Detachment Support

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Range Capabilities Ranges 2510 and 2512 encompass Targets 68, 95, 101 and 103 and are primarily used for air to ground bombing and strafing. The Parachute Test Range is currently used for small UAV training and parachute operations. The Chocolate Mountain Ranges are live fire weapons ranges.

NATO Allies

(UNITED KINGDOM, Canadian, DANish)

Allied forces have long recognized the cost efficiencies of training at Naval Air Facility El Centro. The availability and close proximity of multiple training ranges, dedicated infrastructure and excellent weather coupled with the desert environment create an unparalleled detachment location.

Why Come To NAFEC

Naval Air Facility El Centro ranges are the primary training ranges for student pilot training.

The airfield boasts an illuminated carrier deck landing area and lack of encroachment allows field carrier landing practice to be conducted using a 600 ft pattern.

360 days of clear weather guarantees almost no training interruption.


Training ranges are close – less than five minutes to bombs on target.


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