Energy, Environment, Engagement

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NBC is committed to saving and producing energy and conserving its resources. NBC is over $1.3 million under budget, based on energy savings from FY-2011 projects.

Renewable energy systems exceed 2,000 watts and we are producing over 3 million kilowatt hours annually. Under the central irrigation management and water conservation there has been water savings that exceed 16.7 million gallons.


NBC is an active participant in protecting the environment and takes proactive steps to minimize the effects of its activities on protected resources. NBC has taken the extra step of partnering with California Department of Fish and Game to ensure their protection.

NBC manages 47 federally listed species of plants and animals, 22 of these species are located on San Clemente Island - the island is also one of the Navy’s most important training ranges.


NBC is committed in maintaining a strong partnership with the community. Command personnel work closely with local city members, chambers of commerce, police and fire departments to open up lines of communication with the community.


Opportunities for community involvement include annual beach clean-ups, community special events, youth groups, and the Annual Coronado Speed Festival – in which the base opens its doors to the public to showcase the Navy’s mission and capabilities!


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