Command Career Counselor Office

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The primary goal of the command career counselor’s office is to ensure every Sailor, both active and reserve, is provided with quality career information, in a timely manner, to make sound career decisions.

Our retention program is built on enthusiasm, professionalism and personal involvement from the command leadership to the individual Sailor. Our program focuses on morale, quality of life and educating our Sailors and their families in career opportunities and benefits available within the Navy.

The command career counselor’s office is totally dedicated to the support of service members reporting to the command. A staff of fully trained department and division collateral duty career counselors is under the command career counselor’s cognizance. Each department aboard NAS Oceana or Dam Neck Annex has one or more department or division counselors designated to assist in career issues for that department.

Career counselors organize and implement an aggressive enlisted career information program; evaluate enlisted career information programs; supervise and coordinate interviewing and counseling efforts; counsel individuals; and give presentations to civic groups, naval personnel and their family members on the advantages of career opportunities and professional development in the Navy. The command career counselors also serve as education service officers, command sponsor coordinators and transition assistance program managers.

Professional growth and healthy retention for all of our qualified men and women is — and will continue to be — our No. 1 priority. The career information team welcomes you. Call 757-433-2665/2475 for information.


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