligible for a membership, contact the MWR Office Director at 518-885-5138 ext. 2.

Fortunately, NPTU Ballston Spa students and staff also have access to a full service fitness facility open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, which is located at NPTU Ballston Spa. For more information on this fitness facility, contact the MWR Fitness Instructor at 518 884-1581.

In addition to fitness centers, MWR has several sports fields available for its servicemembers to use either as part of an MWR Intramural Sports League or as an independent group who may compete alongside their families. Currently MWR has the following sports fields available:

    - 2 Softball Fields
    - 1 Softball Practice Field/Flag Football Field
    - 2 Tennis Courts
MWR also has 7 picnic pavilions available for parties or get togethers. None of the pavilions have water services available, but 2 have electric outlets available for use. There is no charge to military members or their families for using the picnic pavilions on a first come first serve basis, but you must contact the MWR Office to reserve one of the pavilions for a fee in time for your event.

For questions regarding the use of any sports fields or to reserve a picnic pavilion, contact the MWR Office at 518 885-5138 ext. 1.

Tickets, Travel and Tours

MWR offers discounted tickets to:

  • Local movie theaters in Saratoga Springs 
  • Off-Broadway theatrical plays shown at Proctors Theater in Schenectady, NY
  • Great Escape Theme park (In Lake George)
  • Six Flags New England (located in Massachusetts) 

The GOTicket program, at NSA Saratoga Springs MWR Department, provides discounted tickets to national attractions. This service is available to all Active Duty, Retired, Reserve, Guard, 100% Disabled Veterans, and their direct family members (upon proof of valid ID). The GOTicket program is an extension of the Military Ticket Program (MTP); the official Department of Defense organization which supports military ticketing offices nationwide. Disney, Universal, Hershey Park, Medieval Times, Busch Gardens, and Sesame Place are but a minute example of the thousands of discounted attraction tickets that MWR Saratoga Springs has to offer. Whether you enjoy pier fishing in California, discovering the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, touring the main attractions of Toronto (Canada), or visiting the Grand Ole Opry in Tennessee, GOTickets has a ticket for that.

MWR also arranges group trips throughout the year which have included:

  • Bronx Zoo in New York City
  • New York Yankees and NY Mets baseball games 
  • NYC and Boston
  • wine tours
  • NASCAR Races
  • Radio City Music Hall in NYC for the Christmas Spectacular

For more information on ticket prices or to find out about upcoming events, contact the MWR Office at 518 885-5138 extension 1.


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