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San Diego Fleet & Family Support Center

Fleet & Family Support Center, San Diego (FFSC) welcomes all military members and their families to San Diego. FFSC is located in multiple sites on and off base to serve you, including: Naval Base San Diego, Naval Base Coronado and Naval Base Point Loma, and in the Navy housing areas of the Village at Serra Mesa, Bayview Hills and Gateway

FFSCs operate at each base and in three military housing areas as well as in East County to provide information and referral services, education and training classes, personal financial management, employment assistance for family and transitioning service members, deployment support, ombudsman support and counseling for retired and active-duty Sailors and family members. All FFSC programs and services are free and confidential.

FFSC staff members are selected and trained for their expertise in the programs in which they work. Counselors who provide individual, marital and family counseling and family advocacy services are licensed social workers, marriage and family therapists, and psychologists with the same professional training and credentials as TRICARE and local community mental health counselors. They also have specialized training and experience to assist Sailors and family members in meeting the unique challenges of military life.

FFSC educational and training programs are focused on resource awareness and life skills education (couples communication, relationship skills, parenting skills, stress management), with an emphasis on helping military personnel and their families.


The following are some of FFSC’s most utilized programs.

Personal Financial Management (PFM) stresses proactive, long-range financial education and training aimed at preventing financial crisis and ensuring financial success. It is imperative that we teach Sailors financial responsibility at every stage of their careers. Establishing a life cycle approach for Sailors and families will form a continuum from recruitment through retirement. This preventative and educational approach to PFM allows Sailors to focus on mission needs and will ultimately increase retention and readiness for our Navy.

The Deployment Support Program is designed to help service members and their families successfully manage the challenges of all phases of a deployment. From pre-deployment planning to mid-deployment support and homecoming information about effectively reintegrating as a family, FFSC is here to help. Understanding that each deployment is different, FFSC believes that by helping service members and their families to better anticipate and understand the physical and emotional demands associated with deployment, the families have a more realistic expectation. Before a deployment, the FFSC provides Sailors and their families with information and education to help them anticipate and deal with the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the family during the weeks before the impending deployment. During deployment, FFSC offers services to support family needs. Individual Augmentees (IAs) and their families have access to a wide range of support for every stage of their deployment cycle as well through the FFSC.

Individual and Family Counseling provides short-term private and confidential counseling services for individuals, children, couples and families. Counselors are available to help with:

• Adjusting to military life

• Relationship challenges

  • Divorce
  • Blended family
  • Infidelity
  • Deployment reintegration
  • New marriage and family

• Grief and loss

• Communication and conflict resolution

• Couples communication

• Parenting skills

• Anger management

• Other personal issues

Call 866-923-6478 to schedule an appointment. Often, just knowing that an experienced professional is listening to you provides a feeling of great relief. This can lead to productive problem-solving and effective relationships.

The Family Advocacy Program addresses the prevention, identification, intervention, follow-up and reporting of child abuse and domestic violence. Licensed professionals provide assessment and intervention services. A variety of prevention and education classes are available to active-duty members and their families.

Family Employment Readiness Program: The Navy recognizes that frequent relocations associated with the military lifestyle create career challenges for military spouses. The Family Employment Readiness Program addresses those challenges in basic workshops, career planning, resume writing, interview techniques, federal employment information, self-
assessments, goal setting and vocational tests. Resources available include libraries, computer job search assistance, and available job listings locally and nationwide. The Family Employment Readiness Program also provides employment support and educational referrals for military family members as they relocate due to reassignment.

The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program (SAPR) provides a comprehensive, standardized and victim-sensitive system to prevent and respond to sexual assault. The key components of SAPR are sexual assault awareness and prevention education, victim advocacy and data collection.

Transition Assistance Management Program (TAMP): Changing careers is a stressful undertaking, perhaps even more so for those leaving military service after many years. TAMP offers a full-service approach to effectively manage career change and discover all employment opportunities.

Relocation Assistance Program: One constant in the life of the military member and their family is change. FFSC offers information on the moving process, entitlements and new duty stations, as well as tips for success. Additionally, welcome-aboard packages and other information is available to military members and their families who are new to the area. From access to basic household items via our lending locker to individual consultations and workshops, the FFSC supports every aspect of the relocation process.

Retired Activities Office: The purpose of this program is to support and enrich the lives of retired military personnel and their families. The Retired Activities Office, which is staffed by volunteers, provides the link between retirees, local military communities and other government agencies that provide assistance to retirees and their families.


For clinical counseling, relocation assistance, resume assistance and financial consultation appointments at a Navy Region Southwest Fleet & Family Support Center, call the Centralized Scheduling Center at the 24-hour, toll-free number 866-923-6478. You can also view schedules for most classes and workshops online at


In addition to workshops and services available on base and in military family housing community centers, San Diego has added the Family Readiness Express (FRE). This RV-style vehicle brings Fleet & Family Support to military family housing areas in San Diego County, including locations miles away from Navy installations. The FRE is a traveling resource and referral vehicle that visits military housing areas and special events — stop by if you see us in your neighborhood.


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