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The command’s mission is to recruit men and women who meet mental, moral, physical and other specific standards for enlistment and obtaining the best qualified applicants from civilian sources for enlistment of officer candidates, and for direct appointment as officers in the regular Navy and Navy Reserve.

Navy Recruiting District (NRD) Chicago is one of 26 recruiting districts under Commander, Navy Recruiting Command. The 61,945 square miles assigned to NRD Chicago includes Northern Illinois, Northwest Indiana, Eastern Wisconsin and the Western Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Within the district, there are 65 recruiting stations that are divided into ten zones, and two Military Entrance and Processing Station (MEPS) Offices and the district’s headquarters.

NRD Chicago has assigned 238 total personnel consisting of 196 enlisted personnel, 29 civilians and 13 officers, also comprising of 37 support and MEPS personnel, who annually provide their share and more of the finest of today’s young men and women for the Navy of tomorrow.


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