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Website: https://usnwc.edu/naval-leadership-and-ethics-center
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Founded in 2014, the Naval Leadership and Ethics Center is the catalyst for, and synchronizer of, developing ethical leaders throughout the Navy from seaman recruit to captain in support of the president of the U.S. Naval War College. NLEC annually provides seminar-style facilitated courses to support over 130,000 Navy personnel around the fleet.

Command courses: The prospective commanding officer course is a two-week, in-resident, core curriculum immersing prospective leaders in an intense course of study, focused on reinforcing fundamental tenets of naval leadership and improving the decision-making foundation of officers who will assume their first command. Prospective major commanders participate in a one-week seminar that builds on these principles. The prospective executive officers course addresses the application of leadership principles in carrying out the duties and responsibilities of the second-in-command. The command master chief and chief of the boat course is a capstone program designed to further develop the unique perspective and special skills needed to serve as a vital member of the command’s leadership triad. The combined courses convene 14 times each year and students share learning experiences in topics that include lectures, case studies, self-awareness coaching, personality assessment, and subjects relevant to the command leadership team and command support team members. Spouses of prospective commanding officers and command master chiefs participate in a one-week, seminar-style course to learn ways to support the command through a team-building approach that includes recognizing, inspiring and educating spouses to realize the positive impact they can have on the morale and success of the command.

Intermediate Leadership Course: The intermediate leadership course is a one-week, in-resident, seminar-style course that prepares intermediate officers heading to department head positions in self-awareness, ethics, critical reflection and leadership effectiveness. Reserve intermediate officers heading to department head positions and Reserve senior officers participate in a one-weekend, nonresident professional development seminar that promotes professional growth in ethics, self-awareness, leader development and decision-making.

Division Officer Leadership Course: This is a one-week course that prepares and provides junior officers with strategies for building and maintaining an effective work climate that focuses on the pillars of character growth, to include self-awareness, the Profession of Arms, ethical decision-making and application through practice using case studies.

Enlisted leader development continuum: ELD is a three-tier curriculum that includes foundational, intermediate and advanced leader development. E-3 to E-6 enlisted personnel participate in a three- to four-day, nonresident course that closely links to the Navy core values to prepare the Sailor for increasing leadership responsibilities in support of the CNO’s Navy leader development framework.

Fleet engagement teams: NLEC supports fleet request for leader development. Mobile training teams provide an independent assessment of command climate challenges and provide recommendations for self-improvement.


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