About Navy Region Southwest

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As the Naval shore installation management headquarters for the Southwest region (California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico), Navy Region Southwest provides coordination of base operating support functions for operating forces throughout the region. This includes providing expertise in areas such as housing, environmental, security, family services, port services, air services, bachelor quarters, supply, medical and logistical concerns for the hundreds of thousands of active-duty, reserve and retired military members in the area. The command also serves as the regional coordinator for the Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet, headquartered in Hawaii, coordinating support for bases in Southern California and Nevada. We will be the best at efficiently delivering the right level of shore support services that meets our customer’s mission requirements, reduces risk and ensures our Operational Forces are ready to take the fight to the enemy.

The Navy is embarking on a new era in shore management, and San Diego is leading the way. As the Navy reduces its operational forces, it is essential for the shore establishment supporting those forces to be realigned. Navy Region Southwest is changing how we do business ashore and is the model for the Navy’s future shore establishment structure.

Here in the Southwest region we are establishing a regional organization dedicated to providing the highest level of mission support and quality of life services for all operating forces and ashore support activities in the region.  By regionalizing services, we can substantially reduce the cost of these services while continuing to meet the Fleet’s demand for them. We are looking to the private business sector for ways to provide this support. This means taking advantage of the latest innovations and adapting new technologies and business practices to get the job done.

As we apply these best business practices to our shore installation management system, we are beginning an evolutionary process with immense potential. Our program managers will lead their teams in a never-ending quest for better service to the Fleet at lower costs.


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