NB Coronado Receives Water Conservation Award

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Naval Base Coronado received the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Federal Green Challenge program water conservation award.

The prestigious award recognizes base efforts to reduce water use that resulted in the conservation of over 101 million gallons last year.

Naval Base Coronado is a group of eight individual Navy sites, stretching from San Clemente Island to the Remote Training Site at Warner Springs in east San Diego County.

“I’m very proud of the Naval Base Coronado team,” said Commanding Officer Capt. Christopher Sund. “We remain committed to protecting and preserving precious resources.”

The Federal Green Challenge program is a national effort under the Environmental Protection Agency designed to recognize federal agencies for reducing environmental impact.

Naval Base Coronado is an active participant in protecting the environment and takes proactive steps to minimize the effects of its activities. Irrigation frequency reduction and water cooling tower valve adjustments contributed to saving water.


Naval Base Coronado provides services and facilities that include training and testing ranges to train sailors and develop weapons systems to help win wars.


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