Aviation Survival Training Center

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 NAS JAcksonville_2019 Tenant Commands Aviation Survival Training Center

Aviation Survival Training Center (ASTC) Jacksonville is one of eight ASTCs across the country that are tasked to provide safe and effective survival training for aviators and aircrew. Training includes classroom lectures and simulator devices in a curriculum that emphasizes hands-on exposure to survival skills.

New aviators and aircrew undergo their initial survival training at NAS Pensacola, after which they are required to attend an ASTC refresher course every four years.

ASTC Jacksonville provides a modern facility and advanced training equipment. The focus of this training is to enhance the operational readiness of the joint warfighter, to include designated aviators and aircrew (joint and allied), student aviators and aircrew (joint and allied), contract pilots, selected passengers, project specialists, VIPs and USMC non-aircrew. Naval aviation survival training emphasizes mishap and accident prevention, enhancing and sustaining performance, and mishap survival.

ASTC Jacksonville is a detachment the Naval Survival Training Institute and the Navy Medicine Operational Training Center at NAS Pensacola, which serves as the training agent for aviation survival training and the subject matter experts on all military operational medicine.

For more information on survival training or class schedules, contact ASTC Jacksonville at 904-542-2595.


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