Seat Belt Use and Child Restraints

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Occupants of all motor vehicles operating on base and in the state of Florida are required to wear safety belts. Gate sentries are authorized and directed to inform personnel of this requirement before allowing entry to the base. Station police are authorized to issue traffic citations for violations.

In accordance with Florida statutes:
  • Every operator of a motor vehicle, while transporting a child in a passenger car, van or truck on the roadways, streets or highways of this state, will, if the child is 5 years or younger, provide for the protection of the child by properly using a crash-tested, federally approved child restraint. For children through
    3 years of age, the restraint device must be a separate carrier. For children ages 4 and 5, a separate carrier or seat belt will be used.
  • Personnel who cannot wear seat belts due to a medical condition shall have in their possession a certified doctor’s statement for presentation to Security Department personnel, stating that a condition exists that precludes their wearing seat belts.
  • Personnel who wish to operate a vintage motor vehicle on base shall have appropriately installed seat belts, regardless of antique status, personal convenience or preference.


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