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Naval Base Point Loma (NBPL) provides direct operational support to the Fleet and our Tenant Commands. We are a part of a regional team, dedicated to providing the best possible force protection, security, infrastructure support and quality of life for all operating forces and shore activities on Naval Base Point Loma.


The military history of the land Naval Base Point Loma occupies dates back to the 18th Century when the Spanish Navy built Fort Guijarros as a western defense and trading post.

It was used by whaling ships and served as a ballast station for ships transiting between Spain, Portugal, and California. In the late 1800’s the US Army established Fort Rosecrans. Soldiers garrisoned the fort until the 1950’s at which time the US Navy took possession. On October 1, 1998  Naval Base Point Loma was established. In the subsequent years NBPL grew substantially, home to the Navy’s Third Fleet leadership, two Centers of Excellence; one for technological, the other mine and anti-submarine warfare, and the home port of west coast fast attack submarines.

Positioned at the leading edge of innovation and education, NBPL tenants conduct research in the areas of health, space, technology, and marine mammals, and provide training in defense acquisition, mine warfare, anti-submarine warfare and explosive ordnance disposal. Lastly, NBPL provides the only Pacific Magnetic Silencing Facility and the largest Fuel storage and fleet replenishing facility on the West Coast.




Naval Base Point Loma (NBPL) is a guardian of cultural and environmental resources. Culturally, NBPL works closely with community groups to celebrate and preserve its rich heritage. Environmentally, NBPL aggressively pursues efforts to lower energy and water usage through the employment of photovoltaic panels, energy saving fixtures and advanced irrigation controls.


Uniquely, Naval Base Point Loma, the Department of the Interior, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and the City of San Diego are united in partnership to help preserve the habitat and cultural resources of the Point Loma peninsula, a historical location, which includes; four endangered species, two pre-historic aboriginal sites, Spanish, WWI and WWII military forts, and two National Register Eligible historic districts.

Major Installations

Naval Base Point Loma’s 1,869 acres are geographically dispersed throughout metropolitan San Diego between six locations each named after the largest tenant presence: Main Base Complex (Installation Headquarters), Naval Mine and Anti-Submarine Warfare Complex, SPAWAR Old Town Complex, Commander 3rd Fleet Complex, Taylor Street Annex (Installation Public Works Department), and Fleet Intelligence Training Center Complex.

Major Initiatives

Recycling Efforts

In FY-12 NBPL diverted 48.2% of its solid waste from reaching the landfill exceeding the Navy’s goal of 44% solid waste diversion.

Endangered Species

NBPL actively manages Federally listed endangered species within its property.

FY12 Awards

SECNAV Energy and Water Management Gold Award

CNO Environmental Award winner, Environmental Restoration, Installation category

California Governors Environmental Award and Economic Leadership for recycling

EPA Federal Green Challenge Achievement Certificate


The Multi-Agency Rocky Intertidal Network (MARINe) U.S. Department of the Interior’s Partnership in Conservation Award 


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